The Airstream Caravan to Carbon Neutral Initiative Saves the Environment

Airstream has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of Airstream travel. The goal is a peaceful escape into nature, not its destruction. So here’s how you can help.

Aerostream is launching a caravan to the Cabron Neutral Initiative.

According to the Airstream blog, the company is working with the National Forest Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of RV travel while contributing to a more beautiful natural environment.

As part of its commitment to the environment, Airstream will sign a plan to plant approximately 118,405 trees with the help of the National Forest Foundation. These trees have a big job. They should help slow the expected amount of hydrocarbons released in the first year of driving the all-new Airstream caravans and coaches, which will be produced in 2021.

Airstream Flying Cloud motorhome towed by a Ford F-150 | Airstream

The plan also includes an estimate of carbon emissions during the manufacture and transportation of the trailers from the Jackson, Ohio, center to dealers across the country.

Nearly all homeowners were surveyed in 2020 about how they felt about the environment. One participant shared this view,

When people travel with their Air Dream, they stay more connected to nature and humanity. This makes them aware of the importance of a healthy environment.

Exactly! Bob Wheeler, president and CEO of Airstream, said the program provides an innovative solution for travelers who want to minimize their carbon footprint and help create a more beautiful natural environment to explore.

What is a carbon neutral caravan tool?

Part of the Caravan to Carbon Neutral initiative is the sale of optional carbon reduction kits from National Forestry. In this way, Airstream travelers can help capture additional carbon emissions.

Each purchase of the carbon reduction kit is as follows. In addition, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the NFF’s tree planting program. This is not a set you put on a trailer or a bus. Instead, it provides the nation with forests with more trees.

Sticker Airstream Caravan to Carbon Neutral Initiative | Airstream

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Three carbon dioxide reduction sets are available:

  • Kit Silver plants 50 trees in national forests, sequestering approximately 25 tons of carbon. This is equivalent to about 62,000 miles in a passenger car and costs $50.
  • The gold kit costs $100 and allows you to plant 100 trees. It captures about 50 tons of carbon, which is equivalent to about 124,000 kilometers by car.
  • The platinum kit costs $250 and plants 250 trees to sequester about 125 tons of carbon, the equivalent of about 310,000 miles driven by a passenger car.

The kits also include a sticker to promote and publicize your beauty efforts.

Where did they get these numbers from?

The 118,405 trees needed to store the targeted carbon were calculated using Airstream’s sales projections for 2021. These figures include the results of an internal consumer survey, greenhouse gas equivalent calculations by the Environmental Protection Agency, fuel efficiency estimates by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, published estimates by Mercedez-Bez, Airstream’s aerodynamic study, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s estimate of carbon storage by trees.

That’s a lot! But we have to leave nature in better shape than we thought, and transportation is responsible for an estimated 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Studies show that travelling by motorhome produces less carbon dioxide than travelling by plane, but this initiative will encourage people to do more.

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