The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Electric Pickup Truck Due to These Rad New Camper Features

The R1T is a cool pickup truck, but it’s not for everyone. The R1T is the coolest, smallest pickup truck you can buy, even though it’s not exactly a hidden gem. But with its sporty looks, sporty suspension, sporty wheels, sporty R1T logo, sporty color choices, sporty price, sporty truck bed … the R1T is truly a sporty camper truck.

The new Rivian R1T pickup truck looks like a beast and it’s super cool. The R1T features a monstrous battery and a battery pack on the tailgate, which allows the truck to drive about on its own for up to 80 miles on a single charge. But, more than just a big battery and a cool-looking truck, Rivian’s R1T also comes with a bunch of new camping features! Here’s a list of what they’re calling the “Radical Campgrounds”:

You can never have too many choices when it comes to small trucks, which is why the Rivian R1T stole our hearts with its snazzy new camper-ready ride. The R1T is the first pickup truck to offer dedicated truck camper space, so you can sleep soundly when topping off your travels. And the redesigned suspension and advanced all-wheel drive ensure safe maneuvering when you’re in the mood to hit the road.

For the last several years, Rivian has been the talk of the town. Rivian is the business that is polishing the EV sector, despite Tesla being the poster child for the movement. Rivian has proved time and time again that its primary focus is creating the nicest electric pickup vehicle that people really desire. From EV charging stations in the woods to the most recent update, the Rivian R1T has camper features built in. 

Rivian R1T front 3/4 | Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Riv

Because of these camper upgrades, the Rivian R1T is the coolest electric truck.

Rivian has repeatedly shown that it is serious about developing an electric vehicle that isn’t simply hype. Because it is a living testament to utility and pleasure, the R1T is the coolest electric pickup truck. Unlike most other EV manufacturers, Rivian seems to pay attention to what 444 and EV consumers want and need, and then seamlessly blends the two. 

A series of all-new camper conversion features has been added to the Rivian R1already T’s outstanding feature list. 

The Rivian R1T is the most stylish electric pickup truck on the market.

Rivian R1T is the coolest electric truck with its camper van mode featuring the Adventure Gear line.

Rivian R1T in camper mode | Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian Rivian

The Adventure Gear range now includes the Rivian R1T. This collection of optional upgrades adds to the electric truck’s already impressive capabilities. The Adventure Gear range, according to New Atlas, comprises a bed-mounted rooftop tent, slide-out kitchen, Snow Peak cooking set, and other attachments, allowing for the creation of an all-terrain electric camper for as little as $72K.

The Rivian R1T was designed from the start to be not just one of the first electric pickups, but also for adventurous travelers. If you think Rivian is just following the current camper trend with these overlanding/camper modifications, think again. 

The Rivian R1T made its debut in 2018 with a roof-top tent. Rivian’s attitude has always been one of adventure. Rivian came up to Overland Expo West the next year with a full-fledged overlanding kit, replete with an electric kitchenette. All that has happened at this point is that those features have been added to the online configurator. 

Will the R1T perform well as an overlander? 

Rivian R1T fitted with roof tent and electric kitchen

Rivian R1T Rivian R1T Rivian R1T Rivian R1T Rivian

The overlanding potential of the Rivian R1T is pinging off the redline now that it can be purchased with a shelter and kitchen. Rivian went with Yakima, the king of roof-mounted gear. 

This Rivian R1T-specific Yakima SkyRise HD Medium rooftop tent was designed especially for it. This tent can sleep up to three people when completely deployed. The Yakima features openable mesh windows with rollable weather coverings, much like any decent tent. Depending on the weight, the mounting mechanism may be simply shifted from the bed to the roof. The Rivian crossbars on the roof can support up to 250 pounds. 

The kitchen, on the other hand, is a true show-stopper.

Rivian Electric camp kitchen

Rivian Kitchenette Rivian Kitchenette Rivian Kitchenette Rivian Kitchenette Rivian Kitchenette

OK. It’s a stretch to call it a “kitchen.” The slide-out kitchenette is practical, smart, and extremely stylish in typical Rivian style. Let’s face it: a roof-top tent can be installed on any vehicle. This kitchenette is the true overlanding camper feature. 

Unlike other campers, the kitchenette in the truck’s tent or cabin does not take up any of the living area. It emerges from a compartment directly in front of the rear tire well on the passenger side. It’s so amazing and smart that it nearly seems like a joke. 

Keep an eye out for Rivian.

Rivian has a history of pushing the envelope and making excellent product development decisions. If the Rivian R1T and R1S are half as excellent as they seem, Tesla best keep an eye on them. Unlike the Tesla Cyberturck, which has showed no signs of being able to accomplish anything it has been promised, the Rivian appears to follow up with its very interesting claims.

World, make way for Rivian. 

Rivian Is Working on a Way to Charge Electric Vehicles in the Wilderness

The Rivian R1T is a compact pickup truck. It’s a compact pickup truck with a unique list of features to make it one of the coolest electric vehicles ever conceived. The R1T made its debut at the 2018 New York Auto Show.. Read more about electric truck camper and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Rivian truck worth?

This is a difficult question to answer as the value of a truck depends on many factors. The most important factor would be the condition and mileage of the truck.

What is special about Rivian?

Rivian is a new electric vehicle company based out of the United States. They are currently in the process of developing their first model, the R1T pickup truck.

How much will a fully loaded Rivian cost?

The price of a fully loaded Rivian will be around $70,000.

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