Will Run Sub-8 Seconds in 1/4 Mile

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There’s no doubt that the fastest man on earth is Usain Bolt. He’s run the fastest 100 meters in the World Championships three times. The fastest man on earth is also the shortest man on earth.  The fastest man on earth is also the shortest man on earth.  Yup, the fastest man on earth is also the shortest man on earth.  And Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth.

If you’ve seen the New York City Marathon live streaming video, you’ve likely noticed a number of interesting things about the elite runners lining the course. They’re all wearing the same shoes, and most of them have a GPS watch on their wrist. One of the reasons that many feel that the marathon is a cruel test of endurance is that it takes place in one of the toughest places on earth, where temperatures frequently reach 30 degrees below zero.

Aydan Bailey’s 1957 Chevy wagon appears like it was hauled in from the field, despite the fact that it’s just out for test runs. It does, however, have a hidden secret. Inside, you’ll find a twin-turbo LS engine, a complete roll cage, and the capacity to travel for hundreds of miles on the highway. What’s the point? To see who has the quickest and most honest street vehicle in the world. 

Make your best pass on each drag strip before moving on to the next drag strip.

Aydan Bailey and Tom Bailey, 1957 YouTube courtesy of Chevy | Bailey

This isn’t the same as cable TV’s “outlaw” racing, which is usually manufactured drama wrapped over a well-scripted show. Instead, here is where you may customize your vehicle with features such as windshield wipers and turn signals. Then drive it 250 miles each day from drag strip to drag strip, making your greatest pass before moving on to the next.

The annual event was founded by Hot Rod Magazine in 2005, and since then, a second, unaffiliated event has sprung up in Colorado. As a result, these vehicles are designed to carry as well as crawl. The events of each day are broadcast live online, and tens of thousands of people remark and follow their favorite athletes on social media.

 You can’t have a crew with you, and you can’t have a support truck full of components.

Tom and Aydan Bailey 1957 Chevy staging

Aydan Bailey and Tom Bailey, 1957 YouTube courtesy of Chevy | Bailey

For a week, participants perform this strip-to-strip. There are many guidelines to follow. You can’t have a team with you, and you can’t have a parts truck. To each strip, you carry your tools and additional components. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to break down by the side of the road. If you want to race on the highway, you’ll need to bring your slicks with you. 

Trailers with small dimensions are allowed, but their size is limited. Finally, the driver with the fastest average time over the five days is named the Fastest Street Car In America. It’s difficult to pull off, but it makes every day a true mystery and drama, and it cuts through the nonsense. 

We’re not talking about groceries when we say this 1957 Chevy was designed to carry.

Tom and Aydan Bailey 1957 Chevy making a pass

Aydan Bailey and Tom Bailey, 1957 YouTube courtesy of Chevy | Bailey

All of this is only a warm-up for Tom and Aydan Bailey of Ohio, who are restoring a rusted-out 1957 Chevy station wagon. Take a careful look since appearances may be deceptive. It was made to carry, and we’re not talking about groceries. But it was also designed to show that it could handle 1,000 miles of highway, city, and two-lane driving.

Tom has been through this before. He’s won the race previously, with his 1969 Camaro falling into the five-second twilight zone. Yes, a street-driven vehicle capable of completing the quarter-mile in under six seconds. It’s insane, but it’s entertaining.

Aydan Bailey now has more time to focus on building and booking.


And that’s where son Aydan comes in. Just out of high school, for years he’s been hanging around with his quiet, unassuming pop taking this all in. Now that he has his license, and can devote some time to build instead of books, he’s all in. 

This is a father-son project that has been in the works for years, with the assistance of several racing buddies. Not because it took that long to construct, but because Aydan and Tom took that long to come up with a plan. Then you’d have to wait till Aydan was of legal age. And now we’ve arrived.

Before winding up in the Bailey stable, this vehicle was constructed by racer Richie Crampton. It has seen a wide range of engines and has raced on a wide range of tracks. It is well-known as the “S••tbox of Doom.” And now it’s a chance for the Baileys to join up for dragging and driving as father and son. 

The Baileys are now in the midst of Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021.

Aydan Bailey's 1957 Chevy wagon Drag Week car

Aydan Bailey and Tom Bailey, 1957 Bailey from YouTube’s Chevy Drag Week

The Baileys are currently participating in Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021. The race began on Monday, and the competitors will race from Greatbend, Kansas, to Bandimere Speedway and other quarter-mile circuits. This week, on June 18th, it comes to an end.

Aydan is receiving his shakedown passes, some behind-the-wheel experience, and some arduous drives in 100-degree weather. It takes a toll on the machine, the driver, and the driver’s psyche. And there’s drama in that Tom and Aydan ran out of time getting the ’57 ready, so they didn’t have time to double-check anything when they arrived to the event. As a result, every pass is a pucker. 

There are YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook updates throughout the day if you find this interesting and have some time to take everything in. It’s worth seeing if you like drag racing and genuine drama. 


Every year, the Pittsburgh Half Marathon gets a lot of attention, with many people all over the country trying to beat the course record. This is a race that hasn’t had a new course record since 1988, when the race was held at the same time of year as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl. The race was also held at the same time of year in 2006, but the course had been redesigned. This year’s course was designed by an athlete who is familiar with the region: Nate Brannen, a native of Pittsburgh. He’s a 32-year-old pro racer who has run sub-8:00 times on the track, but he’s also a mountain runner. He’s won races at Killington and Wildcat Mountain. Read more about 1/8 mile vs 1/4 mile racing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the fastest 1/4 mile time ever?

The fastest 1/4 mile time ever was achieved by a car named The Beast in the movie The Fast and the Furious with a time of 11.6 seconds.

What speed is an 8 second quarter mile?

The speed of an 8 second quarter mile is approximately 0.75 miles per hour, or about 1.5 kilometers per hour.

What is a respectable 1/4 mile time?

A respectable 1/4 mile time is a time that would be able to beat the average person in their age group.

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