What’s New With the 2021 Ford Explorer Interior

The Ford Explorer is a proven SUV that combines accessibility and practicality. They look just as good as luxury SUVs like the Aston Martin DBX, but the Ford Explorer has always done its best to fit its purpose. As luxury car manufacturers improve their SUVs, it makes sense that other, more experienced SUV manufacturers would do the same. That’s why the 2021 Ford Explorer has some great improvements and new features that will help it compete in the marketplace and make it a car that is definitely worth buying.

Third row seat option

We all know that Ford’s big Expedition has three rows of seats to maximize passenger capacity, but we often forget that the Ford Explorer does the same. This is a significant advantage over many of its rivals and makes it one of the few SUVs to offer such seating – which unfortunately means it competes with the Kia Telluride. Of course, that means the interior of the popular SUV will undergo some changes between model years.

Silver 2021 Ford Explorer driving between two rocks on a dirt road | Ford

What’s new?

In 2021. The Ford Explorer has undergone more than one addition and change to its interior. The Limited, ST and Platinum models now have an even more modern interior with improved surfaces. The changes also include standard heated front seats on the XLT, as well as confusing changes in floor and carpet options between models. It still offers plenty of room for passengers or cargo, as both rows of rear seats fold down, but there wasn’t much new or exciting about this model year.

Folded rear seats of the 2021 Ford Explorer showing available cargo space | Ford

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Absolute reliability values

We had a Ford Explorer or Expedition when I was little, and I always knew they were reliable cars. Aside from a few repairs here and there, I don’t recall any problems with either model, not even catastrophic ones. So when I looked at the predicted reliability figures for the car in Consumer Reports, I was quite shocked to see that it had a predicted reliability of 1/5.

The car is already the subject of an active recall regarding a faulty engine mount, which doesn’t really help. Still, many owners brag about how much they love their Ford Explorer, and a few negative reviews probably won’t do much to keep potential buyers away.

2021 Ford Explorer white leather upholstered rear seat

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There may be a few more exciting updates with the next Ford Explorer conversion, but for now, these are just changes between years that are meant to slowly improve the vehicle as manufacturers can determine what buyers are really looking for.

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