The Ford Bronco 4600 Picks up Where the Baja Bronco R Left Off

Even though the Bronco R didn’t win the Baja, Ford didn’t end the off-roader’s racing career. Apart from the fact that the blue oval is about to turn over a new page in the competition under the R button. It starts with the recently introduced Ford Bronco 4600.

Ford Bronco 4600 Channel Extreme Baja Spirit

A 2021 Ford Bronco with Sasquatch pack | Ford

Despite its streamlined design, the Ford Bronco 4600 is a Bronco in more than just its name. It has the same twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6, all-wheel drive and 10-speed automatic transmission as the Bronco Sasquatch, Automobile reports. And it has the same chassis as the road SUVs, reports Car and Driver. However, all other components are heavily modified for off-road racing.

For starters, the Ford Bronco 4600 is equipped with Fox coils with remote accumulators and air restrictors, reports Roadshow. They are mounted on Method Race Bead wheels fitted with 35-inch BFGoodrich T/A MK3 Mud tires, reports MotorTrend. And for extra ground clearance, the racing SUV is equipped with movable front axles.

2021 Ford Bronco 4600 Racer | Ford

But the shock absorbers are not the only part of the suspension that has been improved. The Ford Bronco 4600 is equipped with control arms from Triton Engineering, as well as reinforced axles and half axles, reports Road & Track. It also has a lockable Howe hydraulic steering rack with its own radiator. The front limited slip differential is also standard, while the rear is an ARB limited slip differential.

Given the speed of desert racing, the Ford Bronco 4600 is equipped with Wilwood Engineering brakes and a custom roll cage, reports Motor1. It is also equipped with steel bumpers, a Warn Zeon winch and off-road LED lights. And inside are the first FIA-certified off-road racing seats.

2021 Ford Bronco 4600 3/4 view

However, the last notable feature of the Ford Bronco 4600 is not an equipment or technology, reports Jalopnik. The livery is influenced by the original Baja Racing Bronco, the 1969 model that won the Baja 1000.

Will the Ford Bronco 4600 compete with the Bronco R?

The 1969 Ford Bronco Baja next to the 2019 Ford Bronco R race prototype | Ford

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Although the Ford Bronco R did not finish its first Baja race, it did finish the 2020 race. It is still second in its class behind SCG Boot, reports Autoblog. But when you consider that 86 of the 185 participants didn’t even make it to the finish line, it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Although both the Ford Bronco 4600 and the Bronco R are inspired by 1969 race cars, they are not technically rivals. The former SUV is destined for the stock Ultra4 4600 class, reports Autoblog. Therefore, it has an assembled transmission and chassis. And while the Ultra4 racing calendar includes grueling events like the King of the Hammers, Baja is not one of them.

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However, the Baja 1000 race features the Hammer Truck Limited class, which is very similar to the 4600 class. So, in theory, you can bring your own Ford Bronco 4600 to Baja. And soon you will be able to.

You may see some of his pieces for sale in the future.

While the Bronco R didn’t quite win the bayou, Ford did learn from it to develop the Bronco 4600, reports Jalopnik. And he sees the current race as an opportunity to test replacement parts for a production model, reports Car and Driver. Just as certain parts of the Bronco R have become available to the average consumer, certain parts of the Bronco 4600 will also become available.

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In fact, a handful of them already are, according to Drive. The steel bumper is part of Ford Performance and accommodates a Warn winch. This cage is from a shop in Phoenix called Geyser Brothers. And while Fox doesn’t yet have a list of Bronco-compatible shocks, it’s almost certain they’ll be available soon.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Ford Bronco 4600 performs once it blows the sand in anger.

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