Unique Accessories For Your RV Interior

A camping-field-guide is a blog about RVing and camping, so it’s no surprise that some of the most popular posts are about accessories. Whether you’re an RVer or a camper, there are plenty of accessories that you can’t go without on your next camping trip.

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. We all want to be comfortable while we’re away, and that’s where unique RV accessories come in handy.

Unfortunately, your RV might not be the home you brought it to, and it likely won’t be the one you’re planning on living in for long. Before you start to unpack your RV, make sure you have the right interior accessories to make it feel like home. You’ll need to make sure your RV is safe and secure, and you’ll need to make sure you have the right gear to keep it that way.. Read more about unique rv accessories and let us know what you think.As far as unique RV kitchen accessories go, this article looks at other unique accessories for your RV interior. These items are suitable for the bathroom, bedroom and living room. All of these companies are small independent businesses that make their products by hand. Some are designed specifically for the RV world, others are bricks and sticks that fit well into the RV lifestyle. While enjoying your camping vacation, you may meet someone who has a camper like yours. You can have the same basic equipment. With its unique interior accessories, it transforms your van from a simple model into your personal space.

Within thecarrier – let’s start with table

Cottage Rose Boutique Living Room Table Cover

Photo by CottageRoseBoutique on Etsy In the Middle Ages, table runners were created to protect the tablecloths from the uncivilized ways of the nobility. Today, table runners are used to add the finishing touch to an interior, while retaining some of the protective element. If you like the cast iron pan holders in our RV kitchen accessories article, Sharon from Cottage Rose Boutique has the perfect table runner for your dining room, freestanding table, shelf ledge, or any other RV surface. For the interior of the RV, you can add a table runner to decorate the dashboard. With a few homemade details, the driver’s compartment may not be as visible when you’re not on the road. Of course, table runners are ideal for protecting your surfaces from scratches and other damage. Use them to showcase your treasures and entertain guests. Choose from a variety of fabrics to complement the design and style of your van’s interior. Sharon, a craftswoman from Astoria, Oregon, provides a link in the description so you can check out the different fabric options. The ticker is approximately 13 inches wide and 28, 26 or 42 inches long. Between the upper and lower layer is a moisture-wicking polyfleece padding. Cottage Rose Boutique is a 5 star boutique on Etsy. Her excellent work, honest business practices and dedication to her customers are clear reasons why Sharon continues to be the top seller on the online marketplace.  To add a finishing touch to the interior of your van, check out the van table runners from Cottage Rose Boutique.

This is the inside of your van, so make it yours

In the world of VR, storage space is like gold. The surface is silver. Veteran RV owners have refused to buy certain RV models that meet their needs, but lack the necessary storage space. A popular search is for persimmons for the van. Car enthusiasts and storage companies are finding increasingly effective ways to increase storage space. The Roll Keeper t-shirt storage rack holds 16 t-shirts or other rolled up garments. It can be hung in the cabinet or on the door itself. Double elastic cords prevent your belongings from falling or becoming loose. The largest version holds 11 towels and the smallest version holds 48 small items such as markers. You can also use the t-shirt storage rack for art supplies, business materials or wrapping paper. If you buy rolls of materials for your craft or personal activity, this unit is a great way to organize your supplies in your RV or tiny house. If you go to The Roll Keeper page on Etsy, Tracy from Kelso, WA will show you some of the endless possibilities of her storage solution. The 6 inch wide and 50 inch long marine vinyl panel uses PVC for durability at the top and offers a hanging connection. You can use paracord for the pendant or insert PVC into an existing pendant bar. Increase the storage capacity of your gold with The Roll Keeper T-shirt holder.

Deluxe hanging board for caravan interior

Luxury perforated panel. Photo by Ply Design Studios on Etsy. word-image-5839 Baltic birch wood has a long history in the RV industry. Vintage trailers from the period (1915-1970), such as. B. the Shasta AirFlyte, brought this equipment from Finland and Russia. Today, Baltic birch wood is used for construction beams, plywood and valve houses due to its light but strong properties. Van manufacturers prefer this type of wood for its natural aesthetics. If you need extra storage space, the Pegboard display cabinet from Ply Design Studios matches the woodwork and trim of your van. What makes a folding shelf a must-have accessory are its various configurations that add significant storage space to your RV. Whether you’re using it to display family memorabilia or to store office supplies in your van’s work space, this wall-mounted holder is up to any challenge. The clothespin board measures 18 inches square, and Ryan of Ply Design Studies selects only the best sheets of Baltic birch plywood. Each card contains the following elements

  • A 10.5 plank long
  • A short 7.5 board
  • Four 5.5 board pegs
  • Two 3.5 cm clothes pegs for hanging things
  • Optional wall bracket with French lock, pre-installed

If you choose to wall mount with French latches, Ryan, of Webster, NY, asks you to specify which direction you will be installing the hinged panel so you know how to connect the latches correctly (top to bottom or left to right). He also tells customers that each piece of wood is unique, so the pattern of the wood may vary. It is ready to make custom sizes to better fit your wall, table or desk. If you are considering staining the wood, please contact the manufacturer of your van, regardless of its age. The company may be able to send you a van or mix it for you. If your RV or trailer is too old, the RV Heritage Department can help you find a color close to the original. For a storage system that matches your RV’s wood accessories, check out the Pegboard Display from Ply Design Studios.

Custom seat covers by GlampNChicks

There are many ways to get a good deal on a used RV. The first is to find a classic era trailer (1971-1989) that is in better shape than it should be, but has a classic country fabric pattern that looks like nails on a chalkboard every time you see it. Stuffed blankets and pillows can only do so much. Let GlampNChicks solve your problem with custom dining table bench covers and other furniture pieces. Kathy and Cheryl provide a link in the description to view the many fabrics to choose from. If you find a fabric you like, send it to them and they will put it together for you. GlampNChicks only provides covers, but points you in the right direction when you need to replace the foam in the cushions you are replacing. Before submitting your order, Cathy and Cheryl ask that you provide the dimensions of the pillows you are replacing to determine the correct size. When you receive your order, you will see strong stitching and a sturdy zipper that will not break when worn. Washing instructions are provided with each material. Many are machine washable; some have special instructions. When choosing a fabric, consider your RV lifestyle and the wear and tear on your RV furniture during your downtime. After all, how many times have you sat on the couch with a wet and soaked bathing suit? If your RV furniture cushions are ready for an upgrade instead of buying new furniture, see what American Custom Order Bench Seat Covers from GlampNChicks can do to update your RV interior. Custom seat covers. Photo courtesy of GlampNChicks on Etsy. word-image-5840

Mariola PlaceCustom RV Family Pillow

Just ask a professional interior designer: Decorative pillows for your sofa or bed are the best and most economical way to give a room a finished look. Whether it’s a new coach with a monochromatic, modern design, a warm, contemporary approach, or a classic farmhouse interior, RV manufacturers interior departments intentionally stick to neutral interior colors. This neutral theme offers you many possibilities to design your interior and make it unique. You can capture colors in your environment: Wooden panels, furniture, cabinets or floors. If your furniture or carpet has a different color pattern, you can use pillows in solid colors to accentuate certain shades you like. Experts will tell you that patterned pillows go well with patterned furniture. As icing on the cake, you can have one or two personalized pillows printed that are unique to you. Mariola Place offers the custom rectangular family cushion for all types of RVs. What makes Jenny and Jody’s business unique is its inclusive nature. Not only can you enter your name, last name, or a special message, but you can also choose the appropriate RV category. Why decorate with travel trailers when you have a class B or other type of RV? You can choose a caravan, fifth wheel, motorhome or class A motorhome if you want basic equipment. The bedspread is available in white, cream, oatmeal or linen. If you already have a pillow, you can buy just a pillowcase. The pillow is 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. If you want to change the inscription of the cushion, add it to the order. The sisters from Portland, Oregon have been in business since 2015 and have a 5-star rating on Etsy. They are proud of their more than 400 satisfaction ratings thanks to quality products, environmentally friendly materials and a customer-oriented business strategy. For the perfect finishing touch in your RV that takes it from a simple model to your RV, add a custom RV family pillow. Not only does it add personality to the room, but it is also the signature of your interior designer.

Landscape / Landmark RV State Travel Map Sticker by Lush Leaf Design

Travel Map with StickersRV State Sticker. Photo by lushleafdesign on Etsy word-image-5841 A tradition from the classic era (1971-1989) is the RV sticker card. Riders placed a large silhouette of the United States on their van and filled the states with colored stickers according to a set of rules. There is no agency that codifies state RV card rules, so each traveler develops their own. Many have a rule that you get a state sticker on your card if you spend at least one night with a coach in it. It is also possible to devote a week to the study of an important monument, local cuisine or other personal topics. These RV travel stickers show others where the RV has been and/or RV travelers in the RV community. Initially, the sticker cards showed each state in color, without text or graphics. Modern technology has taken them far. American Lush Leaf Design’s RV State Sticker Travel Map sticks to any clean, hard surface, inside or outside of your RV or motorhome. Vinyl decals depict landscapes or landmarks in the state that are pleasing to the eye. If you explore the company’s page on Etsy, you will see that they also offer other RV decal cards, such as. For example, a license plate, a state flag, a color with the name of the state, or a simple color chart. Each card is water and color resistant, so the artwork will shine for years. If you decide to change RVs, simply remove the American vinyl card and attach it to your new RV. If you want to start over, just delete the states that are already on the map and you’re done. Cleaning vinyl decals is as simple as wiping the laminated vinyl with your favorite window cleaner or RV cleaner. If you want a high quality, beautifully designed sticker map for under $25, check out the Landscape / Landmark RV State Travel Map Sticker Map by Lush Leaf Design.

Bathroom shelves by WFHandmade

RV exterior and interior storage can be just as valuable as gold, but the 24-carat value is in the RV bathroom storage. Many people have had experiences where everything went perfectly until the day of the trip. Once at your destination, all the stuff flies out when you open the bathroom cabinet. It would be a nice reminder if nothing broke (This author has strong words for a body lotion company. Their unbreakable bottles are mislabeled). To relieve the stress of mastering the art of storage, WFHandmade offers bathroom shelving in a wooden drawer configuration, ideal for RV living. Each board had three slats on the front so nothing could fall off. The storage object is attached to the wall with keyhole fasteners. Owner Heath of Fayetteville, Arkansas, also has 2 hooks and pre-drilled holes so you can hang ropes and other items from the product. Each shelf is 12 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 3.5 inches high. You can choose the standard look of raw wood or, for a slight upgrade, grey, chestnut or Jacobean wood. Customers report that they appreciate the quality of the workmanship and have ordered more boards for other rooms in their home after their first purchase. If you need more storage space in your vanity or other areas, bathroom shelves from WFHandmade are a great storage solution.

Tailor-made curtains by Online Zonwering

If you’ve ever been involved in an RV project as a do-it-yourselfer, one of the first lessons you learn is that it’s rare to find standardized parts. In particular, for the 2020-2022 model years, motorhome manufacturers will place different versions of the same part in the same model range to manage pent-up demand. When it comes to windows, one size does not fit all. If you buy a blind off the shelf, it will either be too small or too big, and you will have to cut it to size. Online Sun Shades of Atlanta, GA solves this problem by creating custom curtains for the interior windows of your van. When you order a lampshade, Billy, the owner of the company, will ask you about the dimensions of the window. He will also want to know if you want the van window cover with snap or velcro, as he can apply both types of connections. Finally, you can choose between black or brown Sunbrella fabric and material. The fabrics used are resistant to mould, mildew, UV rays and water. With the dimming function, you can achieve the privacy you want or block out the natural light if you prefer a darker room. Some vans with walk-in bathrooms are not equipped with tinted shower doors. All that sunlight can heat up the inside of your van, prevent you from watching TV, or break your concentration when you’re working at your desk in the RV. A clip-on awning can be the ideal solution. Buy custom sunshades from Online Sun Shades today for privacy and a perfect fit in your van.

SinkTopper stand

Custom Sink Topper – Photo by SinkTopper on Etsy. word-image-5842 Even if you’re camping, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a sheet all day or feel like a Bigfoot cousin. However, many compact RV bathroom countertops don’t leave much room for the morning ritual. The most frustrating part is knocking on the bathroom door when your spouse, partner or travel companion asks you to hurry up (remember, they probably don’t understand and there’s no way to explain where they got that from). A backsplash is a great way to increase the space in your bathroom. This three-layer accessory fits a standard round sink that is 19.75 wide and 15 deep (or a large oval sink that is 24 wide and 15.5 deep). This leaves enough space to use the tap without getting anything wet. Balancing shaving products on the edge of the sink is no longer a problem. The Simi Valley, California-based company has thought of every detail and even made it heat-resistant to 480°F. Hot curlers, hair dryers and other heated electrical devices can’t melt the Sink Topper. Plus, it can carry up to 2.5 kg, so you can concentrate on your preparations without worrying about your makeup and hair products falling down the sink. If the sink accessory gets dirty, simply wash the non-slip silicone rubber material off with soap and water. When it’s time to wash makeup brushes, curlers or other products, the sink attachment can also be used as a drying mat. Learn more about Sink Toppers today and solve your bathroom sink problems by ordering yours. Who knows, you might catch your partner enjoying it.

Berniea64Rear Seat Baby Organizer

Many inexperienced travelers find that the hardest part of traveling with an all-terrain vehicle is navigating the roads and other objects outside the towed vehicle. Using the best RV travel planners, like RV Trip Wizard and camping reviews, makes this task easier in today’s world. The hardest part is the little people who sit behind you and ask: Are we there yet? There are RV tricks you can use in your towed vehicle if you don’t have the best entertainment package in your SUV. Bernadine Apolinaro of Graham, Washington, makes car organizers for kids of all ages. Their handmade backseat organizers come in kid-friendly colors and patterns, like pink and white, black and white, all black and dark cream. The large cover has clear plastic on top, so kids can watch their favorite movies or programs on their iPad or tablet. New features include openings large enough to accommodate power and headphone cables, making it easier to use your stored mobile devices. Earphone and cable pockets protect wires from damage. The bags are measured as follows:

  • Upper pocket with Velcro: 12 wide, 8.25 high, 2 deep.
  • Middle pocket: 4.5 inches deep and 12 inches wide. It is sewn in the middle, creating two separate storage areas.
  • Lower pocket: 5 inches deep and 12 inches wide.
  • Overall product: 12.5 inches wide and 20 inches long.

The organizer is machine washable in hot water. Because of the plastic, the product must be air dried. The upper and lower straps are adjustable, making the rear seat organizer suitable for most cars. If you need a car organizer with more compartments, Bernie also offers other models, so check out her sales page to see the different options she offers. Instead of buying a lifeless machine-made organizer, consider Bernie Apolinaro’s handmade car back seat organizers. They keep all the baby gear in place and give your tow vehicle a child-friendly look. The rear seat organizer must be suspended from the driver’s seat. Photo by berniea64 on Etsy. word-image-5843

Wow, my credit card is barely warm

When we looked at the many options on Etsy, one of the factors we considered was price. To customize the interior of your van, no other van loan should be necessary. These are facts you can get almost anywhere. If you stray off the beaten path, you might find a craft fair, an antique shop or a local art store. Maybe there’s something that hits you at just the right time. You can decorate the interior of your van with something that will remind you of your trip. Create your own travel museum with a variety of gadgets. The next time you have fun, each element is a reason to talk. For more interior design or custom design ideas, be sure to get the latest RV Life Network newsletters. By subscribing to RV Life Magazine, Camper Smarts, Camper Report, Camping Reviews and Do-It-Yourself RV newsletters, you’ll learn from the best minds in the business. See you on the road!

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For some, the thought of storing their RV in the garage can be a daunting task. With all the heat and cold drafts that come with the seasons, you might think you need a wind generator to help you stave off the winter. But, there are other items you may not have thought of, and may not have been told about. Some of these items can help keep your RV in tip-top shape, especially if you have an older RV. The RV lifestyle can be a beautiful one. Whether you’re traveling with friends and family or hitting the road on your own, you can make it a memorable experience. However, it’s also easy to miss out on some of the essentials that can make your trip just a little bit better. Whether you’re using the RV a lot, or just taking it out once in a while, here are some things you might want to consider adding to your RV (and keep in mind, these can be added to a trailer as well).

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Does your RV have carpet? Is it hard to keep clean and comfortable? (How many times have you gotten around to cleaning your RV carpet, only to discover about a month later that you missed 1 spot? 🤪) If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will absolutely love this handy little product I just discovered! With the many camping and RV accessories available, it can be difficult to find the right ones to fit your needs. That is why we have created our new section for The RVer: unique and useful RV accessories from around the web. As you can see, the examples above are quite creative, though perhaps a bit long and wordy for an intro to a blog post. But think about the possibilities! While it is unlikely that any of the above will be used for an intro to a blog post on a reputable website, they are still a great creative way to add a creative touch to an existing post, or even create your own blog post from scratch! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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If you are like most RV’ers, you have probably been there: You have just purchased an RV and are looking for a unique gift to give to the next person you meet. With so many great options available, it can be hard to figure out just what to get. When you’re parked in your recreational vehicle, you need to keep it nice and clean. Most of us know how to park in the sun, where to park in the shade, and how to remove all the obstacles we can find so we don’t have to drive around an unfamiliar area. All that stuff is well and good, but there’s a whole lot of little tricks you can use to keep the RV fresh and clean as well.

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