Plan ahead now for spring 2021 ammo issues

Lately, many people are having a hard time finding ammo. This means that if you want to stock up for a specific hunt (turkey season, for example), you can start looking for caps now.

I really like guns. But I’m not the kind of person who lives to make holes in paper in landfills. That means I’m not well informed about ammunition shortages and the strategies people use to stockpile.

As is so often the case, these questions are easy to ignore until you need something specific and know where to find it. In my situation, we are approaching turkey season. I would feel a little safer with 410 extra turkey units for my girls.

So far, my search for a single box has led me through the northern Twin Cities metropolis, looking for empty shelves in various stores. Nothing. I placed an order in the online store, but the bowls I am looking for are not in stock. Basically, I have a spot in the digital queue if that retailer has something in stock.

I’ve read that others are waiting for the vans to arrive at the shops, but I’m not there yet. I also read about a crazy case in Texas where a guy decided to set up a fake store from his home, promising not only masses of ammo, but great prices. Last I heard, there were a number of charges pending against him for not delivering the product and still taking money from customers.

It’s scary out there, and it doesn’t look like the shots will stop anytime soon. The best we can do at this point is expect to pay, given the current imbalance between supply and demand, and keep looking. I plan to do it, and if I fail, my two granddaughters will graduate in April, which is 20 years.