Skip This Ford Mustang Model Year For a More Reliable Version

There’s nothing like letting go of your inhibitions and getting behind the wheel of a sports car. Reliability is obviously the last thing on your mind. That said, you may want to hold off on buying a used Ford Mustang for a while. One of the last model years of the Pony Car has serious long-term problems.

Even the Mustangs of recent years are stronger than many would have you believe. So it’s tempting to jump into a used Mustang for an ultra-cheap price. However, do not sign on the dotted line until you have checked the reliability of your car.

What is the least reliable Ford Mustang in recent years?

2018 Ford Mustang in action | Ford

Individual Fords have had reliability issues in recent years, and the 2018 Mustang is one of the brand’s problem children.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this sports car is a pleasure to drive. Although Ford has dropped the Mustang V6 for the 2018 model year, the 310-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine is still a hit. And its exhilarating driving dynamics will enliven your morning commute.

However, you won’t have a smile on your face when your used 2018 Ford Mustang makes frequent trips to your mechanic.

This particular version of Ford’s Pony Car is so problematic that it’s listed as a used car you shouldn’t buy.

2018 Ford Mustang is nothing but a headache

Rear of a 2018 Ford Mustang | Ford

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How does such an iconic car get on the list of worst accidents? You may not notice his problems right away.

Consumer Reports notes that drivers are generally satisfied with everything the 2018 Ford Mustang offers. He therefore gave the car a score of 4/5 in this particular category.

However, the reliability ended with the defunct Mustang in 2018. According to Consumer Reports, it received an abysmal 1/5 rating in this category, indicating that the Ford Pony Car is a risky purchase.

The publication analyzes 17 potential failure points on each vehicle that affect reliability scores.

This revealed that the 2018 Ford Mustang has significant issues in seven areas. This includes the body, powertrain (secondary), transmission (primary), body integrity, engine (secondary), suspension and exhaust. Each of these components received an alarming score of 1/5.

Why should you trust Consumer Reports’ analysis?

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It’s worth noting that other agencies like J.D. Power aren’t as harsh on the 2018 Mustang, giving it an 85/100 rating for quality and reliability.

However, each publication uses completely different methods to measure this property. Consumer Reports collects data from its members each year on a wide variety of vehicles. These models range from old to new, starting with the 2000 model year.

In other words, the consumption reports often contain new data for older models. At the same time, J.D. Power relies on the experience of original ownership to judge quality and reliability.

So the 2018 Ford Mustang probably didn’t have that many problems when it just came from the dealer. However, owners have found that these models have longer-term problems, and have reported these problems to Consumer Reports.

What should you buy instead of a 2018 Ford Mustang?

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Fortunately, Consumer Reports has given other Mustang model years much better reliability ratings.

The current generation of the Mustang was launched in 2015, and so far it has had mixed results. Consumer Reports also identified problems with the 2015 and 2016 model years. The 2017 Mustang showed improvement and received a reliability rating of 4/5.

That said, you might want to consider a newer version. Thus, the 2019 iteration seems much more reliable than its predecessor, which received a reliability rating of 5/5. More importantly, upgrading to a more reliable model won’t cost you too much.

Consumer Reports estimates the average retail value of the 2018 Ford Mustang to be between $20,750 and $48,625. Meanwhile, the publication says the 2019 model can be purchased between $22,300 and $53,250. The extra investment is worth the security you get for your money.

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