The 2021 Porsche Macan GTS Has 3 Predictably Porsche-y Flaws

Sport utility vehicles are on the rise. The idea is that they perfectly combine the practicality of an SUV with the driving pleasure of a sports car. But does it really work? The Porsche Cayenne and Macan are among the most popular representatives of this segment. People love them. But in the test, is the new Porsche Macan GTS 2021 really ALL that: practical and sporty?

Is the new Porsche Macan out?

The guys at MotorTrend recently tested the new Porsche Macan 2021. The Macan has long been a fan favorite, even though the crossover has practically supplanted the sedan market. What can I say? People love sports crossovers. However, there are some problems with this segment. Building something big enough for SUV status yet light and agile enough for sporty driving is quite a feat, and MT suggests that the new Porsche may not be built for sporty performance.

Is the Porsche Macan 2021 a good car?

I think it’s hard to argue that the Macan isn’t a good car, but there are a few points worth noting. MotorTrend found only three negative elements worth mentioning.

2021 Porsche Macan GTS | Porsche

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The back seat is, not surprisingly, small. This is what will inevitably upset the balance between sport and utility. Less space is the key to the sporting side of things. The wider and heavier the vehicle, the less manoeuvrable it is. Porsche will always prefer the sporty side over the utilitarian aspects of the SUV.

2021 Porsche Macan GTS | Porsche

Speaking from the inside: Porsche is not only known as a sports car, but today the brand definitely has a touch of luxury as well. Porsches used to be nothing more than mountain cars with roofs and doors. It has become a symbol of luxury status, and the price tag clearly shows this change. The problem is that while the interior is good, it can’t match that of other SUVs in the Macan’s tax class.

The Porsche Macan GTS doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it costs at least $73,450 to jump, the Verizon champion. But if you want to have some fun (as a TM tester), you can pass the $90,000 mark. That’s a lot of money for a spasm in a hurry.

Is the Macan worth it?

Porsche’s small SUV packs a big punch with its 2.9-liter turbo 375-hp V6. What’s more, the 383Nm of torque is sent to all four wheels, giving this thing the last drop of grip that should make for a truly exhilarating drive; and it really is exhilarating.

2021 Porsche Macan GTS | Porsche

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Let’s talk about what the Macan looks like. MotorTrend notes that Porsche offered the writers a Macan in Miami blue with 20-inch black wheels. This extra color design is not easy for the owner. In this package, customers get 3,120 additional steps.

This off-road vehicle can.

The most important part of the Macan’s Porsche appeal is that it can be driven fast through corners. Porsche has never been a powerhouse; sports cars have always been more focused on passing a 100 mph corner than a 300 mph straight. Any sensible person knows that this way of driving is more fun. It’s a cliché, but it’s actually more fun to drive a slow car than a fast one. Not to mention that the 2021 Porsche Macan is definitely slow.

All in all, the Porsche Macan looks like an exciting car to do a bit of garden fighting with and go to work with five days a week. Although it’s a bit expensive, too small and less luxurious than some of its competitors, Porsche has built a rocket that masquerades as a family SUV.

frequently asked questions

What is the best year for a Porsche Macan?

Is the Porsche Macan a reliable car?

Individually, however, the Macan did well; it was the second most reliable luxury SUV. Porsche’s three-year warranty seems average, but at least the mileage is unlimited.

How fast is the Porsche Macan GTS?

The new 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine is extremely powerful, delivering 434 hp. It accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.3/4.1¹ seconds. The maximum speed of the line is 167 mph.

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