TOP 5 Dirt Bikes For Kids 2021 – Expert Guide

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If you are looking for the top 5 dirt bikes for kids but are unsure where to begin, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the top five dirt bikes for kids that are currently available. This is a list of expert recommendations for the best dirt bikes for kids on the market today. Weighing the design, style, fit, comfort, and materials used, we believe the 5 dirt bikes listed here are the best on the market.

It can be a challenge to find the right dirt bike for your child because there is such a wide variety of options on the market. Making your search easier is this guide to the top 5 dirt bikes for kids in 2021. Your kids will be able to do tricks and jumps, and you can be sure they will be safe, thanks to state of the art safety features.

TeamMA has been drooling over the best kids bikes. Not only did we reminisce about our younger days, but we also remembered how awesome kids’ motocross bikes are.

As always, we recommend buying kids bikes by size, not age. This handy table should help.

Children’s Bicycle Sizing Guide

Children’s bikes are available in different price ranges. We spent a few days scouring the internet to see how the market developed. The year 2021 will be an exciting year for many young riders. TeamMA has noted a significant increase in interest in motorcycles for children. Maybe families spend more time together and everyone tries to do something? Whatever the reason, now is a good time to consider motocross as a fun activity for your kids.

Why are bikes a good idea for children?

I remember my early days as a motocross racing pioneer. I was only four years old. Hearing the roar of a small motorcycle engine brings back many memories. The smell of gasoline on my gloves, the little diving boards that I swear were bigger than a triple on a Supercross track, the sound of engines roaring. I had butterflies in my stomach from the excitement.

Learning to ride a motorcycle at a young age gives kids a passion they’ll never forget. Riding a motorcycle, even a junior MX, teaches balance, coordination and discipline. Maintaining and cleaning each engine provides an opportunity for growth. Mechanical skills, focus and dedication are required to drive a small MX motorcycle.

Junior motocross is not just about competition, although that is an important part of the experience for many kids. Family outings, drives and adventures also play a role. If your child shows an interest in motorcycles, encourage and support him as soon as possible.

What to look for when choosing a children’s bike

The best dirt bikes for kids offer a choice of tire size, throttle type and engine capacity, as well as upgrades within the family of brands. Once your children have chosen a particular brand of motorcycle, they often stick with it for life. The creator of TeamMA, Martin Warrand, has been riding Kawasaki motorcycles for many years. He recently switched to a KTM.

Beware of cheap imported bikes advertised online. There are so many kids bikes recommended by poor quality motocross websites that are poorly built. The quality of the suspension, brakes and components is very important for your child’s safety. It may seem tempting to buy a cheap children’s bike, but we think that’s the wrong choice.

Low resale value (assuming the engine is retained), frequent breakdowns and poor handling are all reasons to avoid cheap bikes. Moreover, cheap imports are not competitive on the highway. If your child is constantly losing or falling in the beginning, he or she will quickly get tired of MX.

Buy in the range you can afford. This is the golden rule for all MX purchases. This is even more important for children’s bikes. You are assured of a better resale value, fewer defects and better handling. A better bike means more confidence, faster progress and ultimately more fun!

Here are some features to look out for when choosing the best dirt bike for your young MX star!

Children’s bikes– tyre size

Tire size is one of the best ways to determine the right motorcycle for the small dirt bike rider. For children’s bikes it is better to use smaller tires. Larger tires and wheels raise the bike’s saddle higher off the ground and lift the rider more. Too large a wheel/tire size reduces your ability to control the bike. Cycling safety has a lot to do with trust.

One of the advantages of children’s bikes is their low center of gravity. This characteristic means that the child can keep his balance more easily – being able to put one foot on the ground increases the child’s self-confidence. Quick pedaling is very important when it comes to avoiding obstacles, maneuvering in tight spaces or just making a mistake!

Engine size and throttle control for children’s bicycles

The power that your child’s bike transfers to the wheels depends on the power of the motor. The higher the DC current, the more power the motorcycle engine produces. The greater the force, the greater the speed. Most kids start with a 50cc motorcycle. Then they move on to the adult class and look at 65cc/80cc and 125cc.

While a child may ride at any CC as long as they are doing it for fun, when it comes to competitive riding there are rules and regulations. You don’t want your kid to pay a fortune for a 125cc bike only to find out he or she can’t ride it in competition. If your child wants to participate in races, do your homework on the rules of racing. We will publish a separate article on this subject soon.

Smaller motorcycles are often equipped with a safety device that limits the available power/speed. We call this device the power limit screw; this device allows parents to limit power as their child learns. It works via the throttle screw in the throttle cable. As the child learns to control the throttle, the screw can be slowly loosened until it is completely removed.

The small motors of children’s bikes have a limited power range. The power band is not the physical part, but the ratio of power produced by the engine as the speed increases.

The two-stroke engine has a sharper power band that delivers power quickly and accurately.

The four-stroke engine produces more stable power as the rpm increases, making it smoother and easier to control.

Here you will find information about two- and four-stroke engines.

Another important factor affecting motorcycle performance is the rider! How does your child behave in everyday life? Shy kids who don’t like to take risks and aren’t inclined to jump into the fray will probably appreciate the more compact four-stroke engine. Exuberant kids who are excited about everything and throw themselves into every new experience will quickly get tired of a tamed bike.

Reliability of children’s bicycles

Reliability will be very subjective. When you buy a branded model, you can expect a certain level of reliability because of the brand’s dedication to the sport. The brand wants your child to have a great experience and not want to part with their bike. The new Martins Motocross Handbook, which you can download for free here, has an excellent chapter on the top motorcycle brands.

In the motorcycle world, there are families who ride in red (Honda), orange (KTM) or green (Kawasaki). This loyalty is often attributed to the upgrade options available and the reliability of the brand.

We believe that the ability to upgrade within the same factory brand is a key benefit. As the young motorcyclist progresses in terms of engine size and tires, it makes sense to choose a factory brand that offers the next model. Common sizes are 50cc to 65cc, 80cc to 100/125cc. The more sizes available, the more likely it is that young people will find a bike that meets their needs.

Cost and resale of children’s bicycles

There is little chance that a child will not enjoy the sport of motocross. Beginning riders are sometimes intimidated by riding a motorcycle, and for some kids it means the end of their training. As parents or guardians, we need to swallow our pride and realize that our pee might be better suited for another sport.

Uncertainty affects how much you want to spend on a kids bike. A small bike designed for racing has better suspension, a more powerful engine and a stronger frame. The parts will be light, probably due to the use of more exotic materials. Dirt bikes for touring are not necessarily built with competition in mind. A touring bike is just as reliable, but perhaps a little heavier and more robust.

A new kids bike bought at the counter of a motorcycle shop will cost you a few thousand dollars. This price will be lower than that of a full size bike and depends on the sport: Motocross or hiking.

It is important to take into account the possibility of resale. Children grow from everything! A young rider’s skills determine when he or she can increase the size of the bike to make more power and go faster. As your child grows, he or she may become stuffy in the small bike. For all these reasons, you should buy the best quality products possible. The market for used children’s motorcycles is very strong.

Fortunately, since many parents understand the importance of quality, you have a choice. There are many children’s bikes to be found on the secondary market. A new bike can give you as much pleasure as a brand new model from the showroom, but you get a significant discount.

Best kids bikes of 2021

Wow, that’s a lot to think about. Fortunately, the MA HQ team has done most of the work for you. We sat down and searched the internet for bikes to buy for our kids.

The following list contains our top motorcycle options for kids for the 2021 season. We have taken into account all the above information. We are not paid to make these recommendations, so rest assured there is no bias here. Well, no prejudices, except our own!

While you can find many other bikes to fit your size and budget, the following kids bikes make up our list. We have arranged them in ascending order of height, the lowest first.

1. Honda CRF50F – Seat height: 548 mm

The Honda family of motorcycles is one of the most reliable in the industry. The Honda CRF50F motorcycle has been around for a long time, mainly because of its reliable design and ease of use. The CRF50 will appeal to even the youngest riders.

50cc kids bikes will always be the first choice for the younger generation as this class offers the right amount of power, control and handling; just the right combination to ignite a young rider’s passion for motocross!

Honda CRF 50 Technical data:

Height: With a ground clearance of only 5.8 inches, this bike is a miniature model. The small 10-inch wheels front and rear provide good handling and roadholding. Even the smallest puddle can upset you.

The 49cc four-stroke engine offers a stable and easy to control power band.

The CRF50 has three gears and no clutch. Smaller cyclists can shift gears and ride. The simple controls allow your child to develop other important skills, such as stopping and balancing, without worrying about the clutch.

Honda CRF50 throttle limiter

The throttle has a throttle limiter screw so an adult can determine how much throttle their child can apply. This means less stress for you and more control for your child.

Honda CRF50Upgrade Pad

Honda is a great brand to start your journey as a young rider with. The following sizes are 110cc, 125cc, 125cc Big Wheel, 150cc and up. There is a gap in the Honda range in the 65cc and 8cc classes. Since there is a gap in the mid-engine range, you may have to switch brands on your way to upgrading. The transition can be frustrating if your child is eager to participate and has become accustomed to his Honda.

The technical data sheet and the manufacturer’s brochure can be found here.

2. Yamaha TTR-50 – Seat height: 556 cm

The Yamaha TTR-50 is another good option for kids looking for their first motorcycle. This popular model has a low ground clearance and high-quality components.  With only 5.3 inches of ground clearance and weighing 126 pounds, the Yamaha is also an easy bike to ride.


Yamaha TTR50Technical data

The bike can withstand the onslaught of an inexperienced rider. The TTR50 is also reliable: You can stay in one gear and ride all day if you want.

Yamaha TTR50 throttle limiter

The throttle body limits the amount of gas supplied to the engine and is identical to the Honda solution. You don’t have to choke on the whiskey and cause an accident. You can limit the TTR50 to run alongside a pioneer runner. Pull the propeller out a little further so they can get more gas if they want to go faster.

Yamaha TRR50 engine

The TTR has a four-stroke engine with three gears and no clutch. This makes the Yamaha a reliable choice for teaching throttle control, braking and balance to beginners.

The Yamaha is easy to get, especially after the sale. The TTR-50 differs from the Honda CRF50F in that it has an electric start button. The foot start is more authentic, but we think the electric start button is better suited for little beginners.

Yamaha TTR50 Upgrade Pad

Yamaha will offer a new range of finishes in 2021. The following sizes are 65cc, 85cc, 125cc and up.

Note to self: British cyclists should consider the Yamaha PW50 if blue is your colour.

3. KTM 50 SX – Seat height: 684 mm

Don’t be fooled by the size, these little kids bikes are fast, fast, fast! The KTM brand, and this children’s model in particular, have created a culture of small motorcyclists all over the world. If your child has a more aggressive riding style, this bike is the choice of champions.

KTM SX50 Technical data

One of the biggest advantages of this pocket rocket is that it has no gearbox. That’s right, there are no gears to shift. Your child can just turn around and walk away. Because the SX50 is so much more competitive, your child can forget about clutch changes and focus on developing important skills like braking, cornering and jumping.

We think the psychology of going faster at a younger age and learning the speeds later makes a lot of sense. It’s much easier to learn to shift gears than to go fast. It’s best to start winning race classes as early as possible. The SX50 will likely give your junior a competitive edge that will accompany him throughout his growth.

Young riders come in all sizes. The seat height of the KTM 50 SX is 27 inches, which is ideal for our kids with legs. This 50cc engine sits much higher than its competitors, and that’s thanks to its aggressive nature. It allows for stiffer suspension and better weight distribution because it is located directly under the young driver.

With its lightweight frame, limited tank capacity, and the dimensions of its front wheel (12) and rear wheel (10), this bike is easy to ride despite its beating heart. The SX50 is powered by a two-stroke engine, and at just 100 pounds, this power-to-weight ratio is what motocross riders dream of.

KTM SX50 upgrade pad

Orange Brigade! KTM has one of the most active rider communities. Whether it’s model-specific classes on virtually every motocross circuit or providing the perfect platform as your child grows in engine size, KTM is king.

The following dimensions are included:

65cc / 85cc (two wheel sizes) / 125cc / 150cc and electric E5

It’s no secret that KTM is owned by Husqvarna. So if you need a KTM mini 50cc, you can find the KTM mini on the KTM website and in the Husqvarna range.

The best children’s bicycles 2021 – More than 50cc

In terms of competitiveness, 50cc engines are followed by 65cc engines. This level of bike is a miniature version of an adult machine, with high quality components, advanced race parts and serious performance.

4. KTM 65 SX – seat height: 750 mm

Starting with the KTM 50 SX with small wheels. This 65 cc engine is equipped with six gears and a clutch. All for the great goal of becoming a dominant motocross rider. I say riders because KTM is associated with more competitive riders, especially in the 65 class.

The KTM 65 SX is a great intermediate model for young people who are ready for a faster, more efficient ride, but aren’t ready for the big 125cc dogs yet.

Technical data KTM 65 SX

The limitation of these children’s bikes is not based on power, but on the size of the wheels. As an evolution of the KTM 50 SX, we now see 14 inches at the front and 12 inches at the rear. In MX language, these holes get smaller, meaning your junior champion can fly over them.

KTM ready for theracing philosophy

KTM offers an engine, transmission and chassis that are ready to blow your kid to shreds on the track.

Thanks to the 6-speed wet clutch transmission, the smallest rider on a motocross bike can learn to cope with the power of the impressive powerband of the two-stroke engine.

From the infamous KTM Junior Supercross event to the Loretta Lynn International Motocross, the KTM 65 SX has created a demand for special classes at all motocross tracks.

Young drivers will have a lot of competition in this model.

KTM 65 SX Power-to-weight ratio

The wet KTM 65 SX weighs about 122 pounds (with fuel), and the two-stroke engine is 65 cc, making it easy for even the smallest riders to handle. This model has a super light and thin frame that will help develop your child’s walking skills.

Leveling padKTM

The upgrade path from the 65 SX covers every type of MX motorcycle you can imagine. KTM’s racing philosophy is unrivalled. That’s why the KTM range will continue to be our first choice in 2021.

5. Honda CRF125F – Seat height: 740 mm

This is one of Honda’s newest models. We were very impressed with the platform he provides for young crossers looking for a trail-oriented bike.  Compared to a dirt bike, this model is ideal for those looking for more speed, low backlash and a controlled powerband.

Honda CRF125FTechnical data

Introducing children to the clutch lever can be intimidating. With only four gears and an efficient powerband, the clutch lever won’t be as intimidating as others. The long gearing on this model allows the rider to stay in the same gear longer, pull at lower revs and keep smiling.

The CRF125F is equipped with both an electric start button and a kickstarter. We love the opportunity to pedal on our bikes. This is useful in case the battery runs out. We also like that the child gets used to both launch methods. Traditionally, trail bikes have a push start and MX bikes have a kick start. If you don’t know which path to take, your junior will explore both options.

14″ rear and 17″ front – the perfect combination for handling and manoeuvrability. Honda offers the CRF125FB with larger wheels, which has the exact same engine and features. The big bike has a 16-inch rear wheel and a 19-inch front wheel. Ideal for older children.

Honda provides an excellent platform for the development of motorcycles for children. There is a reason why families prefer to ride red and why many bikes are inherited rather than sold.

Have you heard of electric bikes?

An electric bike is a great option for kids, and here we provide a guide to electric bikes for kids and buying an electric bike for adults. Today you’ll find out all about their features, and we’ve listed our top three options on the market.

When you are looking for children’s bikes, you should also consider the equipment your child will need! Whether it’s choosing the best motorcycle clothing or the safest motocross helmet, we make it easy for you to find reliable reviews.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Have fun!

Martin and the TeamMA team

Remember that when you are looking for TOP kids bikes, you also need to think about the bike equipment your child needs! It all starts with choosing the best motorcycle gear and finding the safest motocross helmet for your child! makes your life easier by providing you with the best guides on all these things!

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about dirt bikes for 12 year olds and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dirt bike in 2021?

In the years to come, dirt bike technology is going to become even better than it already is. This doesn’t mean that you should just stick with something you already have. The designs of dirt bikes are always becoming sleeker and sleeker, as the manufacturers try to outdo each other. The process will be no different in the coming years. The best dirt bike in 2021 will be better than anything that’s on the market at the moment. The best dirt bike in 2021 will have a lot of the same features as the best dirt bike in 2017: high power, high speed, and excellent durability. The bikes that will be best for 2021 will be those that incorporate the most recent advances in technology, and they will be tested in various competitions to ensure they’re up to par. However, a few old favorites will likely continue to do well, since personal preference is always a factor when it comes to style.

What is the best dirt bike for a 12 year old?

The best dirt bikes for 7 year old children depend a lot on their size and skill level. Today we are going to look at the top 3 dirt bikes for 7 year olds and we are going to look at these questions: 1. Does the bike require you to wear a helmet? 2. What is the top speed of the bike? 3. How easy is the bike to ride for a 7 year old? The best dirt bike for a 12 year old can be a challenge to determine. A child’s first dirt bike needs to be well-built, safe, and durable, so durability is going to be a primary concern. There are many reliable dirt bikes on the market, but here are some of the options to consider.

What is the best dirt bike for a 10-year-old?

Dirt bikes are becoming more and more popular for kids and adults alike. These small bikes are a great way to teach kids how to ride, teach them how to take care of their equipment, and let them have some fun. For many parents, the question isn’t whether their child should ride a dirt bike but which one is the right one. In this article, we’ll look at the best dirt bikes for 7 year olds. Whether you’re the parent of a 10-year-old or someone who lives near them, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re aware of the existence of dirt bikes. But you may not know all there is to know about them. So, what is a dirt bike? And what makes it different from other types of bikes? Let’s start by explaining what a dirt bike actually is: a motorcycle that is designed to be ridden on a dirt track that’s mostly flat. Or, as a member of the AMA—the American Motorcycle Association—described them, “An all-terrain bike is a motorcycle that is built for use off-road.”

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