The New Seatback RMP Kit from Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical’s new Tactical Seat Belt Kit for the HMMWV (Hummer Variant) is a great way to secure yourself in your vehicle.

Grey Man Tactical is a family-oriented company dedicated to producing quality products that enhance camping, hunting, and hiking experiences. Their flagship product is the RMP Kit, a pair of rifle-ready polymer stocks that can be integrated onto most small to medium-size rifles.

Luke Cuenco   06.16.21

I’ve come to like the RMP system that Grey Man Tactical has come out with and develop over the years. Their RMP system is a great way to keep your gear and even guns organized in a variety of situations where you’d normally be shuffling through a bag or a pile of stuff to get to the one thing that you need or want. Grey Man Tactical just introduced their new Vehicle Seatback RMP kit which gives you options for different configurations of kit without the need to individually shop for each part to get started.

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