Ultra-Rare $700,000 Lamborghini 350GT Is a Supercar in a Tailored Suit

The Lamborghini 350GT is probably not what comes to mind when you think of one of the most important supercars ever built. While the Miura, Murcielago, Diablo and Countach get all the attention, it was the 350GT that started it all in the 1960s.

In a new video released by John Tamerian, owner of a supercar dealer in Miami, we get to see a close-up of one of the first examples. But unlike most supercars, the 350GT still looks good, even after nearly 60 years on the road.

What is the Lamborghini 350GT?

Lamborghini 350GT | Lamborghini

The Lamborghini 350GT made its debut in 1963 as the 350GTV. At the time, Lambocars reports, it was still a prototype. It had pop-up headlights and was missing the pedals and exhaust. Also, the steering wheel would be too close to the seats. After some significant changes, the wheelbase was increased to just over 100 inches and the overall length to 183 inches. After deleting the V in the name, the Italian manufacturer’s first production car was born.

The recipe for the Lamborghini 350GT was relatively simple. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V12 engine designed by Giotto Bizzarrini. This engine was designed not only for its 280 hp and 240 ft, but also for its reliability. According to Lamborcars, Bizzarrini wanted to give customers at least 40,000 miles with no problems. The idea was to adapt a track-inspired engine for road use. Still, the 350GT reaches 100 km/h in about 6.8 seconds.

Unlike most vintage supercars, the Lamborghini 350GT has no fancy doors or styling. In fact, the 350GT is more of a grand supercar than a total. According to Hemmings, this GT supercar is incredibly easy to drive, especially compared to other supercars from the 1960s.

Why is this vintage supercar so special?

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We will probably never see the Lamborghini 350GT on the road. Because only 120 copies of the first Lamborghini production car were produced. Because of their rarity and historical significance, most of these two-door supercars are in collections and museums around the world.

But part of what makes the Lamborghini 350GT special is the way it was produced. According to Lambocars, the 350GT uses a steel and aluminum body built by Touring. A special patented process is called Superlegger. Lambocars reports that this meant thin aluminum sheets were placed on a tubular frame.

Another advantage of this design is that it is very light. The result: The 350GT weighs just 2,314 pounds. By comparison : The Mazda MX-5 Miata ND 2021 has an unladen weight of 2,381 pounds. This means that the 350GT could make excellent use of its 280 hp V12 engine.

How much is it worth in 2021?

Lamborghini 350GT | Lamborghini

Given the rarity and importance of the Lamborghini 350GT, you’re probably wondering what the current prices are. Spoiler alert, it’s very expensive. In the 1960s, the base price of the 350GT was $13,900, or about $117,289 in today’s money.

A price chart published by Hemmings shows that prices for the Lamborghini 350GT in the late 1980s were around $185,000. That would be about $370,257 in today’s money. By 1999, however, the average sales price had dropped to $66,000, or about $103,627 in today’s money.

Nevertheless, the 2021 Lamborghini 350GT has some impressive performance numbers. According to Hagerty, this vintage car is worth about $700,000 today. The result is that the 350GT remains as stylish and expensive as ever.

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