The Best Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry

Shoulder holsters are an incredibly popular option for concealed carry. Some shooters prefer the open carry position because of its versatility, but many choose to wear a shoulder holster in a more concealed location. This makes them perfect for those who want to stay concealed while still packing a firearm, or as one gun expert put it, “a shoulder holster is like a shoulder purse, only with a gun.”

Shoulder holsters are great for carrying a handgun, but if you want to also carry that pistol on your person, a good shoulder holster is likely the best way to go. Not only are shoulder holsters extremely comfortable, but they are also well suited for concealed carry. Even though shoulder holsters are very common, they’re so overlooked by many people. This is a shame, as shoulder holsters are very effective for concealed carry.

Although there are many types of shoulder holster, some are better than others, depending on the purpose they were designed for. The shoulder holster is a type of concealed holster that is designed for concealed carry. The shoulder holster is worn under the armpit of the wearer, which allows it to stay in place and prevent the pistol from falling out. It is also easy to conceal under a jacket or vest, and it is often used by police officers, military personnel, and civilians. If the wearer moves quickly, the shoulder holster allows the pistol to be drawn quickly as well.. Read more about most comfortable shoulder holster and let us know what you think.John Hodkiewicz 04.23.21 You probably know the old saying Beware the man with the gun, but how about Beware the man with the holster? It is important to know how to use a holster for concealed carry. After all, no one wants to mess with an unfamiliar system when seconds count, but does that mean you have to limit yourself to a holster?  I wouldn’t consider my tool kit complete if it only contained a screwdriver, and I wouldn’t consider my CCW tool kit complete if it only contained a holster.  Many holster systems take extra time to master, but the inherent benefits of a shoulder holster can help fill a gap in your gun carrying toolbox. Before I share my preferences with you, let me remind you that these preferences are based solely on carrying concealed weapons.  There are many excellent hunting and travel holsters, but to stay on topic, I’m only going to talk about the best, in my opinion, shoulder holsters for concealed carry. Table of contents

1. Galco Miami Classic II – Editor’s Choice

The best gets even better This is simply the best shoulder keychain on the market today. It’s not cheap, so buy once and cry once. This is the shoulder holster of choice. If you wish, you can buy a vertical magazine rack like the original Classic.  Once this business is established, you can look forward to many years of comfort and reliability in your daily life. It features Galco’s superior craftsmanship and a double side storage rack for added balance and capacity. Safety harnesses with hinge points increase comfort and attachment points are available for customization. This is one of those wonderful balls that, once mastered, will last for years thanks to their excellent skin retention. It is fitted with a horizontal magazine rack as standard. Cons Full grain leather takes some getting used to Does not fit most electronic visors Slightly thicker than the Kydex Pro/ Comfortable and durable shoulder that lasts a long, long time. Disadvantages: Expensive and it takes some time to adjust. Bottom Line/In my opinion, the best there is.

2. Galco Classic Lite 2.0 – cheap choice

word-image-8580 In my opinion, this place has everything to please. The right balance between comfort, capacity and Galco quality for a very attractive price. It has a double ammo pocket for capacity and balance, and the thinner skin hides the weapon more easily and takes less time to get used to, which is a big plus. There are hinge points for easy movement and fasteners to secure items. The Galco full leather bag is also available at an attractive price. I really like it and I think you do too. This case is both versatile and inventive: it combines comfort, quality and price, but does not offer the security of retention and the durability of leather. The downside is that the leather is thinner than that of the Classic model and does not offer the same durability. It also only comes with an upright ammo carrier, and I feel like this makes the gun less secure compared to the Kydex or grained leather trim. It is also not suitable for all body types. Pro/ Affordable, easy to hide, full leather bag. Disadvantages: Thinner skin and lower load capacity Conclusion Excellent affordable option from Galco

3. Aker leather 101 Comfort-Flex – middle class

word-image-8581 Aker is a good middle option for leather items with a profiled grain. It has an upward angle to the weapon, which can provide extra comfort and stealth for certain weapons and body types. There is a double ammo pocket for capacity and balance, which I prefer in a shoulder rig. There are hinge points for movement and comfort, and a big plus are the adjustable tensioning screws for the bags, so you can adjust them to your liking. One drawback is the thicker shoulder than the Kydex or Galco Classic Lite 2.0, and I think the belt leather can wear out faster than other brands. Nevertheless, it is a fine mid-range shoulder holster for concealed carry. Advantages / Excellent price and genuine leather Disadvantages/maybe faster deterioration than others. Bottom Line/USA full grain contour leather is about a hundred dollars cheaper than Galco. How can you not like it?

4. Galco Parabellum – Hybrid Choice

word-image-8582 The Galco Parabellum offers the benefits of Kydex in a hybrid forearm fit. It is thinner and lighter than leather and can better accommodate and hide certain body types. Kydex offers the superior durability and quality you expect. The big advantage is that it is better suited to the increasingly popular electronic viewfinders. Kydex may feel stiffer under the arm. The price is also almost the same as Classic, even with kydex. Overall, this is probably the best option for red dot/reflex sights in a package that may or may not be attractive. The Galco Parabellum offers a thinner, lighter holster at a lower price than the Classic, but the feel of the Kydex forearm may not be for everyone, comfort may depend on clothing. Pro/current feel and reliability of Kydex -Good option for electronic visors -Lightweight Cons: expensive and some can feel strange. Bottom Line / One of the best hybrid options that mixes Kydex and leather.

5. Bianchi X15

word-image-8583 For those who want to be able to carry vertical at a competitive price, the X15 is a great option. It’s made of durable full grain leather and is one of my favorite options for carrying rolling weapons. This type of belt is different from most others, and this may be what you are looking for. The large universal holster is suitable for various guns and is standard equipped with a belt loop. The versatile fit is not as tight on the hand as a contoured leather or Kydex, so consider this before buying. Full grain leather means that full impregnation is required. The unique style of the sling may not be for everyone, and the fabric band can stretch over time. There’s also an ammo pouch missing.  Overall, a quality holster with a comfortable fit. If you’ve tried but don’t like the other style of shoulder holster, try the X15, which has a unique fit that can provide all-day comfort. Benefits/ Convenient and a good option for those who don’t like other cases. Cons/Universal fit means it may not fit as well on some weapons. Conclusion Excellent option for easy vertical transport

6. Galco VHS 4.0

word-image-8584 The Galco VHS 4.0 has all the advantages of the Miami Classic for those who prefer a vertical orientation. This means that Galco’s manufacturing quality is superior and the contour coating is excellent. There is a double magazine holder for balance and capacity, straps with hinge points, and an integrated belt loop. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a high-end product, so the price is accordingly. As in Miami, full unloading is necessary for maximum comfort. It is also suitable for smaller guns. It’s a Galco, but it’s vertical. The quality and durability of this vertical carrying case is unsurpassed. For / High quality and durability Disadvantages: A bit expensive and you have to get used to it. A high quality case for vertical carrying.

The comfort of a shoulder holster is crucial

Convenience can be a very subjective issue, but a shoulder holster can be a great way to carry a full-size pistol without adding pressure to the lower back.  This isn’t a problem for everyone, but if hip carrying exacerbates existing back pain, shifting the weight to the shoulders can be a big help. Many types of shoulder holsters also offer spare magazines (or rapid chargers for roll guns). This feature on the opposite side of the body partially offsets the weight of the weapon and increases both performance and comfort, which is no small feat. Full grain leather is often used for shoulder holsters so they are comfortable all day long.  It may take a while for the leather to fit properly, but be patient, once it fits, the leather can really fit you like a glove.

Meaning of Stealth

Concealment with a shoulder holster is, of course, excellent.   But, like most things in life, this secret comes with certain quid pro quo.   A shoulder holster provides excellent freedom of movement for the arms and waist without the risk of exposing the gun being carried, but should be complemented by outerwear that may not be appropriate for all social situations or weather conditions.   This factor is one of the strengths and weaknesses of the shoulder holster.

Acquisition of firearms

This is where shoulder holsters really differ from the more popular hip holsters.  Under ideal conditions, removing a shoulder holster might be a fraction of a second slower, but if you’re in a car or sitting at a desk, removing a hip holster is at a disadvantage.  This disadvantage of wearing on the hip only gets worse in the winter, when the layers of clothing get very deep.

It’s not just a case

This is by no means a complete list of all the good shoulder holsters out there, but there should be something in there for anyone considering trying a concealed carry shoulder holster.  Before I conclude, let me point out that most of the cases mentioned are not just cases, but are part of a complete carrying system.  Cable bundles can be interchanged or adjusted in width and style. The holster and magazine holder can be interchanged for different weapons. The material of the straps can be changed, from elastic to leather and all other materials. You can even add accessories to your belts, such as flashlight and knife holders. So while the initial cost may seem a bit high, the value of the holster is greater than the sum of its parts, and some of these holsters can last as long as the gun they were designed for.

Is a shoulder holster good for carrying concealed weapons?

The most important thing when carrying a concealed weapon is comfort. A shoulder holster is an extremely effective way to carry a firearm that may be the best option for you.

What is the best shoulder holster?

The best shoulder holster is the one that best meets your needs. Galco makes excellent cases that are a good place to start.

About the author

word-image-8585 John Hodkiewicz. John Chodkiewicz is currently a writer who has preferred not to write a short biography. We are committed to finding, researching and recommending the best products. We receive commissions for purchases you make through the links in our product reviews. Learn more about how it works.In the past, gun owners have primarily used a belt holster for concealed carry. But, these days, I think shoulder holsters are becoming more popular because they are easier to conceal and are also more comfortable for those who carry a gun for a living. There are several types of shoulder holsters that are available, but some of the most popular are: The IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster. Also called the “pocket holster”, this is the most common type especially for concealed carry. It is also the most comfortable for most people. Most people prefer this type of holster for their concealed carry. The OWB (Outside the Waist Band) holster. This is essentially the same as an IWB holster, except that it is. Read more about best shoulder holster 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best concealed carry shoulder holster?

The shoulder holster is the most popular type of holster for concealed carry, and the best shoulder holsters for concealed carry also have the best fit for each person. Without the right holster, you can make yourself very uncomfortable, even dangerous. These holsters have a snug, secure fit that does not slip and bind. Shoulder holsters are a classic concealed carry option that are easy to conceal because of their slim profile. However, shoulder holsters must be worn with a shirt or jacket to keep the firearm in place, which can be uncomfortable in warm weather. Holsters that attach to the belt are the most comfortable, but also the most difficult to conceal.

Can you conceal carry with a shoulder holster?

How to Conceal Carry with a Shoulder Holster This article is going to present some of the best shoulder holsters and discuss how they are perfect for concealed carry and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

What is the most comfortable shoulder holster?

Whether you’re walking the trail, working in the woods, or just strolling through the city, you need a concealed carry holster that’s comfortable and versatile. Here at campground guide, we’ve tested dozens of holsters for concealed carry and a few for off-duty carry, and we’ve found some that are right for you. We’ll take a closer look at the top two holsters and tell you what we like about them, as well as the most comfortable shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters are a great option for concealed carry because they are a low profile option that you can carry more easily. Shoulder holsters can be set up for both right and left handed use, and the holster itself has a high degree of customization. That means that you can get a durable, comfortable, and stylish shoulder holster that fits your gun exactly and is the right size for you.

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