The One Thing That Could Kill The Electric Vehicle

We see the electric car developing. Tesla just overtook Audi as the fourth most popular luxury brand. And the number of electric vehicle registrations is increasing. Jaguar announced yesterday that it will build only electric Jaguars by 2025. But with all the momentum in the electric car, there’s one thing that could kill it.

We do not have the necessary electrical infrastructure to cope with the sudden increase in the use of electric vehicles

electric car | Brian Mitchell/Getty Images

One thing is that we don’t have the electrical infrastructure to handle the sudden increase in EVs. Even the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, said so yesterday. He said if the electric car is introduced too quickly, there will be no energy to support it. He predicted that if Japan banned all cars with gasoline engines today, it would run out of electricity in the summer.

But that’s not all. He went on to say that an early switch to EVs means that the current business model of the auto industry will collapse. And to show how fragile the current state of the power grid is, you only have to look at the largest electricity producer and what is going on right now.

Texas is the largest energy-producing state, and many of its major cities have experienced power outages. This, of course, is due to the snow and ice storms that ravaged the state yesterday. But this is a clear indication that an increase in electricity consumption could lead to the disappearance of the country’s largest electricity producer.

For now, closures are the solution as energy companies take control of

The sun sets behind 42nd Street in Manhattan during a power outage in New York on the 13th. July 2019. | Getty

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And it’s not limited to Texas. Kansas City, Oklahoma City and parts of Iowa are experiencing major power outages as utilities struggle to cope with rising consumption. Of course it was an exceptional weather event with extremely low temperatures, but the sudden increase in electricity consumption caused the grid to collapse.

In many cases, electrical appliances are turned off by the cold. It was a huge case of equipment failure. Once reserves were exhausted, transmission system operators were asked to disconnect large business customers from the grid. But the situation soon worsened and budget cuts began. So far, millions of homes have been without power during a period of single-digit temperatures.

Elon Musk says energy consumption will double if EVs become commonplace

Radio City Music Hall is down during a major power outage on the 13th. July 2019 in sight in New York | Getty.

Toyoda is not the only one sounding the alarm. Elon Musk said in December that electricity consumption will double once electric cars become widespread. We are increasingly dependent on electricity. Our homes and smart cities will depend on electricity like never before.

Some solutions, such as. B. Carpooling, may weaken demand. Instead of owning the car, we would just lease it to companies like Facedrive. But most adopters will choose the home. What about the morning and evening commute during these peak hours? Can our electricity infrastructure handle such a scenario?

Power outages during peak summer months are normal.

City lit only by building antennas and car headlights during major power outage

Charging stations are being installed en masse, so these companies are driving this part of the electric future. And car manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to produce electric cars. How are energy companies preparing for this attack with electronic vehicles? During the most intense summer months in the west and south, power outages become the norm. The only solution to the surge in demand in Texas this week is a power outage.

Is this how energy companies respond to demand, by limiting supply? This will block or even kill consumers. Whether it is wind power, solar power or even nuclear power, electricity generation is expected to increase as electricity consumption increases. Let’s hope it happens soon enough.

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