The Next Toyota-Subaru Collab Might Be an AWD Hot Hatch

Cooperation between car manufacturers can produce interesting cars. The modern Supra, for example, is the result of a collaboration between BMW and Toyota. And it’s only because Toyota partners with Subaru that the 86 and BRZ exist. But new rumors suggest that the two Japanese manufacturers have not yet ended their partnership. There are rumors that Toyota and Subaru will work together to develop a hatchback with all-wheel drive.

After the 86 and BRZ, Toyota and Subaru may have released aAWD hatchback.

These rumors of a joint Toyota-Subaru hatchback come from Japan’s best car website, Road & Track.

According to a Japanese website, the automakers plan to build a hatchback-sized Impreza with a horizontally mounted engine and all-wheel drive. It looks a lot like the hatchback version of the WRX, as Autoblog notes, right down to the boxer engine. And Drive reports that the said engine, a 2.4-liter boxer engine, is the same as the one in the 2022 BRZ. Unlike the rear-wheel-drive sports car, however, the new Toyota/Subaru hot hatch will have a turbocharger.

2021 Red Toyota GR Yaris slides down a slope

Originally, this hatchback project would use the same all-wheel drive system as the Toyota GR Yaris, MotorAuthority reports. However, according to the Australian Auto Guide, Subaru seems to be proposing a four-wheel drive hatchback. Moreover, Cars Guide reports that this hatchback will sit between the WRX and WRX STI.

Could this be the return of the Toyota Celica GT-Four hatchback and the Subaru WRX?

Black 1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four | Take a trailer

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We already know that Toyota plans to bring a sexy version of the Corolla in the style of the GR Yaris. It’s possible, according to R&T, that the next Toyota-Subaru project will be this Corolla. However, there is another possibility.

In the 1990s, the all-wheel-drive Toyota Celica GT-Four was a dominant force in rallying. American fans never got the latest and greatest version, although it is now available for import. The reintroduction of the Celica name for the four-wheel-drive hatchback makes historical sense. In addition, Toyota has renewed the Celica brand name beginning in 2021, reports The Drive. So it’s not impossible.

2009 Subaru Impreza WRX Hatchback | Subaru

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Subaru also has a historical precedent of offering a hatchback with all-wheel drive. Although the WRX was available as a station wagon for a while, that body style was replaced by a hatchback after 2007, reports Motor1. It disappeared after the 2014 model year, reports, though it still has a strong fan base. With the next generation 2022 WRX set to hit the market in late 2021 according to Car and Driver, this is the perfect time to bring back the hatchback.

What is not yet clear

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Given the amount of Subaru technology that seems to be present in this proposed AWD car, it’s not clear that Toyota is contributing. Which, admittedly, isn’t much different from the situation of the original Supra. Drive suggests that this could be a way to provide American customers with the GR Corolla without a major investment. Or, as Autoblog suspects, it could be a way for Subaru to compensate European customers who didn’t receive the 2022 BRZ.

Then there is the matter of numbers and specifications. We don’t know how much power this Toyota-Subaru car will have or how much it will cost. There’s also no official release date yet, but Cars Guide reports that it could come as early as September 2022.

Hopefully one or both of the automakers will make a statement soon. But remember, we are very excited about this necklace.

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frequently asked questions

Will Subaru build a WRX with a hatchback?

The new Subaru WRX will be revealed around the same time as this rumor, in just under two years, but apparently the hatchback will be much smaller than the WRX, so it won’t compete with it. Toyota also has a new lineup of sunroofs that will be unveiled around the same time, but the secret of the GR sunroof is yet to be revealed.

What is the rarest Subaru?

The Impreza 22B STI is one of the rarest Subarus. It was a special version of the 1998 WRX STI, with a big 2.2-liter engine and a wide body inspired by a winning WRC rally car. Subaru built only 424 cars, and only 24 of those were exported outside Japan.

Is Subaru still in the WRC?

Unfortunately, Subaru is no longer part of the WRC, although you can still see unlimited rally cars on the Impreza, but it mostly races in Asia and the American Rally Series, not Europe.

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