The 9 Best Smallest RVs with Shower and Toilet [Floorplans!]

Want to travel in style but don’t want the hassle of a big RV? Here are some of the best small RVs on the market.

The small rvs with bathrooms for sale is a list of the 9 best small RVs that have shower and toilet.

Small RVs have many advantages, including ease of parking, maneuverability, and boondocking. If you like the concept of a tiny RV but can’t live without a bathroom, the finest smallest RV with a shower and toilet is perfect for you.

We’ll go over a few fundamentals with you to assist you decide on a tiny RV with a bathroom before you make your decision.

For instance, did you know that there are many kinds of bathrooms? Continue reading to learn about the finest smallest RVs with showers and toilets.

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Explanation of RV Bathrooms

Because we’re talking about the tiniest RV with shower and toilet, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. These rigs are small, and it’s a miracle that they have a toilet, much alone a complete bathroom. 

When it comes to RVs with a shower and toilet, there are two kinds of bathrooms: wet baths and dry baths.

Baths in Water:

These RV bathrooms have an all-in-one design. The room contains a toilet at the bottom (as is customary), but the shower is built on top of it.

This enables you to shower in either the conventional standing position next to the toilet or a sitting shower by sitting on the closed lid. That’s what I call ingenuity.

It takes some getting accustomed to these smaller RVs with shower and toilet since every time you shower, the toilet, sink, and whole bathroom becomes wet.

Baths that are not wet:

In an RV, a dry bathroom implies that the toilet is separate from the shower. This is a great idea, but it means you’ll have to give up storage and seating space in your rig.

In the tiniest RV with toilet and shower, these facilities are more difficult to come by.

We found the smallest RVs with a shower and toilet.

Interstate 19 (Airstream)


  • 19′ 5″”””””””””
  • Exterior height: 9′ 7″; internal height: 6′ 2″
  • 2 people may sleep here. 
  • Wet Bathroom

This smallest RV with shower and toilet meets all of your basic requirements while also including amenities like four seat belts and a spacious living space. You may go camping with your whole family, go on day excursions with your pals, and cook lunch on the beach.

We appreciate that this bathroom-equipped campervan is 4WD, allowing you to go virtually anyplace.


The bed flattens out to a huge 66′′ x 73′′ and features a push-button control. You’ll also have access to hot water, an LED widescreen TV, and a large, flexible bathroom.

This smallest Class B RV’s wet bath features a sink, built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash stations, as well as a shower and toilet. There’s even a clothesline to hang your clothes on!

The showerhead serves as a faucet, the mirror stretches and swivels, and there’s a waterproof toilet paper cover, so Airstream didn’t skimp on the bathroom.

The Mercedes Benz engine is smooth to drive, and it has many of the amenities you’d find in a normal vehicle.  

More information about the Airstream Interstate may be found here.

Winnebago Revel is number two on the list. 

1623700099_450_The-9-Best-Smallest-RVs-with-Shower-and-Toilet-Floorplans“Winnebago Industries, Inc. provided this image. Unauthorized usage is strictly prohibited.”

  • 19′ 7″ in length
  • Height: 10′ on the outside, 6′ 3′′ on the inside
  • 2 people may sleep here.
  • Wet Bathroom

Nothing is off-limits with our smallest RV with shower and bathroom, thanks to its 4WD campervan attitude and diesel turbo engine.

The diesel heating system ensures that you have heat as long as you have fuel in your tank. The solar panels on the roof are included as standard, allowing you to really disconnect from the grid and rest. The magnetic fly screen over the entrance is a great invention that simplifies living. 


A 31′′x26′′ wet bath with a flexible showerhead, shower curtain, detachable shelves, retractable clothesline, swiveling cassette toilet, and motorized roof vent are included in this compact RV with a bathroom.

The most significant benefit of this type is the storage space in the rear. The bed may be raised to the ceiling, enabling you to transport your bikes or other large goods in the rear while on the road. 

More information about the Winnebago Revel may be found here.

3. Nova Coaches


  • 20′ 11″ in length
  • 9′ 4′′ external height 
  • 2 people may sleep here.
  • Wet Bathroom

The Coachmen Nova is a new model from this well-known RV manufacturer. Choose between a twin bed and a motorized couch that lays flat.

The luxury inside of this smallest RV with shower and toilet includes blue LED lighting, a 24′′ LED TV, solid oak cabinets, and a residential high rise faucet and sink.


There’s a wet bath, as well as a toilet and a fiberglass shower.

The driver’s seats swivel, making efficient use of space and eliminating the need to pack up your bedding before sitting down for a morning coffee.

One of the versions has twin beds with a stylish swivel table in the center, which is ideal for families.

Find out more about the Nova Coachmen.

4. Plateau of Pleasure TS


  • 22′ 9″ in length
  • Exterior height: 9′ 8″; internal height: 6′ 3″
  • 2 people may sleep here.
  • Wet Bathroom 

The Pleasure Way TS Plateau is one of the tiniest RVs on the market, featuring a shower and toilet constructed on a Mercedes Benz chassis. A spacious wet bath, a six-cubic-foot refrigerator, a full-size wardrobe, and an expanded galley are all included.

In fact, the kitchen countertop is almost 6 feet long and has a cutting board over a big sink, which is a chef’s dream.


With all-around windows and a sliding side door, you can enjoy the great outdoors from the luxury of this Class B RV.

A foundation layer of medium density foam is topped with 3 inches of memory foam for a comfortable night’s sleep.

A medicine cabinet with mirror, storage compartment, china bowl toilet, towel rack, and handheld showerhead are all included in the fully furnished wet bath.

More information about the Pleasure Way TS may be found here. 

5. Gemini Coach Thor


  • 23′ 6′′ in length
  • Interior – 80′′ / outside – 10′ 11′′
  • 2–3 people can sleep here.
  • The bathroom is dry.

Thor Motor Coach’s Gemini is a beautiful Class B+ smallest RV with a shower and toilet.

Because it has all the bells and whistles, driving this rig might easily fool you into thinking you’re driving a normal luxury car. There are two distinct floor layouts to select from, as well as convertible sleep-to-seating choices, a large retractable TV, and plenty of inside and outside storage. 

1623700204_890_The-9-Best-Smallest-RVs-with-Shower-and-Toilet-FloorplansYou have a choice of two floor layouts.

The built-in skylight in this AWD compact RV with a bathroom lets in plenty of natural light. Euro-style cabinet doors, nickel-finish hardware, and residential vinyl flooring are also available.

The additional length allows you to expand the bathroom and create a separate shower area. The additional comfort offered in this compact RV with shower and toilet, which is officially rated as a B+, is obvious to notice.

Learn more about the Gemini Thor Coach.

Wonder of Leisure Travel No. 6


  • 24′ 9′′ in length
  • Height: 10′ on the outside, 6′ 5′′ on the inside
  • 2–3 people can sleep here.
  • Is it better to have a dry or damp bathroom?

The Wonder is the biggest RV on our list, so you’d expect it to be loaded with features. It is, in fact. Considering it’s still a Class B and a tiny RV, it packs a lot of punch.

There are four different styles to select from, each of which has been thoughtfully designed for the full-time traveler. There’s a lot of headroom, storage lockers, and living space in this room. A double bed, kitchen, toilet, dinette, entertainment room, and swivel front chairs are included in all floorplans.


A rear lounge, rear twin beds, front twin beds, or a Murphy bed are all options. There are also many choices for upholstery and wall lining. This construction is very adaptable for a production RV. A wet bathroom is available in the front twin beds and Murphy bed floorplans, while the other two have a dry bath.

There’s plenty of room on the roof for solar panels, so you can produce enough energy to run your favorite devices. Overall, the Wonder is one of the finest compact RVs with a shower and toilet on the market right now.

To learn more about the Leisure Travel Wonder, click here.

Free Campsite Boondocking Guides!

These six boondocking resources, where you can discover where to locate free campgrounds, are fantastic. Marianna Edwards, the author, is an RVer herself, and she provides GPS coordinates for each site, as well as information on whether it has phone service, water, restrooms, and what size rig it can accommodate. Although boondocking is a cost-effective option, it does have a learning curve. Because they can’t connect to water or power, passengers must be resourceful while utilizing appliances or facilities.

Furthermore, since boondocking is not permitted everywhere, RVers must know which areas are safe and which may result in a ticket or fee. These travel guides highlight the finest places to visit and provide advice on how to make the most of each trip.


Trailers for Campers

1. Scamp Deluxe (13′)


  • Length: 13′
  • 7’6″ on the outside, 6’3″ on the inside
  • 2–4 people can sleep
  • Wet Bathroom

The Scamp Deluxe is ideal if you want a compact trailer with toilet and shower that you can store in the garage while you’re not out exploring.

There are three different floorplans to choose from. There is a wet bath in Layout B, but no toilet in the other two. Two closets, a kitchenette with sink and stove, a wet bath, and a dinette that converts to a bed are all included in Layout B. It’s tiny, straightforward, and very useful.


The inside is warm and contemporary, but the outside has a vintage vibe that is quite appealing. Scamp Trailers was able to cram a lot of stuff into this tiny area. Two gas bottles may be stored on the front hitch, securely outside and without taking up any additional space.

Because the 13′ Scamp Deluxe is under 2,000 pounds, it can be towed by virtually any vehicle and is extremely fuel efficient.

Are you interested in learning more about the 13′ Scamp Deluxe? Go to the Scamp Trailers website to learn more.

iCamp Elite is number two.


  • Length: 14′
  • 8′ 1″ on the outside, 5′ 11″ on the inside
  • 2–3 people can sleep here.
  • Wet Bathroom

The iCamp Elite camper is a small (1,337lbs) and lightweight trailer. It’s ideal for rapidly preparing and hitching to your vehicle for a weekend or vacation trip. Bikes may be stored on the front, above the hitch, thanks to the teardrop form.

Although there is just one layout, you may choose from an orange or blue bundle. There’s a kitchen with a sink and stove, a wet bath, and a dinette that converts to a double bed on the inside. Every room is modest yet functional. It’s the cost of living in a small trailer with all the amenities.

The iCamp Elite is solidly constructed, despite its small weight. A layered structural foam body is overlaid on the steel frame, which is then completed with a high-gloss fiberglass outer skin gel coat. It’s no surprise that it’s so gleaming.

To learn more about the iCamp Elite, visit the United Recreational Vehicles website.

3. Basecamp in an Airstream


  • 16′ – 20′ in length
  • Exterior height: 8′ 8.75″; internal height: 6′ 3.5″
  • 2–4 people can sleep
  • Wet Bathroom

The famous Airstream comes to mind when you think of a trailer.

The Basecamp smallest RV with toilet and shower combines a more contemporary form with the traditional Airstream aluminum shining appearance. The front of the trailer looks a lot like the old-school trailers you see on the NASA launchpad. It nearly looks like a little spacecraft from the rear. We can observe what Airstream did in the situation.


The inside is extremely modern, and all of the furniture follows and compliments the exterior’s circular forms. There are two 16′ long floorplans and two 20′ long floorplans to select from. The layouts are almost identical. A dinette that converts to a bed, a tiny kitchen, and a wet bath are all included. The larger versions feature an additional dinette in the front, allowing them to sleep four people.

A two-room tent attachment is one of the choices, and it allows you to camp with more people.

Airstreams aren’t inexpensive, as you would imagine. Choosing a smaller trailer, on the other hand, will save you money.

Visit the Airstream website to learn more about the Basecamp.

Final Thoughts on the Smallest RVs with Toilets and Showers

Are you ready to invest in a compact RV or trailer that will allow you to go on a variety of exciting adventures? There are a plethora of excellent choices available.

Make a list of your preferred models and attempt to view a few in person to get a sense of the space available. Check that the living room is to your liking, particularly if you intend to travel in the fall and winter.

If you’re not quite ready to buy, why not try out a model you like by renting one for the holidays? With Outdoorsy, we offer a $40 off voucher.

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The smallest class c rv with bathroom is a type of RV that has the smallest floor plan. They are perfect for people who want to travel light and have a lot of room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest motorhome with a shower and toilet?

The smallest motorhome with a shower and toilet is the Winnebago Minnie Winnie.

What is the smallest RV with bathroom?

The smallest RV with bathroom is a Class C.

What is the smallest self contained RV?

The smallest self-contained RV is a Class C.

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