The 100th Anniversary Brings New Looks and Tech

Vintage models can be found in every corner of the motorcycle world. This is especially true of many of the cruisers offered by Harley-Davidson and Indian. But even historical models have evolved over the course of their existence – why should their modern versions be any different? Therefore, the Indian gives the chief a gift for his 100th birthday. The birth of a new design. And it does more than get on your nerves.

For its 100th anniversary, the Indian Chief 2022 trades deco for a minimalist retro.

The Indian already had the original Scout in 1922, but he needed a big motorcycle, reports the Silodrome. Not necessarily for quick trips, but for long, comfortable trips, perhaps with a stroller. The result was the first Indian chief.

Indian has improved the Chief over the years with a more powerful engine, better suspension and a stronger frame, reports Bonhams. It also got a different design, with flowing fenders above the wheels and more chrome. When the Indian arrived in 1953, it was the leader’s last look.

So when Polaris relaunched the Indian Chief in 2014, that was the kind of design the company wanted to play with, Bennetts says. And as far as dynamics go, the new boss has been well received. It won the award for the world’s best bike cruiser in 2014 and 2015. However, Cycle World reports that for some, the slavish devotion to the old forms of motorcycles is wearing off. The brand’s upcoming centenary seemed like the perfect time to rethink it.

It’s fair to say that Indian doesn’t fully abandon the aesthetic of the 1940s/1950s. The Vintage and Vintage Dark Horse, for example, still have their wheel wings and flowing tassels. And these models have no intention of disappearing. Just Chief of the Indians 2022 draws on an even older, more minimalist aesthetic, report RideApart and Motorcycle Cruiser.

Choose the taste of the Indian chef 2022: Basic, Bobber and Super Chief.

2022 Rear view 3/4 Indian Chief | Indian

Mechanically, this all means that the Indian Chief 2022 not only has a sleeker look, but also a new steel trellis frame and a chopped off rear wing, MCN reports. It also has a shorter wheelbase and a new steering mechanism and medium-sized controls. And thanks to the new frame and less sheet metal, the Chief 2022 weighs just 670 pounds. The previous entry-level model, the Chief Dark Horse 2020, is almost 30 kg heavier.

The drive system is portable: A 1,811cc air-cooled V-twin with a six-speed transmission, reports Roadshow. Like the 2022 FTR, however, it has a rear cylinder deactivation system for less heat and lower fuel consumption. For now, the Indian has not released any official power figures. We do know that the V-twin has a power output of 108 lb-ft.

2022 Indian Chief Bobber | Page Indian

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The Indian Chief 2022 is available in three shapes: Basic, Bobber and Super Chief. The Chief Bobber has mini handlebars, as well as more front pedal controls, Ultimate motorcycle reviews, spoked wheels, enclosed forks and shocks, and different tires. It also has more chrome and a different headlight.

If you prefer to travel long distances, the Super Chief 2022 is probably more suitable for your needs. It is equipped with a quick-change windshield, leather saddlebags, running boards, a wider steering column and a two-seater. But it shares the suspension components, the wire wheels and the bobber-like headlights.

Dark Horse and Limited Horse offer more technology and moreengines.

A 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited | Indian

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All Indian Chief 2022 models come standard with adjustable rear shocks, cruise control, LED lights, keyless start and multiple driving modes, reports Jalopnik. However, if you want more standard equipment, you can choose the Dark Horse Chief and Bobber or the Super Chief Limited.

These models are equipped with standard ABS, which is available as an option on the base models. They have also replaced the analogue screen with a 4-inch TFT screen, which Indians say is a first in the industry. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth or USB, provides RideApart reports, and has music and call controls and turn-by-turn navigation.

2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse with a performance air intake | Indian

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If you choose the 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse or Super Chief Limited model, you’ll also benefit from a more powerful engine. These engines have an 1890cc air-cooled V-twin and a stated weight of 120 pounds. The more powerful engine also features rear cylinder deactivation and acceleration assistance, reports Cycle World.

Prices and availability

You don’t have to go near the top models to get some of these features on your Indian Chief 2022. The accessory catalog includes items such as windshields, saddlebags and passenger extensions, reports Motorcycle Cruiser. This includes modifications to the air and exhaust characteristics for both engines, as well as a large kit for the smaller V-sections.

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According to tour reports, the 2022 Indian Chiefs are expected to arrive at dealers in April. The base model starts at $14,499; ABS is an $800 option. The top model is the 2022 Super Chief Limited, which starts at $20,999.

Happy 100th! Birthday.

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