Shuttle Bus Conversion: 7 Must See Campers

The future of camping is here. These 7 must-see campers are the perfect example of how to make your next outdoor experience a little more exciting.

The Shuttle Bus Conversion is a must-see for any camper. These 7 campers are the best of the best. Read more in detail here: shuttle bus conversion for sale.

Among van lifers, shuttle bus conversions are becoming more popular. Buses are simple to come by and inexpensive to purchase, making them an ideal vehicle for a do-it-yourself modification.

A shuttle bus conversion’s rectangular form and ample headroom offer enough living space. There’s also plenty of space for furnishings.

This makes converting a bus into a mobile house much easier. There are no odd forms to work with when it comes to the flooring or the walls.

Are you looking for ideas for converting a shuttle bus? We’ve compiled a list of 7 cool builds to help you get started on your project.

These adaptations can help you come up with a good strategy, whether you’re just fantasizing or have already purchased a car. In no particular sequence, here they are.

1) Savannah and Drew’s RV Conversion of a Shuttle Bus

Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersSavannah’s interior and Drew’s comfortable shuttle bus conversion

Savannah and Drew have been van lifers for a couple of years. They’re musicians who make a living on the road.

They had to take a serious look at their finances in 2020, with all of their touring revenue gone due to the epidemic.

This did not deter them from pursuing their ambitions. They traded in their 1987 Ford Coachman for a more maneuverable Ford E-450.

They took five months to convert the brand-new shuttle vehicle and documented the whole process on YouTube.

Their shuttle vehicle has been transformed into a work of art.

Teal furniture and wood paneling may be seen everywhere. There’s even a conventional kitchen.

An oven, a sink, and different chopping tables are included in this shuttle bus RV conversion. The pair constructed a large sofa for relaxing on, as well as a beautiful stove for those chilly winter evenings.

A platform bed with plenty of storage and shelving can be found towards the rear of the bus.

1623714013_819_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersSavannah and Mateo on the shuttle bus conversion’s platform bed

The inside of the Ford E-450 is very light thanks to its large windows.

However, the couple’s beautiful curtains make it simple to establish some solitude. Beautiful wood is used to line the floor and the roof.

The whole conversion seems to be extremely comfortable and contemporary, and it’s chock-full of great shuttle bus conversion ideas. It shows the lads’ outstanding DIY abilities as well as their excellent taste.

The bus purchase and modification cost a total of $30,000.

Visit Savannah and Drew’s Instagram account, Our Way To Roam, for additional information.

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2) The Shuttle Bus Conversion, Big Blue Bertha

1623714014_819_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersCarley in her skoolie conversion’s kitchen

Carley enjoys large vehicles and being outside in the fresh air. She loves it so much that she’s chosen to turn a skoolie into an RV on her own.

Bertha, as her moniker implies, is heavy and blue.

The interior has a mix of rustic and contemporary elements. Carley created a distinct atmosphere by combining various types and hues of wood.

A kitchen, a platform bed, a long sofa, a table, a wet bath, and a full-size refrigerator are all included in this shuttle bus conversion.

Bertha has a lot of storage room inside because to her size, which Carley outfitted with drawers, cabinets, and cupboards. This skoolie RV is very functional, and the furniture she made is one-of-a-kind.

1623714015_509_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersBertha, a modified shuttle bus, inside.

Carley created the Instagram account Big Blue Bertha the Bus to chronicle the conversion and her trips.

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3) The Shuttle Bus Conversion of Skyler and Ashley


Need ideas for converting a shuttle bus into a luxury rig? Take a peek at how Skyler and Ashley converted a shuttle bus.

Their skoolie is really stunning. It seems to be a professionally constructed structure. What’s the secret? They made do with off-the-shelf furnishings.

If you fall in love with store-bought cabinets and worktops and have the financial means to do so, go for it.

Commercial fittings have a flawless polish that is difficult to match. Your bus will seem distinct as long as the furniture represents your style and personality.

If you’re not comfortable with DIY, this method is advantageous since you won’t end up with an unsightly interior.

There’s a large kitchen, a platform bed, a sofa, and a bathroom within this structure. A raised single bed sits on top of the platform bed for the couple’s kid.

To provide seclusion, a curtain separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room. The main hues are white, gray, wood, and graphite, which work nicely together.

Part-time, Skyler and Ashley travel with their child on their skoolie. They’re located in Nebraska and like to travel out of the country now and again while working remotely.

This is the ideal arrangement for their family, since they need both a permanent base and a home-away-from-home.

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4) Brittany’s Shuttle Bus (Self-Converted)

1623714016_520_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersBrittany at her kitchen table, which folds out.

Brittany chose to pursue her four-year goal of converting a bus into a mobile home on her own. The construction took her months and many hours of study and hard effort to accomplish.

She is overjoyed now that she has a shuttle bus RV in which she can live and travel.

Brittany lives in Colorado and travels with her dog, so she has lots of opportunities to go camping.

Because of the white furnishings and ceiling, the inside of her home is very light. The hardwood floor provides a touch of warmth.

The car is very large, so there is plenty of room inside. Brittany constructed a platform bed, a fold-out table, and a contemporary kitchen.

She put several pillows in front of the kitchen, which she uses as a sofa. If she has visitors on board, she may simply rearrange them to create a bed.

1623714017_784_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersBrittany’s shuttle bus RV conversion’s interior

If you want to learn more, check out Brittany’s Girl With A Bus Instagram account.

5) The Shuttle Bus RV Conversion of Victoria and Bryce


The classic mint green appearance of Victoria and Bryce’s Ford E-350 shuttle bus instantly stands out. The wooden trim gives a nice finishing touch.

The pair learned a lot while turning the car into an RV over the course of four months.

Beautiful wood planks and white and black furnishings adorn the inside. There’s a platform bed, a wet bath, a kitchen with a stove and oven, and a table.

A fan was installed on the roof by Victoria and Bryce. There is a composting toilet within the wet bath, which they remove when they shower.

Overall, this conversion is very charming both inside and out.

Victoria’s YouTube channel is a good place to start if you want to learn more. The pair is Canadian, although they have traveled extensively around the globe.

The Shuttle Bus Conversion 6) Ms. Simplicity

1623714018_145_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersBrock and Anna in front of their converted shuttle bus RV.

Brock and Anna are new to van living and don’t know much about DIY, so they decided to convert their 2004 Ford E-450 as easily as possible. If you’re not sure how to use tools, this build is a fantastic place to start.

The couple’s transformation demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fashionable items to make a bus seem like home.

Ms Simplicity’s decor is practical and contemporary. A platform bed, a kitchen, a sofa, and a bathroom are all you need to live on the road.

Everything is straightforward, yet nothing about this conversion seems to be shabby.

Brock and Anna are on tour with Ms. Simplicity in the United States, and they couldn’t be happier.

You don’t need your ideal conversion to get started – just go out there and live in a van. It’s never too late to update your gear.

1623714019_277_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersMs Simplicity’s Christmas Taking the Bus

If you want to learn more, check visit Ms Simplicity The Bus’s Instagram account.

7) Sunny’s Shuttle Bus Conversion, Connor and Kesley

1623714020_212_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersIn front of Sunny, Connor and Kesley show off their shuttle bus modification.

Connor and Kesley had planned to marry in 2020 after traveling across the globe together. Then there was Covid.

Instead of grieving, they decided to purchase a van and travel throughout the United States.

Sunny was bought by the couple in 2020, and they immediately began the process of converting it into an RV.

They’re still fine-tuning their work, but they’re on their way. With their dog Charlie, they want to visit every national park on American land. It’s a big plan, but it’ll be a lot of fun.

Sunny is equipped with a platform double bed, a kitchenette with a camping stove, a wet bath, and a camping table. They may utilize it both indoors and outdoors.

The decor is simple yet rustic, with a lot of wooden accents. The pair will continue to add to the structure over time, but as you can see, they may begin exploring right now.

Sunny will undoubtedly lead them on fresh and thrilling experiences.

1623714021_782_Shuttle-Bus-Conversion-7-Must-See-CampersConnor and Kesley’s shuttle bus RV conversion has a bunk.

Visit Find Your Something on Instagram for more information.

Campers’ Final Thoughts on Shuttle Bus Conversion

Are you prepared to take the road? A shuttle bus conversion is an excellent vehicle for exploring the van life.

Building the inside isn’t difficult because of their rectangular form. You’ll also have plenty of living and sleeping space. Long-term travel is made easier with Skoolies.

If you’re concerned that a shuttle bus will be too large for your travels, consider a Sprinter or one of these small vans.

You’ll be able to fit into tighter or smaller boondocking spaces and feel more maneuverable on the road.

More amazing adaptations may be found here:


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The bus rv conversions is a conversion that has been done by many people. The 7 must see campers are the bus, the camper, the tent, the RV, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bus to convert into a camper?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many different types of buses. For example, you want a bus that can be converted into a camper, but also has air conditioning and a bathroom. You should try looking on the internet for more information about what type of bus would best suit your needs.

Can I convert a bus to a camper?

Yes, you can convert a bus to a camper by adding more seats.

How much does it cost to convert a bus to an RV?

It depends on the size of the bus. If it is a small bus, you can expect to pay around $15,000 for conversion.

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