Why Did Porsche Just Apply For Gull Wing Mid-Engine Patent?

You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it, so there you go. These are pictures of a mid-engine Porsche with wings. The significance of these images is that they were used in a patent application filed by Porsche. Why did Porsche apply for this patent? Clearly, there is no information in the patent application that is relevant to what it is. So we’ll have to do without some of the features – they’re all good.

looks like a variant of the Cayman.

Strongly white Porsche 2021 Gullwing patent photos | EUIPO

HotCars revealed the images first. To us it looks like a variant of the Cayman. Caiman, which has expanded slightly outside the gates. It could be a ploy to hide its true origins, but wouldn’t it be great if a redesigned Cayman with a gull wing was in the works?

We don’t normally expect Porsche to give us gull-wings. At least for a production vehicle. So it’s probably some kind of race car. But why would he want to patent a race car? The opening of the rear grabber allows easy access to the engine for racing. So here’s the thing.

The vents in place of the rear side window and the spine that runs along the rear window are just camouflage. Porsche does not have to comment on the details of the patent application. Thus, omitting these two features – at least the ventilation holes in the mussel shell – gives a more realistic picture. It also gives it a more GTS-like appearance.

There is a historical connection to a past Porsche.

Strongly white Porsche 2021 Gullwing patent photos | EUIPO

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There is a historical link to the Porsches of old, but that was a long time ago. The 906 Carrera 6 was a mid-engine racing car with fins in 1966. And it was street legal. Porsche had to produce 50 units to homologate a group 4 sports car in FIA races. They are also adapted to work in grade 6. Power came from a 2.0-liter air-cooled pancake six-cylinder engine based on a 911.

Since Stuttgart has given in to enthusiast pressure for a flat 6 GTS, the current 4.0-liter version would be a good place to start. So it would also be a well balanced 718 platform. So if Porsche wants to add something to the already excellent 718 GTS 4.0, how can they improve it? Many consider it superior to the 911, which has grown to alarming proportions. Let’s face it, it’s a big horse.

The Porschebuilds on the heritage of the 6racing aircraft.

Porsche 2021 Gullwing patent images | EUIPO

Even as Porsche has moved on to SUVs and then electrification, the company is building on its flat-6 racing tradition. If the hallowed halls of Stuttgart are afraid that Porsche will spread its new diversity, developing a new sports car would be a good way to return to its roots.

While most automakers will be content to leave the past behind, for Porsche this would be a big mistake. There are too many enthusiasts who do it. This would bring the tide of racing/street/sports cars back to what Castle Porsche built. Let’s hope it’s more than the imagination can conjure up.

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