TOP 4 Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets 2021

Motocross for women has never been more popular. There is a thriving online community that spans all major social media channels. The #womensmotocross is growing on Instagram, and a quick search on Facebook will yield several well-supported pages. Also in the field of motocross clothing for women and motocross helmets for women, the choice is much wider these days. In this article, we take a look at the major helmet manufacturers and what exactly they offer to women dirt bikers.

1. Fox 2021 V3 Women’s Mud Bike Helmet

Fox has really hit the nail on the head with this dirtbike helmet. V3 is one of our favorite models in . It features industry-standard safety features, a completely new ventilation system and a wide range of models. Let’s see what makes this helmet so special.

Fox V3 safety features

Fluid Inside™ Technology :

The liquid inside is a brand new feature for Fox. In addition to this technology, the V3 helmet offers the ability to control lateral movement within the helmet. It reduces the forces that would otherwise work above your head. With this product, the risk of concussion is greatly reduced.

Magnetic visor release system

A smart addition is also the visor, which can be detached from the helmet in case of an accident without breaking the screws. Fox also reinforced the magnets. Well, a heavy cock and high speed won’t replace the visor.


This is a private function. Fox redesigned the construction of the chin of your helmet. The Cage™ reinforces the points that are hit hardest when the helmet makes contact with the ground at high speeds.

Dual density EPS lining:

The Varizorb™ liner rounds out the list of essential safety features and prolongs the direct impact on the helmet.


  • Excess ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT

Ventilation system:

The airflow in the V3 is the best in its class. Warm air and humidity are brought back in by a sophisticated ventilation system. It leaves you cool and dry, even when riding hard in hot conditions.

The inner lining is fully removable, washable and antimicrobial, wicks away moisture and is odorless to the runner.


The new V3 is a beautiful helmet with a wide range of designs and colors.

Material: Polycarbonate composite

Weight: 1160 grams

Small size: S (55-56 cm)

Professional Safe/Light/Comfortable

Against: I would like to see another small model (54 to 55) as the V3 for youth is not as well rated as the.


2. Air racing Formula Vector

Fly Racing has grown rapidly in recent years. Their approach to motocross clothing and racing equipment is well known.

Fly Racing has a motocross helmet that is perfect for any rider looking for maximum protection and comfort when they are at the top of their game. The Formula Vector is a full carbon hull with all the safety features you need.

Safety characteristics of the Vector Flying Race Formula


The shock cells for absorbing linear force provide the patented MIPS system.

EPS™Tapered Head

Multi-point liner that allows limited and controlled lateral movement to reduce concussions.

Multiple hit points, area specific

Fly has designed a helmet that protects you in different ways, depending on where the force is applied and what part of your head or neck is in contact with the shell. There are even sections for the clavicle area. This focus on the areas behind the head sets Formula Vector apart from many of its competitors.

cheek guards with quick release buckle

The Vector system includes a quick-change cheek rest for safe rail removal.


  • Excess ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT


The linear piston system draws fresh air through the fans via a large number of air ducts. Every cyclist will feel fresh and dry while cycling at the highest level.


The Formula Vector has an aggressive and modern design. The graphic version is available in five colours, as well as in white or solid black.

Material: 12K carbon fibre

Weight: 1155 grams

Small size: XS (53-54 cm)

Benefits Safety/Lightweight/Performance in a small space

Against: Maximum price


3. 6D ATR1

6D is a California-based design firm specializing in frame helmets. It offers two off-road helmets, the ATR2 helmet, which you can check out here, and the ATR1 helmet, which is on our list of the best off-road motorcycle helmets for women.

The 6D may be relatively new to the field, but it’s no slouch when it comes to peak performance. The ATR1 is a high-end headset that will hold up in any situation.

6D ATR1 Safety characteristics


This is a MIPS decenter 6D. (Multiple Exposure Protection System). The ODS is a floating liner with variable points that absorb and distribute rotational forces to reduce the severity or risk of concussions.

Visor screws:

6D The visor mounting is loosened by tightening the shear bolts. If you fall or hit an obstacle, the visor comes off. This will prevent whiplash, but will imply a trip to your dealer for new bolts.

Breastbone filling:

6D recognized the need for a chest protection zone on the front of the ATR1. The chin strap of the helmet can hit you in the chest in such a collision. This places the ATR1 far ahead of the Fly Racing helmet in terms of safety.

Wall guards with emergency release:

We want all premium helmets to be equipped with an emergency cheek pad system. The 6D version of this safety feature once again places it at the top of its class.

Slavic cuisine:

In addition to protecting the sternum, 6D cut out the sides of the ATR1 to make room for the shoulder pads. Well done!


  • Excess ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT
  • Exceeds ASTM standards,
  • Excess UA
  • Bypassing the AC


The 6D’s ventilation, while not as advanced as other cameras in this category, is more than adequate.


The ATR1 has a sleek, less aggressive and modern design, with 9 graphic versions, as well as plain white or black.

Material: Composite material of carbon fibre, Kevlar and glass fibre.

Weight: 1500 grams

Small size: XS (53-54cm), although you can buy the young XL (52-53) without losing the specifications.

Pro Safest in class/comfortable/very small and young

Against: The price ofis high and the weight is slightly higher than that ofcompetitors.


4. Alpinestars Supertech M8 Motorcycle Helmet for ladies

Alpinestars continues to produce quality motocross. When it comes to off-road motorcycle helmets for women, there is a clear winner in their lineup.

Alpinestars designed the Supertech M8 with one simple goal in mind: to create the safest high performance helmet available. The secondary criteria were excellent ventilation, exceptional comfort and low weight.


Supertech M8 Safety Features

Ergonomically shaped carbon fibre composite shell

The M8 is the only helmet on our list that allows reduced strength in the shell form and then adds the MIPS as an extra.

Multiple Density EPS:

The high-tech foam layer provides energy dissipation at different impact levels.

Adjustable height:

Alpinestars has also developed a thin inner layer which makes the helmet sit higher on the head. This feature is particularly interesting for cyclists with small heads, as it reduces the risk of the helmet slipping over the eyes. We believe this is the first completely unique industry for Alpinestar.


This on-track emergency feature allows the helmet shell to be removed without straining the rider’s neck.

Removable wall protectors:

Another emergency helmet removal system for the track, allowing you to adjust your helmet without taking it off.

Multi-point ergonomic design

The Supertech M8 has several soft zones and cutouts that provide freedom of movement and significantly reduce strain on certain body parts.


  • Excess ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT
  • Exceedance of DOT 218 (Canada)


Advanced design features include:

  • Compatible beverage system
  • Wall protectors +5 mm with larger dimensions
  • TPE exterior coating to protect the exterior paintwork
  • Fully removable, moisture wicking fabric, antimicrobial inner lining.
  • Improved hood design with airflow for better ventilation

The Supertech M8 is available in a variety of designs and colors.

Material: Carbon fibres and composite materials

Weight: 1155 grams

Small size: XS (53-54 cm)

Pro Safest in class/lightweight/comfortable/results in XS/unique safety features/precise adjustment for small heads/high value

Against: No


What are the differences between men’s and women’s bicycle helmets?

Interesting question. Analysts show a clear difference in the way men and women search for helmets. To be fair, there is no manufacturer that makes a female-specific helmet for dirt bikes. On the websites of all the major manufacturers, you will find helmets labeled motocross helmets for women. In any case, they are exactly the same as men’s.

From a purely anatomical point of view, it makes sense that women would need a more compact version of the helmet, which is clear from our results above.

Manufacturers like Fox who stop at small sizes and have youth series that fall into the specs will be hit the hardest. Alpinestars is the undisputed leader with its Supertech M8, which is not only the safest in its class, but also comes in size XS and is designed to fit small heads. That’s why we think this is the best premium bike helmet for women.

In terms of overall performance, there is no need for a specific gender in a women’s helmet.

Are you a dirt bike rider? Please contact us if you think we are missing an important feature for women’s helmets. We’d also love to hear your regular feedback on women’s motocross clothing, because we think the women’s section should be written by a women’s motocross enthusiast.

Before buying a new bike helmet, adjust your head size using the bike helmet size chart.

Contact us at:

We’ll be back soon with more information.

Until then, have fun!


Alpinestars Supertek M8



  • The safest in its class
  • Fine adjustment functions for small heads
  • low weight
  • unique security features
  • Fits in XS

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Shoei VFX-Evo The multi-layer matrix construction of the AIM+ shell makes it one of the safest helmets for dirtbiking. Your safety is further enhanced by the Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS), Shoei’s patented safety system.

How to choose a helmet for a dirt bike?

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