TOP 7 Essential Dirt Bike Gear Items 2021

Dirt biking is a sport that requires a lot of gear. From helmets to boots, you need all the right pieces to stay safe and comfortable while riding.

The dirt bike gear packages is a top 7 list of essential dirt bike gear items that are releasing in 2021. This list includes the best helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, jackets, pants and more.

Safety equipment, accessories, and clothes that you can’t live without while riding a dirt bike are referred to as essential dirt bike gear. Whether you’re a professional motocross rider, an enduro rider, or just like hitting the trails on the weekends, there are certain dirt bike accessories that should be in your kit bag for every ride.  

If you’re new to riding, you’re probably still figuring out which brands to buy, which features to seek for, and what to look for while buying. Perhaps you have favorites if you have more experience? To create the best dirt bike gear list, TeamMA spent the day researching and looking through our kit bags.


What is the most important dirt bike equipment?

Riding without the proper equipment may lead to an unpleasant day or, in the worst-case situation, early retirement or injury. Wearing the right dirt bike gear makes you comfortable while riding and protects you in the event of a collision. 

Let’s begin from the beginning!


1. Full-Face Helmet — A Must-Have Dirt Bike Piece of Equipment

The only time you’ll see off-road motorcycle riders wearing open-face helmets is when they’re doing trials. Because trials riding necessitates maximal head movement while facing hazards at very low speeds, an open-face helmet is the safest option. 

A full-face helmet is required for those of us who are ripping up the dirt, jumping, and riding at high speeds. You are a motocross, enduro, or weekend leisure rider if you ride motocross, enduro, or weekend leisure riding.




Why are full-face helmets a must-have piece of dirt bike gear?

The brain, one of your body’s most vital organs, is protected by a helmet. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is insane. Even a gradual accident may result in forces that are enough to severely harm a rider. It’s never pleasant to collide with rocks, stones, or sharp edges. It may be deadly when your head is involved. Wear a helmet at all times, ideally a full-faced one. 

There’s a reason why dirt bike helmets have a full-face design. You may find yourself going over the handlebars or falling from a great height if you crash off-road. You may easily knock out teeth or shatter your jaw without the protection of the chin bar. A dirt bike helmet’s full-face design drastically lowers the risk of such injuries, as well as the risk of a concussion, which is the most frequent kind of head injury observed on the track.

However, having a full-face helmet is no longer sufficient. Manufacturers have upped their game with so many technical advances and exotic materials like Carbon and impact-absorbing gels.  


Modern dirt bike helmets must have certain safety features.

Safety features include: 

Consider the safety aspects of a dirt bike helmet before making your purchase. Many nice-looking, low-cost imports are available. Many of these low-cost helmets are unrated in terms of safety. Of course, sticking to a budget is critical, and you must be prudent with whatever funds you have.

When looking for inexpensive helmets online, be cautious. Some vehicles are just not suitable for off-road riding. 

 We’ve compiled a list of the safest low-cost helmets we could locate. 

Even at the cheap end of the market, any good motocross helmet will include safety features to minimize impact and rotational forces. These crucial characteristics are seen differently by each manufacturer. 

Some helmets, for example, feature magnetic visors that separate on impact, reducing whiplash. Others feature replacement bolts that cause the visor to shear off when it strikes the ground. Advanced features, like as 6D’s Omni Directional Suspension system, are available on premium helmets.

In the lining construction, 6D fitted dampers to assist with the sheer rotating forces that damage the brain after a collision. The outer layer of the helmet travels farther than the inner liner as a consequence of this rotation. You’re less likely to have a concussion if you limit your spin.  

Another excellent example is the MIPS system, which is utilized by a number of well-known companies such as Fox, Bell, Troy Lee Designs, and others. MIPS (multiple impact protection system) is an acronym for multiple impact protection system. A MIPS helmet is made up of a variety of density materials and layers that are designed to cope with various amounts of impact in different ways. The direction and magnitude of the impact determine which layers respond and how they absorb forces.


Safety certification is a must-have for MX riders.

At the absolute least, a dirt bike helmet should be DOT approved. You should also look into ACU, SNELL, FIM, and ECE. The more credentials you have, the better. If you’re competing, be sure your helmet satisfies the minimal requirements set by scrutineers in the nation where you’ll be racing. 


Other things to think about: 


Another important feature of a high-quality motocross helmet is ventilation. You will sweat and overheat if you do not have enough ventilation. Dehydration and concentration lapses are caused by excessive perspiration. Overheating may make you feel disoriented and uneasy. None of these factors are great when you’re about to attempt a triple leap. 

Each manufacturer’s ventilation system is unique. Multiple intake vents that guide air through the lining to cool your face, around the head to decrease blood temperature, and out the rear of the helmet to exhaust hot air: the more vents, the better.  


Construction of the helmet: 

Lightweight materials are required for your helmet. Long days on the saddle with a heavy helmet may be exhausting, as your neck muscles work overtime to keep your head in place. Even short circuit racing benefits from the use of a lightweight helmet. The main materials to look for are carbon fiber, composite carbon and fibreglass, and high-quality polycarbonate. 


Visual Field of View: 

At times, a motocross course may get very congested. A broad field of view is helpful while approaching curves, jumps, and other hazards. For the greatest results, go for a helmet with a large aperture and combine it with some big goggles.




2. Dirt Bike Boots – A Must-Have Piece of Dirt Bike Gear


Dirt bike boots have progressed throughout time. There is a large selection of high-quality motocross boots available that provide both protection and comfort.




Why are dirt bike boots necessary equipment?

The whole foot, ankle, and lower leg are all protected by a good motocross or enduro boot. Even within the same range, several manufacturers provide a motocross or enduro design option. 

When riding a dirt bike, your feet and lower legs are in direct contact with the ground. Mud, water, stones, roost, trees, and other things fling themselves at you, frequently at a high rate. An injury is probable if you don’t have a decent pair of boots to protect yourself. You must have a firm hold on your pegs and the side of your bike while riding in bad weather. Budget boots should have sufficient grip and feature armour around the shin, ankles, and toes. 

Better boots will include jointed armour and compression zones to cushion shocks and enclose your ankle joints while yet allowing for movement. Keep an eye out for armour that prevents hyperextension and hyperflexion.


Dirt bike boots are essential buying recommendations.

Dirt bike boots are much more difficult to get than you would imagine. Make your budget as large as you can. Flexibility, comfort, and security all come at a cost. When looking for new boots, there are a few things to keep in mind.



A ill-fitting dirt bike boot may be just as hazardous as the incorrect footwear. To offer enough support, a dirt bike boot must fit tightly. Make sure you have enough room for your waterproof and cold-weather socks. In the summer, it’s preferable to ride with warm feet than it is to ride with cold, numb feet in the winter. If you can afford it, purchase a pair for each season, or relegate old boots to the winter season since they will have stretched a little.   

Dirt bike boots, like shoes, come in a variety of styles. If you’re shopping online, check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to figure out your exact size, then read reviews from other riders who have purchased them. You’ll frequently read remarks like “These are sized small,” which indicates you should order one size down from your usual size.

One thing to keep in mind is that boots need time to break in, so you’ll probably find that after a few rides, the boots fit better than they did out of the box. To aid in the break-in of fresh leather, use leather meal or dubbin.  

If you want to use knee braces at some time (and why wouldn’t you? ), your boots should be somewhat larger at the top of the leg to accommodate the props. Dirt bike boots with a good range of adjustability will allow you to ride with or without braces without sacrificing fit. 



A good dirt bike boot will protect your foot from rock strikes and anything else that comes into touch with your foot while riding. Quality models feature thicker material around the ankle to prevent twisting and protect the delicate region from impacts.

Boots should also have a durable sole for stability and comfort when standing on footpegs. Many of them feature a steel plate running through the sole to minimize the risk of your foot bending back on contact. 

Although no boot can compare to the lightness of a shoe, certain models are more lightweight than others. Adequate protection vs. flexibility vs. weight is the trade-off. Once you’ve discovered the perfect pair of boots for you, you’ll probably stick with them for a long time.




3. Dirt Bike Pants – A Must-Have Piece of Dirt Bike Gear

TLD G.P. Air Dirt Bike Pants

A pair of jeans won’t cut it whether you’re racing motocross or trails. Pants must have flexibility, comfort, and all-weather performance to be considered essential dirt bike gear. 


Why is it essential to wear dirt bike pants?

Dirt bike trousers are important for every rider since they are made to resist snags and rips while yet allowing for a broad range of motion. To avoid chaffing, many dirt bike trousers are made with fewer seams. 


Dirt bike essentials – shopping advice

Make sure the pair you select can withstand the weather and keep you comfy for the duration of your trip. For adventure riding and trail days, it’s a good idea to invest in some more durable enduro trousers. You’ll want lightweight, high-tech fabrics for competitive riding that keep the wind and moisture out, drain perspiration away from the skin, and don’t limit your mobility.  

We’ve compiled a list of some of the finest low-cost dirt bike gear combinations.



Polyester has been proved to be resilient, breathable, and washable time and time again.

Leather may be found on the inner of the knees, where the dirt bike is gripped. When rubbing against the plastics, leather holds up nicely. High degrees of grip and heat resistance are also provided by leather and fake leathers.



Dirt bike trousers are often misunderstood to fit like normal pants. That isn’t the case at all. The waist size of your dirt bike pant will most likely be the same as your daily trousers. Good quality motocross trousers, on the other hand, include Velcro side straps or a clasp that may be used to modify the waist.

A dirt bike pant’s length is usually kept short to avoid bunching up within your motocross boots. So don’t worry if your pant sits a little higher than you anticipated.

Dirt bike trousers should have plenty of space around the knees since you’ll most likely be wearing knee braces underneath them. Your ability to move will be limited if the trousers are excessively tight around the knees.



A good pair of dirt bike trousers will have some ventilation. Vents will keep you cool while riding and will help to dry extra perspiration.


4. MX Shirt – Crucial Dirt Bike Equipment

TLD GP Air MX Jersey

The same considerations that apply to motocross and enduro shirts as they do to trousers apply to motocross and enduro shirts. 

When riding your dirt bike, use the right pants with the right top; higher duty for enduro, lighter weight for racing. A shirt will protect your torso and arms from abrasions caused by roost, branches, mud, and other debris. When cycling on hot days, a shirt will also assist to avoid sunburn.


Tops for dirt bikes that are a must-have – Shopping advice

Shirt style: 

A dirt bike jersey is more resistant to abrasion than a normal shirt. The higher the quality of the shirt, the greater the ventilation. If you find the perfect trousers, there’s a good chance you’ll find a matching top with the same characteristics. Gear sets, which consist of a matching shirt and trousers, are a popular option among motorcyclists. 



Although there are a few essential factors to keep in mind when choosing the right size for a dirt bike top, it is pretty simple.

First and foremost, you must determine whether you will wear a chest protection above or under your shirt. If you’re going to wear one beneath, you may need to go up a size.

Your clothing should not be overly baggy in general. When biking, a shirt that is too baggy may get snagged on objects. 


Extras include: 

Some high-quality dirt bike jerseys will have additional features to appeal to both casual and competitive riders. 

Padding around the elbows and forearms should be avoided. Longevity and durability are enhanced by further reinforcement. Padded sections do not replace body armour, but they will save your shirts from wearing out in areas where there is a lot of contact and friction.

By wicking perspiration away from your body, technical fabrics and wicking enhance comfort.  


5. Dirt Bike Goggles — A must-have piece of dirt bike equipment.

100% Racecraft Dirt Bike Goggles - glasses LTD, mirror gold lens

Dirt bike goggles are one of those must-have accessories for all riders. Goggles are just as essential as a helmet. 

What are the benefits of wearing dirt bike goggles?

Motocross goggles are very essential for protecting your eyes from flying debris like as roost, dust, bugs, twigs, water, and stones. Getting anything in your eye while cycling will almost always result in an accident. It’s possible that you’ll become blind.  


Shopping suggestions, goggles, and other essential dirt bike gear

When looking for a decent pair of dirt bike goggles, keep the following in mind.


The more goggles you have, the more you can see. For this reason, oversize goggles are very popular among both professional and amateur motorcyclists. 

Look for a goggle that fits comfortably over your helmet while yet allowing you to see as much as possible. To meet the current trend of big goggles, many new helmets now feature larger apertures.



Fogging is one of the worst characteristics of low-cost goggles. As a result, it’s critical to select eyewear with good ventilation. While most goggles may fog up while you are still and the air temperature is chilly, as soon as you start moving, they should start to defog. Replace any goggles that are frequently misting up while riding.  


Fit and comfort of foam: 

A layer of foam rests on your face in most dirt bike goggles. Different kinds and layers of foam are utilized by different businesses. When shopping for goggles, seek for thick foam that provides comfort, breathability, and shock absorption.



The kind of dirt riding you undertake will determine the lens you use. The best Googles are those that allow for changing lenses. It’s much great if you can switch out the lens styles. 

Clear lenses have the least amount of color distortion and provide the most clarity. Riders will, however, frequently use tinted goggles if the weather is very hot.

Here’s how to figure out which color is ideal for whatever situation.


Dirt Bike Gloves, No. 6

2020 Troy Lee Designs Air Dirt Bike Gloves Americana

Dirt bike gloves will keep you comfortable and secure throughout those long or hard rides. Dirt bike gloves offer much less protection than road cycle gloves. Motocross gloves are more snug, allowing for a better feel of the handlebars and input from the bike. Enduro gloves are a bit more durable than regular gloves. 


What is the purpose of dirt bike gloves?

A pair of dirt bike gloves can keep your hands safe from abrasions, burns, and blisters. They also include cushioning to help reduce vibration, which is a frequent source of numbness when riding. 


Dirt bike essentials – shopping advice and gloves 


Dirt bike gloves come in a variety of sizes. Just make sure you have gloves that fit snugly. Reduced grip, snagging, and possible accidents may all be caused by bagginess. With gloves ranging in size from small to extra-large, the sizing charts are simple to understand.



Fabrics come in as many varieties as there are producers. Many companies have their own proprietary material blends. Look for something that is flexible enough to allow for flexibility of movement, as well as something that is breathable and abrasion-resistant.

To increase grip, dirt bike gloves typically include some kind of grip on the palm or lever fingers. These grips are made of silicone or a comparable material. Enduro gloves may feature double-layer panels, with leather constituting part or all of the glove’s structure. 



Some gloves are very basic, while others have a lot of cushioning. When racing, we like gloves that feel like a second skin. There are numerous types to select from if you want additional protection. To protect tiny bones and ligaments, certain gloves will include armoured knuckles and fingertips. 

One of the three primary points of touch with your bike is your hands. Your gloves should neither detract from the feel of the bike in any way, nor should they make you feel detached from it.


Knee Braces are a must-have piece of dirt bike equipment.

Pod K8 Motocross Knee Braces 2020

When riding offroad, your knees absorb a lot of punishment. Your knees will be affected by the continuous hammering of ruts, uneven terrain, and compression pressures while landing jumps. These pressures are amplified if you grab, drag, or bend your leg. Knee braces assist to minimize wear and tear while also providing stability when riding.  


What is the purpose of knee braces?

One of the most frequent sports injuries is a knee injury. Dirt riding is no exception. Knee hyperextension or hyperflexion may be quite expensive. Damage of this kind has the potential to create long-term issues. It’s a no-brainer to wear knee braces. 


Knee braces, essential dirt bike gear – shopping advice


The issue with low-cost knee braces is that they are less adjustable and may be uncomfortable to wear. The finest motocross knee braces are adjustable, allowing you to achieve the ideal fit. Custom-sized knee braces are available from certain businesses, although they are generally extremely costly. Sharp edges and increased friction may result from low-cost materials and poor workmanship. Always spend as much money as you can on a pair of high-quality shoes. 



At the high end of the market, look for carbon composite, titanium, and ultralight tech materials. At the low-cost end of the spectrum, high-quality polycarbonate and aluminum are popular. Buy from companies with a proven racing history and positive feedback from experienced riders. 


Sleeves/socks with braces: 

If your dirt bike socks aren’t thigh-high, always wear knee brace sleeves. The sleeves will prevent the knee braces from rubbing against the skin, which may be unpleasant. The sleeves will also aid in perspiration management, resulting in increased comfort.


What Dirt Bike Equipment is Required for Racing?

Now that you’ve read about the basic dirt bike gear that every rider should have, it’s time to look at all of the additional dirt bike gear that’s suitable for more experienced riders and competitive riders.


Elbow Protectors

Essential dirt bike gear - fox elbow guards

When it comes to dirt riding, elbow guards are an underappreciated piece of gear. When it comes to managing the bike and bearing your weight, your elbows are critical joints. It’s only natural to want to protect them, particularly while they’re competing. 


What are the benefits of dirt bike elbow protectors, and do I need them?

During a dirt bike accident, a rider’s natural response is to extend their arms in front of them to minimize the force on their body. Unfortunately, this implies a lot of scratches and blows to the arm and elbow. 

Collisions between motorcyclists are also common, and when another bike or rider collides with you, your elbows are one of the most vulnerable areas.


Elbow guards, shopping suggestions, and other essential dirt bike gear


When choosing whether or not to use elbow pads, the first thing a rider should consider is how the pads are secured. To keep the guard in place, most designs utilize an adjustable strap system.

To keep the pad from rolling about, some dirt bike elbow guards include a sleeve with a sticky bicep cuff. These cuffs offer a layer of additional comfort. 

Whatever type you select, make sure the pad is firmly fastened to prevent it from moving up or down your arm in the event of an accident. 


Whether it’s hard or soft, 

Elbow guards are often available in either a hard shell or a softshell design.

Bio-mechanical designs will keep plastic plates in place on a hard shell elbow guard. These robust shells are excellent at cushioning impacts (thanks to a foam liner) as well as avoiding sliding injuries like road rash and other abrasions. This elbow guard may not provide the same range of motion as soft shell elbow guards. 

Softshell elbow guards are made of a lightweight, flexible material. These are generally the most pleasant to ride a dirt bike in since there is no substantial structure. The elbow guards may still provide excellent protection, but not to the same degree as a hard shell elbow guard.

A soft guard will suffice if your riding style necessitates a lot of mobility with a low risk of large accidents. It’s worth sacrificing some flexibility for greater protection if you’re riding hard and fast with large jumps and rough courses.


Brace for the neck

best dirt bike neck brace 2017 - Leatt 5.5

In recent years, dirt bike neck restraints have grown fairly popular. This is unsurprising given the greater protection they provide. Every major company has its own approach to neck brace design.


What is the purpose of a dirt bike neck brace, and do I need one?

Any experienced rider should invest in a dirt bike neck brace since it provides great protection against spinal cord injuries.

Crashing may put the cyclist in uncomfortable situations, which is common information. The neck may be hyperextended or hyperflexed as a consequence of a bad landing. A neck brace will prevent this by restricting the rider’s head mobility.

If you are a risk-taking rider or compete at any level, a neck brace should be considered.


Dirt bike essentials: shopping advice and a neck brace 

Restriction on the head:

Restricted mobility is the most frequent issue we hear. However, this is typically due to the brace not being properly sized and sitting too high. A contemporary, well-fitting neck brace will provide you enough of space to move your head comfortably when dirt riding.



Multiple adjustments are available on some of the highest-quality neck braces to ensure a precise fit. The more adjustment points you have, the more likely you are to discover the perfect setting for you. 

For developing riders, having a lot of adjustability means they won’t have to purchase a new brace every season or so.



A large neck brace may induce tiredness since it sits just over the rider’s shoulders. If feasible, use ultra-lightweight components, and you’ll discover that you adapt to the neck brace without too much difficulty. 

When riding a dirt bike, the ideal neck brace is one that the rider won’t even realize they’re wearing.


Armor for the body

essential dirt bike gear - fox body armour

In many respects, body armour is an extension of the neck brace. The two parts work together to protect your upper body from abrasion and severe collisions. 


What is the significance of dirt bike body armor, and do I need it?

Body armor for dirt bikes may protect your critical organs, ribs, shoulders, and spine (depending on the armor). The disadvantages were a reduction in mobility and an increase in heat. High-quality components, sufficient ventilation, and maximum adjustment points all balance the disadvantages, just as they do with a neck brace.   


Body protection, shopping advice, and essential dirt bike gear


Whether it’s bulky or simple, the choice is yours. 

When it comes to selecting the finest dirt bike chest protector, the most important choice is whether to go with complete armor or just a reduced roost guard. 

Full armor, with numerous stiff plates on the exterior, will provide excellent protection. To improve comfort and breathability, biomechanical armour is often coated with breathable foam. Full armor usually often includes spine protection, which is a significant benefit.

A roost guard allows the rider to move about more freely while yet protecting them from flying debris and abrasions. The majority of them will have a hard outer shell. To assist distribute impact, cheaper versions simply feature a soft foam layer. A roost guard chest protection is usually very comfortable to ride in and may be hidden beneath a rider’s jersey.



When selecting dirt bike body armor, it’s important to think about how the design handles ventilation. If the armor does not have any ventilation, it will get very hot to ride in.

Always choose for armor that wicks away sweat and has numerous cooling vents to avoid overheating.


Hand Shields

Acerbis Best Dirt Bike Hand Guards 2020

Handguards are most often seen on dirt motorcycles utilized for trail rides, extreme MX, and adventure riding.


What makes dirt bike handguards so important?

At TeamMA HQ, we all agree on one thing: nature can be harsh and biting. Handguards for dirt bikes are a must-have accessory for off-road enduro and trail riders. A pair of handguards is a fantastic idea since there is always the risk of things crushing your figurines.

On a motocross course, should you wear handguards? This is a matter of personal preference. The additional roost protection and decreased wetness and muck may be beneficial to newer riders. Handguards also prevent twisted levers and unintentional braking. 


Handguards, Handguards, Handguards, Handguards, Handguards, Handguards, Handguards, Handguards 

Motocross vs. off-road handguards: 

There are two kinds of handguards available for purchase. Off-road handguards, for example, include a complete metal bracing that prevents it from bending inwards towards your hand when you hit anything. The other kind is a motocross handguard, which can withstand roost but will bend under severe impacts.

Motocross-style handguards should never be used on the trails since they are not intended to withstand the abuse that properly braced off-road dirt bike handguards can.



The aerodynamics of handguards is an important consideration while selecting them. Handguards constructed of cheap materials will behave like sails in the wind, changing the way your dirt bike handles. Handguards for dirt bikes are streamlined to allow air to flow around and through them.

There are a variety of high-quality dirt bike handguards available in a variety of finishes to fit most models.


Riding in the cold: 

For serious adventure riding, there are cold-weather alternatives. These typically have a large profile and are intended to keep the wind and muck off your hands when dirt riding.


Last Thoughts

Keep in mind that the kind of dirt riding you perform will determine what kind of gear you should wear. With these important goods, always purchase as far up the spectrum as you can afford. These recommendations should take precedence over less important equipment or accessories.

Is it possible for you to check off every item on this list in your kit bag? If not, you’ve already made your season’s top shopping list. 

To stay up to speed on the newest gear reviews, sign up for our email here.

Have a good time out there!

Martin and the TeamMA team 

The dirt bike gear for youth is a list of the top 7 essential items that are needed to take your dirt bike out on the trails. These items are all affordable, have great reviews, and will make you safer on the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important dirt bike gear?

The most important dirt bike gear is a helmet. A helmet is the only piece of equipment that will protect you from head injuries and brain damage. Q:

What is the best dirt bike of 2021?

There is no such thing as a best dirt bike. Every dirt bike is different and has its own features that make it unique. Q:

What should I bring on a dirt bike?

You should bring a helmet, gloves, boots, and other safety gear. You should also bring water or something to drink. Q:

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