The 2021 Ford Explorer Already Has One Scary Recall

The Ford Explorer has always been an affordable and reliable SUV option. Whether you’re looking for a family vehicle or just need more space, the Ford Explorer has a lot to offer. Sure, it’s not the most sophisticated car on the market, but that’s not always what you’d expect from such a large and practical car. But if you’re looking to buy new, you should know that there’s a scary little reminder that the 2021 Ford Explorer already has it.

A small bump in the road

The word memory is scary enough on its own, but not all memories are bad. It’s not great for the 2021 Ford Explorer, but it’s far from the worst problem we’ve heard about this car. The recall involves the vehicle’s engine mounts, the part that attaches the engine and transmission to the vehicle’s subframe. No more than 1,500 vehicles are expected to be recalled, which isn’t much compared to larger recalls like Takata’s airbags, which have bothered car owners for years.

A Ford Explorer for sale at a car dealership | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg, Getty Images

Secure engine mounts

It is not uncommon for a car’s engine mounts to break. Older vehicles with rubber mounts may have defects that are noticeable because they cause the vehicle to vibrate a lot. On some 2020 and 2021 Ford Explorers, the problem is not that the engine mount itself is failing, but that the bolts holding the right engine mount together are not properly tightened, which can cause them to loosen quickly.

If the bolt securing the engine mount becomes loose, the engine mount will not be properly positioned. Engine vibration can therefore affect vehicle components and cause problems such as. B. loosening of the shaft from the motor – this only happens in the most serious case. Because the number of vehicles affected by the recall is so small, Ford is working to resolve the issue quickly for current owners and for all vehicles still at the dealership.

2021 Ford Explorer parked in front of a showroom | Ford

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doubtful reliability

According to the popular website Consumer Reports, things are not looking good for the 2021 Ford Explorer. With a predicted reliability of 1/5, it seems the car can’t do much worse. However, these ratings are just predictions based on the problems of previous model years and potential problems with the vehicle, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the family SUV is doomed to be unreliable.

2021 Ford Explorer on display | Photo via Ford

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Regardless of the recall, there’s no reason to claim that the 2021 Ford Explorer is unreliable. In any case, Ford is working to fix the problem in all affected vehicles as soon as possible.

frequently asked questions

Will my Ford Explorer respond?

Ford has issued two recalls, including one for the 2014-2016 Taurus and Explorer and the 2014 Edge, and one for the 2020 Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. The first recall damaged 15,587 vehicles and the second damaged 10,905.

What is the best year to buy a used Ford Explorer?

Used Ford Explore Blog

In what year did Ford Explorers experience transmission problems?

The most common problem with used Ford Explorers: Transmission malfunction, 2002-2006 models.

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