Tesla Exploding Glass Story Gets Worse

Last year, MotorBiscuit reported several Teslas with spontaneously exploding glass. This happens especially on the Tesla Model 3 and especially on the passenger side rear window, which is most likely to burn out. The last glass explosion story was bad, but then it gets worse.

Earlier this month, a woman was driving on a highway in Orange County, California, when she heard a snap. When she looked behind her, the back window was broken. She was braking to get off the highway when she went over a small bump. Then, with a thud, the Tesla’s rear window exploded.

She changed lanes and braked to about 70 mph. Then the SUV makes a quick descent to avoid the glass, which is now sliding down the highway. The glass remained intact because the tint preserved it.

Tesla refused to replace the rear window under warranty.

Tesla glass explodes on highway | Facebook.

It happened to be near the Tesla service center in Santa Ana. She decided she needed to get it fixed before she could use her Tesla, so she went to the service center. When I arrived, the service department refused to replace the rear window with one under warranty. They said something must have hit him.

Then she remembered Teslacam and found a video of glass blowing. She told the insiders: I showed them the video and they didn’t see anything go out the window. Then they blamed the Shadow. Then they attributed the broken glass to a problem with the tinted film. I had to get them to agree to cover the warranty damage, she says. It was a terrible experience.

She said she had to rush them to fix the window that day because she lives 40 miles away. I arrived at about 8:50 and was told it would take about two hours to replace the window, she said. I ended up sitting there until 1:30.

This is not the first time an owner has had problems at this Teslaservice center.

Tesla Facebook

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This was not the first time an owner had problems at this Tesla service center. She continued: I’ve been there three times now. All three times were bad experiences. After the second time, my husband and I said we would never go there again. But since the incident occurred a few miles away, they were the closest place of safety. There was still broken glass on the windowsill, even after most of it had fallen.

The previous two times she was there for the constant murmuring that continues to this day. Replacing the rubber window trim next to the A-pillar solved the situation for a while, but the problem recurred. Your solution doesn’t seem like a solution at all. I turn up the music as loud as I can to cover up the noise. It’s really sad because overall I love my car. But Tesla’s service page was a disappointment.

You have no idea how to treat a customer here. Not once during this last interaction with them did anyone ask me if I was okay or apologize for the experience. They were more focused on looking for the blame for the broken window somewhere else than themselves.

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