The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Expensive But Does It Hold Its Value?

Buying a Toyota Land Cruiser is expensive. Fortunately, one can expect the Land Cruiser to last quite a while. But, can you expect it to hold its value? Maybe. Or maybe not. We’ll find out.

Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Land Cruiser costs a ton of money

The Toyota Land Cruiser is expensive. The base model will cost you at least $85,565, which is more than enough to make your wallet panic. If you opt for the Heritage Edition, you’ll have to spend at least $87,995. So you’re buying a new Land Cruiser? Yes, it’s an expensive undertaking.

But the Land Cruiser isn’t just expensive. This SUV is also expensive. According to Repair Pal, the average annual repair and maintenance cost for a Toyota Land Cruiser is $843. Compare that to an average of $784 for full-size SUVs and $652 for all passenger car models, and it’s pretty expensive.

3 reasons why you’ll never need a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is so expensive

But there’s a reason the Land Cruiser is so expensive to buy. It is lightly equipped to handle the trails, packed with premium interior features and? Pretty reliable. According to Consumer Reports, the model received four out of five predicted reliability ratings this year. That’s not so bad.

The Toyota Land Cruiser also has a very long service life. And I mean for a very long time. According to iSee Cars, which analyzed more than 15.8 million vehicles sold in 2019 to determine which models have the highest percentage of vehicles reaching 200,000 miles, the Land Cruiser is the world’s most durable SUV. In fact, 15.7 percent of all Land Cruisers sold in 2019 reached 200,000 miles, according to the study.

What if 200,000 miles isn’t enough for you? iSee Cars reports that 1.5% of Land Cruiser models have passed not only the 200,000 mile mark, but also the 300,000 mile mark. Impressive, huh?

APPROPRIATE: The Toyota Land Cruiser is clinging to life in the United States thanks to Lexus.

Do Toyota Land Cruisers hold their value?

But the question remains: will the Toyota Land Cruiser retain its value? After all, they are very expensive. According to CarEdge, the Toyota Land Cruiser loses 47% of its value after five years, giving it a resale value after five years of $49,018.

Remember, according to CarFax, the value of a new car drops by about 20% in the first year of ownership and by about 40% after five years. When you consider that the Land Cruiser is expected to lose 47% of its value in five years, this is not exactly healthy.

APPROPRIATE: The Toyota Land Cruiser is a little known face.

It is a shame that this SUV is being left to its own devices.

There’s more bad news. The Land Cruiser was discontinued after the 2021 model year. So what do you do if you have your eye on this SUV? If so, you should visit your local Toyota dealer soon. However, try to save some money when you buy it. Finally, the Land Cruiser doesn’t hold its value very well.

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