Scentlok Odor Socks to Keep your Boots and Shoes Smelling Fresh

Any serious outdoorsman or woman has had the experience of putting on or taking off a pair of boots or shoes only to be overwhelmed by the smell of foot odor that is trapped inside the fabric. It’s an immediate reminder that you are out of the comfort of your home and may have to work harder to adapt to the new environment. (If you’re like me, you’ve even tried to wear sandals on a backpacking trip to avoid the problem!) Fortunately, there are some practical solutions to the problem of foot odor.

If you’re an avid hiker, camper or hunter, you know that keeping your hiking boots and shoes smelling fresh is an ongoing challenge. I know it was one I used to face until I discovered Scentlok odor-reducing socks. Scentlok socks were originally designed to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria in military boots. Now you can use the same odor-reducing technology in your own hiking boots, hunting boots and shoes. Scentlok socks keep your footwear smelling fresh so you can avoid embarrassing encounters with skunks, raccoons or the guy from camp next door.

Scentlok socks and odor eaters are a great way to keep your boots and shoes smelling fresh. Remember not to put the odor eating product directly on your boots or shoes! Cover the item with a Scentlok Odor Sock by squeezing out the product onto the sock and then wrapping your shoes in them. You can also use a thin layer of Scentlok Odor Sock to absorb sweat and moisture in the shoe area of the boot.

Luke Cuenco 05.02.21 I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a hard day on the trail or at work and comes home with feet that smell like Pepe Le Pew. Foot odor is sometimes a natural consequence of our daily activities, but it is no less unpleasant when we come home to our loved ones and the room stinks with our newly soaked feet. Scentlok Technologies has developed an odor eliminating sock that uses environmentally friendly silver to kill the germs that contribute to sock odors.

Scentlok Odor Control Socks to keep your boots and shoes smelling good.

Watch your feet and the people around you Fighting foot odour becomes a high-tech battle with ScentLok® performance socks MUSKEGON, Mich. (April 28, 2021) – For most people – especially those who love the outdoors – life is a combination of work and play. Unfortunately, both can lead to bad foot odor. And if your smelly socks are your dog’s favorite toiletries, they’ll backfire on all the animals you care about…. if you know what we mean. Yes, your feet stink, but calm down: It’s not your fault, and we can help you. ScentLok socks are the simplest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly weapon in the age-old battle against foot odor and all it represents, from a company whose mission is to develop technologies and products that fight odors wherever they occur. Honestly, they can change your life. ScentLok is recognized as the leader in quality odor-absorbing clothing for hunters, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as ozone-based odor-eliminating products for home and field. ScentLok offers a selection of odor-eliminating Performance Socks for any occasion or activity. These technical shoes not only keep odor molecules at bay, they also help prevent the microbacteria that cause foot odor. And they do it with their proprietary Silver AlloyTM technology. So how does it work? It is no secret that silver can be a very effective antimicrobial agent. What is less known is that money needs to come into contact with the skin to develop its potential. The inner layer of yarn that envelops your feet in ScentLok socks is literally pressed wire by wire, with silver embedded in every pore of the polyester. By embedding this alloy into the yarn itself, the silver stays in place throughout the life of the socks, while remaining in contact with the skin. Unlike topical silver ion treatments, which wash out, lose their effectiveness and are an environmental hazard, the silver in ScentLok socks is long-lasting and safe. That’s why the Silver AlloyTM technology used in ScentLok is Bluesign certified – the highest guarantee in the textile industry that a product and its production methods are environmentally friendly. word-image-7856 As someone who has spent 10+ hours a day in boots for many years, I can say that these socks seem worth it. It may not be the most economical option, but it’s not too expensive either. The most important thing for me is whether they can withstand daily use. If so, I’d say these socks are among my favorites. word-image-7857Scentlok is a specially designed fabric made for your socks that uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and stop odor. It’s a pretty simple concept: socks made with Scentlok fabric will kill 99.9% of the bacteria that causes socks to stink, and it lasts for the entire life of the sock.. Read more about odor eater socks walmart and let us know what you think.

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