Where Are All of the Rivian Dealerships?

2020 sucks. I don’t need to elaborate, you all know that. Despite all the crap from last year, at least there was a lot of exciting news and fun things to look forward to, like the new Ford Bronco, all the latest Jeep models, the Tesla Cyber Truck, and just Rivian in general. So many people in Riviera are excited about the idea of an all-electric truck that, while it’s still only a concept to most of us, people already seem to love the beefy EV company operating outside. While this is all true, I don’t know where to find Rivia dealers.

Where can you buy Rivian?

The EV startup, Rivian, plans to sell directly to consumers. This is how it will work, that the people who place the orders will deliver the trucks to them.

Most people hate traders. Buying is worthless, repairing is worthless, and trading is worthless. The only advantage is that you get to spend time with the thing in the showroom, unlike some of the pictures on the internet and some of the comments from car buffs like me. This is an important step in the process.

Rivian R1T climbs dunes | Rivian

James Chen, Rivani’s vice president of public policy, in a phone interview with The Drive: We believe our customers get the best service and the most seamless experience when we manage this [sales and service] process ….. He continued: We are not going to a system with a deductible. Bold, but I can respect that.

Will Rivian have resellers?

Rivian has committed to opening 10 dealerships and 41 service centers across the country. These sites serve as showrooms and warranty service centers for the R1S and R1T and the Rivian Amazon vans. These locations perform physical upgrades and repairs through the air for each Rivia vehicle.

Rivian R1S | Rivian

APPROPRIATE: Rivian R1S and R1T stand out with crazy designs

Rivian has only announced two of the ten resellers. According to Autoblog, the first announced Rivian store/showroom – Laguna Beach, California – is expected to open later this year. The second showroom, which was recently announced, will be located in Chicago, Illinois. Although there will be eight additional outlets across the country, Rivian insists there will be no franchised dealers.

How to buy?

The internet is the perfect place to do this. Of course, customers can find out more about the electric forklift manufacturer when the outlets open. However, the central procurement platform will only be a configurator on the Rivian site. It sounds strange, but we buy groceries online, we make appointments online, and we shop from home, so why couldn’t we buy cars online?

Rivian R1S | Rivan

This dealership situation is just one of the many things many consumers are interested in about Rivia trucks. Rivian regularly introduces interesting features, news and ideas that make many potential customers realize that this company seems to genuinely care not only about their product, but also about their customers.

These trucks are going to be great.

Look, I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid or anything just after hearing about Rivian or Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman supporting Long Way Up by building EV charging stations along the way. And what about Rivian’s plans to build a similar network in the US, encouraging drivers to take their electric pickups or SUVs into the wild without worrying about range.

Rivian has legs, that’s all. Unlike Tesla, which promises grand ideas but doesn’t deliver much, Rivian seems to take his time, keep his promises to a minimum and deliver as much as possible.

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Will Rivian have resellers?

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