Plenty Of New Surplus 2020 Cars Sitting At Dealers

It’s February 2021 and dealers still have plenty of surplus 2020 models. If you’re considering buying a new car, it might be time to take your car to the next level. It won’t be the 2021 model, but in most cases 2020 will be the same as 2021. And you can save thousands of dollars because dealers want to get rid of them.

New 2021 models just released.

In many cases, the 2021 models are just waiting in the wings. That’s because 2021 production has been delayed a bit to give dealers a chance to move 2020 models. The closer we get to 2021, the larger the stock of new vehicles will be. But according to iSeeCars’ analysis, there is still a lot of 2020 on the market. It was found that, on average, nearly a quarter of most dealers’ lots consisted of 2020 models.

But some very popular cars are made up almost entirely of leftover 2020s. The popular Ford Ranger pickup is evenly split between the 2020 and 2021 models at most Ford dealers. There have been numerous failures related to COVID-19, so the inventory has been delayed. The Expedition is more in line with what you are looking for in the blue oval? The remains of the expedition represent more than 60% of the 2020 models.

A man looks at the sticker price of a new Chevrolet | Getty.

APPROPRIATE: Cadillac will pay you to take the old Escalade off their hands.

Ram 1500 Classic pickups have always been a good deal. Moreover, their offer was good in 2020. This means that demand has never increased. As a result, nearly 40% of purchases on dealer sites are currently 2020 Classics. And if the Ford F150 is what you’re looking for, just over 40% of the inventory is 2020 F150s.

Now there is even more room to bid with the new 2020 cars still on thelots.

As you know, it is now a world of trucks and SUVs. But there are a lot of auto shops because there. Now there’s even more room for bargains with the 2020 models still on many of them. Both the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300 are over 50% 2020 vehicles. The challengers are not far behind at 48.3%. Honda Civics and Volkswagen Jettas account for more than a third of the 2020 cars.

Nearly 100% of Escape’s inventory consists of 2020models.

The Ford Escape has the highest percentage of stock on the list. Production of the 2021 models started just last month. As a result, nearly 100% of the Escape’s inventory consists of 2020 models. The incentive for Ford dealers to make offers on the Escape is that the Mustang Mach-E will compete with the Escape. It’s almost over. So retailers know that this will be a commercial success and that they need to stay away from loopholes.

Are you thinking about the van? The Chevy Bolt EV accounts for nearly 70 percent of the 2020 model’s inventory. And Chevy added another $14,000 each.

We’ve listed the top 20 leftovers of 2020 from this week. All of 2020 has been a silly year for revenue projections. So it’s time to look at what’s left on the dealer shelves for 2020.

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