This Land Rover Defender is Delicious and Feeds 2,000 People

Apparently people are not glorified on TikTok just because of a car accident. People are now glorified by the kitchen? The social media platform, which I still don’t fully understand, has started preparing and cooking fancy dishes that people can recreate at home. I don’t know, that’s what my wife tells me. Although the famous baker in TikTok made this huge cake, I doubt anyone at home is trying to recreate it. Land Rover has decided to order a replica of the Land Rover Defender to celebrate the two millionth Defender.

I’d like a piece of the Defender sign with my coffee, please.

The TikToker responsible for the giant car creation cake is Lara Mason of Anything Cake. According to The Drive, the 4×4 bakery became a minor TikToc superstar after she began sharing photos and videos of her past creations. Mason makes cakes modeled after various pop culture icons, including Baby Yoda, Billie Eilish and Harry Potter.

The Drive reports that Land Rover contacted Mason and asked him to build this colossal cake in 2015, when Land Rover reached its two millionth Defender. He built a special wooden frame around which the cake could be built and baked.

As usual on TikTok and other social media, she recorded a temporary video of the assembly of the cake and posted it online. The sponge cake she used to make the cake is light and delicious, but it is not the strongest building block. The wooden frame she made was used to support several layers of the folded cake, giving the sculpture enough rigidity to stand long enough to be served – and, of course, to publish the photo on social media.

There is always room for cake.

When the cooking was over, she had to start adding details. The “painting” was done with icing and food coloring, and details like windows, trim, door handles, lights, etc. were molded with a stronger type of icing called fondant. The Drive reports that this huge 4×4 treat was enough to feed 2,000 people at the Land Rover party.

Replica of a huge Land Rover Defender : cake | driving, cake everything.

in connection with the realization that the 2021 Land Rover Defender may well be the best ever.

The following year Jaguar-Land Rover opened the new factory building and wanted a cake to commemorate the day. They knew it only took one woman to get the job done. After the resounding success of the 4×4 treat, Mason made an edible engine this time. The coins looked so good they were hard to eat. Bolts, castings and other parts prepared the block for installation.

From Land Rover to Mickey Mouse

After a great success in the baking business and the rise of TikTok, Mason is getting orders for other automotive treats. She has orders for replicas of Aston Martin, Mini Cooper and Harley Davidson.

The real deal came when he was asked to make a hot cake for the king of cartoons himself, Mickey Mouse. Even though TikiTok and other companies contribute to his fame, it is difficult to make a cake for Mickey Mouse.

Although Mason’s is known for its giant bicycles and pop star cakes, it also always takes orders for regular-sized and shaped cakes, in case for some strange reason you like smaller cakes. All I know is that I’ve never wanted to eat so many hoops.

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