Now The Bruce Springsteen Drunk Driving Arrest Is Getting Weird

A few days ago we and other sites reported on the arrest of Bruce Springsteen at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. This happened in November, but early information was scarce. Now new details are being revealed and an arrest for drunk driving is becoming downright scary. Even Springsteen’s Jeep commercial has been removed from YouTube.

He has gone down in history partly because of the timing of his release. This past Sunday, Springsteen recorded his first TV commercial for the Jeep brand during the Super Bowl. Boss can be seen driving his 1980 Jeep, among other things. So Springsteen and drunk driving were successful because of the timing.

The Asbury Park Press reports that Springsteen’s blood alcohol content was only .02.

Bruce Springsteen in the Jeep Super Bowl LV commercial, The Middle | Jeep

But now the Asbury Park Press newspaper says his blood alcohol level was only .02 when he was arrested. The legal blood alcohol level in New Jersey, as in many other states, is .08. The .02 level is well below what is considered drunk in New Jersey. Well, what about it?

Springsteen’s specific charges were driving under the influence, indoor drinking and reckless driving. So the BAC and the indictment don’t quite add up. And Springsteen has no prior DUI license – he doesn’t even have a ticket, according to public court records.

Because it was a park where drinking was prohibited in many places. But the ban didn’t take effect until 2019. Springsteen would have ridden through the park on his Triumph motorcycle. At one point, he stopped taking selfies with some fans.

Park ranger saw a fan offering Springsteen Patróntequila.

Bruce Springsteen Jeep commercial

APPROPRIATE: Bruce Springsteen’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence…

During the conversation, the parking attendant noticed a fan offering Springsteen a Patrón tequila. He took a sip, then returned to his triumph and started. Consumption of tequila and driving or operating a vehicle after such consumption would be prohibited in the park. So it seems Springsteen wasn’t driving drunk because he was breaking the rules at the park.

In the quote, the agent who wrote Springsteen said: Springsteen smelled strongly of alcohol on his face, and his eyes were glassy. When the park ranger pointed out to Springsteen that alcohol was not allowed in the park, the musician admitted to drinking two tequila shots.

Springsteen took two field sobriety tests, and he failed both.

Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band, Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons | Getty

But Springsteen was tested twice for sobriety, and he failed both. The subpoena also states that Springsteen rocked back and forth and had trouble looking horizontally and a walk and turn test. It is also said that he initially refused the breathalyzer test, although he eventually accepted it.

As a result of the media coverage of Springsteen’s drunk driving, the guys at Jeep have removed a Springsteen ad from their YouTube channel. A Jeep spokesman said it would wait to hear more, but would only say that drinking and driving should never be tolerated. That goes without saying.

In the meantime, we will have to wait and see where this goes. Does this still sound as bad as the original report, or is this not news to you?

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The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Got Obliterated by the 2021 Kia Telluride

There are luxury cars and there are good cars. Sometimes they overlap, but not often. Luxury cars are generally not built to last, but to keep the driver comfortable until the next new thing comes on the market. However, as the Asian car market becomes more cohesive, more and more mainstream SUVs are displacing luxury SUVs. According to Consumer Reports, the 2021 Kia Telluride is a more reliable, affordable and fun car than the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Is the 2021 Kia Telluride a good SUV?

It’s Kia. A few years ago, this would have had a very different meaning than it does now. Kia has become synonymous with quality and wealth. In 2021, Kia has chosen Telluride in particular.

A 2021 Kia Telluride on display | Photo via Kia

According to Consumer Reports, the three-row midsize SUV received a near-perfect score of 97/100. Reviews aren’t everything, but what’s in Consumer Reports gets you started. Telluride seems to have met all parameters in an instant. It’s big enough, but not huge, and reliable, feature rich, and not crazy expensive. Kia worked it out and sent one over the fence on its way home.

Is the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser a good candidate?

The Land Cruiser is in a strange category, as is the Land Rover. What made the Land Cruiser a legend was its rugged and adventurous platform. Things started to get weird when he turned into a luxury car that still has off-road aspirations.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser in the mountains

APPROPRIATE: Will we finally get a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser?

This creates a strange dilemma: make something original that justifies the starting price of $85,000, and at the same time make a decent SUV. It’s almost impossible, because what makes a good SUV is actually the opposite of what makes a quiet, luxurious ride. Based on these conflicting factors, CR has given the Land Cruiser 2021 a score of 74/100. To be fair, it’s better than almost any other decent SUV ranked by CR.

TheTelluride is a complete package for almost half the price of the Land Cruiser.

Telluride is located directly on the Goldilocks property. Size, power, performance, fuel economy, comfort, reliability and price are all perfect. The Kia Telluride received a 4/5 and a 5/5 in every category except fuel economy, which received a 3/5. Its 3.8-liter V6 with 291 hp offers plenty of power for a three-seat SUV. All that power consumes a little more fuel than some of its competitors, but it’s not too bad, with a combined consumption of 21 mph.

By comparison : The Land Cruiser is powered by a 381-hp 5.7-liter V8, the same old dinosaur engine that also powers the Tundra and Sequoia. CR rated its fuel economy as 1/5, as it only gets a measly 14 mpg combined. A hard, spirited 4×4 ride is a reasonably comfortable ride. Considering its monster weight (5,715 kg), Toyota didn’t hesitate to equip it with a sound deadening system and a heavy-duty suspension to keep everything smooth and quiet.

. Consumer Reports raised it to.

Although they are both quite large, have 4×4 systems and operate in the same market, the Telluride and the Land Crusier don’t really compete with each other. In fact, the only thing better about the Land Cruiser is that it has a real 4×4 system, whereas the Telluride only has a fancy electronic differential that stops at the slightest real pressure. Moreover, the Telluride outperforms the Land Cruiser in all respects. Choose a category and Kia comes out on top. Not only does Kia win the race, but it’s hard to argue that the Land Cruiser was even in the running.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that, scientifically speaking, the Land Cruiser is cool.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a Kia Telluride in 2021?

The 2021 Kia Telluride is now entering its second year of overnight marketing. The new special edition features a stealth black finish for an even more aggressive look. The rest of the lineup has minimal changes aside from the usual equipment changes, the most notable of which is the addition of a remote start button on the key fob.

What is the difference between the 2020 and 2021 Kia Telluride?

In 2020, Kia will launch the all-new Telluride SUV. There is only one major difference between the 2020 Telluride and the 2021 model. For 2021, Kia has added the Nightfall Edition package, which gives the SUV a sleeker look with black wheels and glossy black exterior accents.

Will there be a Land Cruiser in 2021?

While the Land Cruiser will no longer be sold in the U.S. after the 2021 model year, we remain committed to the large SUV segment and continue to look for future products that honor the Land Cruiser’s rich off-road history. We encourage enthusiasts and intrepid adventurers to sign up for future events.

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The 2021 Honda Accord Isn’t the Only Good Full-Size Sedan

The 2021 Honda Accord is one of the most obvious models on the market if you’re looking for a full-size sedan. This Honda is one of the most popular and reliable models the Japanese brand has ever produced. The Honda Accord isn’t the only good full-size sedan, though.

The legendary Honda Accord, once again awarded Car and Driver’s 10Best award after decades of recognition, maintains its status as a good full-size sedan. The choice of sedans is shrinking as crossovers continue to dominate the market. Still, there are a handful of interesting models. In fact, the 2021 Hyundai Sonata, 2021 Toyota Camry, 2021 Toyota Avalon and 2021 Nissan Maxima all compete with the 2021 Honda Accord.

Toyota Camry and Avalon will double in 2021 as part of thedeal.

The Camry, Avalon and Accord have the same reputation. These are good full-size sedans with historic reliability and comfort. The Honda 2021 contract is still performance-based. The 2021 Toyota Avalon and Camry have recently been redesigned to be more stylish and sporty. They also have new packages that give them a performance advantage. In addition, Consumer Reports recommends all three models.

2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

APPROPRIATE: The 2021 Hyundai Kona isn’t as good as the Sonata, but it’s fun to drive.

The 2021 Honda Accord is one of those cars you can always understand. It’s convenient and reliable – it’s Honda. Still, the 2021 Toyota Camry and 2021 Toyota Avalon are also cars that are just good choices. You can hardly go wrong with any of the three. These are the models you should definitely check out if you’re looking for a good full-size sedan.

2021 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

The Hyundai Sonata 2021is a formidable competitor to the Honda Accord 2021.

The Hyundai Sonata is actually one of my favorite cars I’ve driven in the past few months. It is extremely comfortable and practical, with a comprehensive list of standard and optional equipment. The Honda Accord is, of course, a legend. But the 2021 Hyundai Sonata could easily come out of nowhere to dominate the Accord. Consumer Reports also recommends the Sonata.

2021 Hyundai Sonata | Hyundai

APPROPRIATE: Thieves are targeting pickup trucks in this major American city.

Overall, it looks good, has plenty of options, and offers an affordable price combined with an epic warranty. Like the 2021 Toyota Avalon, 2021 Toyota Camry and 2021 Honda Accord, the 2021 Hyundai Sonata offers options like a hybrid powertrain. The Sonata brings a lot to the table and proves that the Accord is not the only good luxury sedan.

Nissan Maxima 2021 – a strong opponent for the

The 2021 Nissan Maxima is another good full-size sedan for our list. This is another option to consider if you are in the market for a new car and want to explore other options similar to the 2021 Honda Accord. The 2021 Nissan Maxima is another sedan in this category that has received a recommendation from Consumer Reports.

2021 Nissan Maxima in action | Photo via Nissan

APPROPRIATE: Does the 2022 Kia Telluride need something new?

While Consumer Reports’ review of the 2021 Nissan Maxima has a few negatives, it’s still one of those full-size sedan options that should appeal to someone. The Maxima even attracted the attention of Car and Driver. C/D magazine praises the 2021 Nissan Maxima for its sportiness and V-6 power.

Choosing the right MPV

When buying a car, it is always advisable to look at different models before choosing one. The 2021 Honda Accord is fantastic. But there are others worth checking out. The 2021 Toyota Camry and 2021 Toyota Avalon are popular models with lots of options.

2021 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T | Honda

Then, the Hyundai 2021 Sonata and Nissan 2021 Maxima are also good full-size sedans. In the end, it is best to drive the car that you think will give you the most pleasure and comfort in your daily life. Price, warranty, and powertrain options are all factors to consider in your decision. It’s best to keep your options open and try out a few models. Finally, the 2021 Honda Accord isn’t the only good full-size sedan.

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Is the 2021 Toyota Camry Reliable?

If you’re looking for a new sedan, it’s hard to beat the 2021 Toyota Camry. It is reasonably priced, has many features and gets high marks for security. But can you count on the 2021 Toyota Camry to be reliable? We’ll find out.

2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

It’s hard to beat what the 2021 Toyota Camry has to offer.

Open the hood of this year’s Camry and you’ll find one of two engines. Either a 2.5-liter or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This year, the Camry is also available with a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain that regularly outperforms gasoline-powered vehicles.

The Toyota Camry isn’t poor in amenities either. This year’s model comes standard with a touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth hands-free calling. It is also available with WiFi Connect, wireless charging for smartphones and Amazon Alexa.

And when it comes to security? The Toyota Camry makes no compromises. It comes standard with a host of driver assistance features and has been named a Top Safety Pick+ by the IIHS.

APPROPRIATE: Even 2020 can’t stop the Toyota Camry from dominating all other sedans

Is the 2021 Toyota Camry a reliable sedan?

But the question remains: is the 2021 Toyota Camry reliable? Oh, yes, of course. According to Consumer Reports, the model received five out of five points for predicted reliability this year. This estimate is also consistent with previous reliability estimates. Most model years have received four or five out of five from Consumer Reports for reliability.

Consumer Reports is not the only organization to praise the Toyota Camry for its reliability. Repair Pal reports that the 2021 Toyota Camry received a reliability score of 4.0 out of 5.0, which is above average for its segment. Repair Pal added that repairs are usually less difficult and also less frequent than with an average car. So, all in all? The Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable cars on the market.

APPROPRIATE: Toyota’s 2021 vehicle lineup has been praised by consumers around the world.

How many miles will the 2021 Toyota Camry last?

You can probably count on the 2021 Toyota Camry to last quite a while, too. According to iSee Cars, 1.5 percent of Toyota Camry models sold in 2019 reached the 200,000 mile mark. Compared to the segment average of 0.7%, this is hard to beat. What if you opt for a hybrid instead? iSee Cars reports that 1.5 percent of Toyota Camry hybrids have reached the 200,000-mile mark.

APPROPRIATE: Is the new Toyota Camry really a beauty in the wild?

This year’s model won’t break thebank either.

Here are the benefits of the 2021 Toyota Camry. Not only is it safe, reliable and feature-rich, it’s also reasonably priced. If you opt for the base model, you should expect to pay around $24,970. If you opt for a fully equipped model, you’ll have to spend around $35,545, which isn’t bad.

2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

APPROPRIATE: The 2021 Toyota Camry has something for everyone.

Does this reliable sedan deserve a place in your driveway?

The Toyota Camry has clearly come a long way. It’s reliable, durable and has all the features you need to enjoy the road. So why not try this year’s model?

frequently asked questions

Is the 2021 Toyota Camry a good car?

The Camry is a large sedan with plenty of cargo space and interior volume, both in the trunk and in the cabin with the rear seats folded down. It’s not the best in every memory category, but overall it’s pretty competitive.

What year is the Toyota Camry the most reliable?.

Overall, reviews of the Camry over the years have been excellent. Since 2000, the Camry has achieved a perfect five out of five 14 times: 2000, 2004-2006 and 2008-2017. In the remaining six years (2001-2003, 2007, 2018, and 2019), the Camry has received a vote of confidence four out of five years, which is still quite an accomplishment.

Will the Toyota Camry 2021 get a new design?

The 2021 model year is a mild refresh year. This means that the Toyota Camry will not be completely redesigned.

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Bring a Trailer Bargains of the Week: Mini Cooper JCW GP

If you want to take on the Civic Type R and Veloster N, the Mini Cooper John Cooper Works GP 2021 is a good option. But serious execution comes at a high price. And some fans may not appreciate the lack of instructions. However, this week there is a solution to bring a trailer – or rather, two solutions. That’s because this week’s BaT offer is a double offer: GP Mini Cooper JCW 2006 and 2013.

Mini Cooper 2006 Mini Cooper John Cooper GP race sends first generation car with a bang

2006 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP 3/4 front view | bringing a trailer

The Cooper name became intertwined with the Mini name in the 1960s, when British racing driver John Cooper turned the classic Mini into a rally car. He created the original Mini – the Cooper S hot rod, says Hagerty. And when BMW acquired and relaunched the Mini brand in the early 2000s, the Cooper S returned, Road & Track explains.

However, in 2006, the R53 model of the first generation BMW needs to be updated. So, as a final hurrah for the launch of the R56, Mini launched the Cooper S John Cooper Works GP.

2006 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP rear view 3/4 rear view | Mini

Like the base Cooper S, the 2006 Mini JCW GP is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, reports Car and Driver. However, thanks to modifications to the intercooler, supercharger, exhaust system, fuel injection and ECU, it delivers 214 hp, 46 hp more than the base car, reports Autoweek. And because it has no rear seat, upgraded aluminium suspension components, lighter wheels, no rear wipers and the addition of air conditioning, it weighs 30kg less, reports MotorTrend. But it has Recaro front seats.

The 2006 and 2021 Mini Cooper JCW GPs are similar in many ways. Both cars have stiffer shocks and springs, as well as a full aero kit, Top Gear reports. Plus struts in place of the rear seats and lockable differentials. But the 2006 car has something the 2021 car doesn’t: A six-speed manual transmission.

Same as 2013 model vs.

2013 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works GP front 3/4 | Bring trailer

The manual went back to the next-generation model, the 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP, which followed a similar formula to the 2006 model, reports Car and Driver. Namely Recaro seats, no back seat, lower ride height, stiffer springs and shock absorbers, bigger brakes and less luxury – even cruise control. Compared to its predecessor, however, the 2013 Mini GP is much more purposeful, MT reports.

The 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP has fully adjustable coil springs and a different suspension geometry than the base car. Mini has also changed the steering, traction control and stability control on the 2013 car, reports MT. And instead of a supercharger, the 2013 Mini GP has a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Normally, it delivers 211 hp and 192 lb-ft, but in overdrive, torque rises to 207 lb-ft.

On paper, the 2006 and 2013 models have the same speed. The car and driver achieved a 0-60 mph time of 5.9 seconds and a second of 5.8 seconds. In contrast, the supercharged car is livelier and the engine is slightly more responsive, reports AROnline. According to Hagerty, she is blunt and reacts strangely to questions. However, the 2013 car is still a riot, with neutral handling and instantaneous steering, reports Car and Driver. And it has more advanced infotainment features, reports

Mini Cooper John Cooper works as a GP on thetrailer in 2006 and 2013.

There are currently two Mini Cooper JCW GPs on the Bring a Trailer website. There is a 2006 GP1 and a 2013 GP2. Neither is stock, although both have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer.

Interior of a 2006 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP | Take the trailer

APPROPRIATE: Building this mini cooperative is the ultimate quarantine activity.

The 2006 Mini Cooper JCW GP is equipped with real-time air conditioning and heated seats. However, the Pioneer stereo system and sidewalk lights are modifications. There’s also the bonnet reinforcement, Valeo monobloc flywheel and PRW FluidGel crankshaft pulley. Moreover, the Hot Hatch has tinted windows.

The 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP comes with a few extra luxury features. In addition to stability and traction settings, it has automatic climate control and Alcantara instead of fabric. It also has fewer miles than the 2006 car: 39,000 versus 63,000. It’s also less modified, although it does have an aftermarket atm intercooler.

The 2013 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works GP inside seen from the rear | Bring the trailer

APPROPRIATE: Mini Cooper 1499 GT 2021 debuts with limited production, some are portable

Bring a report showing that both vehicles have an accident-free history, as well as numerous maintenance records. The current owner of the 2013 vehicle recently replaced the front tires, water pump and spark plugs. The 2006 car was sold to Bring a Trailer in 2017 and the right front ball joint has since been replaced.

These shutters are limited in price.

At the time of writing, a 2006 Mini Cooper JCW is offered on Bring a Trailer for $7,150, despite being owner occupied. The 2013 car is priced at $12,000; there are three days left for both auctions. And in both cases the prices are below average, especially for these rare cars.

APPROPRIATE: If you’re not a fan of mini, this 2021 mini fan can change that.

The 2006 and 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP are both limited edition models. Mini produced only 2,000 examples of each car, of which 415 GP1s and 500 GP2s were destined for the US. Combined with their modifications, they are highly sought after by Mini fans. And the average price of a Bring a Trailer is between $15,000 and $20,000. That’s about half the original price, by the way.

That’s what makes this situation really special.

Follow MotorBiscuit for updates on our Facebook page.

frequently asked questions

What does the JCW package include?

Standard features include a 6-speed manual transmission, optional automatic transmission, ALL4 all-wheel drive, enhanced JCW braking system, selectable driving modes, sports exhaust system, LED headlights and taillights, optional roof rails, aerodynamic JCW full body, 48 cubic …

Is the Mini JCW reliable?

All enthusiasts found the JCW Minis to be a reliable engine, perhaps because of their relatively modest power output. However, the delivered couple leaves many satisfied owners, and they all leave a comment about how the JCW makes them smile.

How do you recognise a fake JCW?

On the outside you will see the JCW badge ONLY on the front of the lower grille and there will be no Cooper S badge on the rear, there will be a JCW badge on the right I believe. Also, the exhaust ends may not carry the JCW logo, but only bare chrome tips.

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Is President’s Day a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

Car buyers are always looking for a good deal. And why not? There is nothing wrong with looking for a way to save money on a major purchase. But as you may have guessed, most savings involve finding the best time to buy a new or used car. And it turns out that one of the best times to buy a car is just around the corner. With Presidents Day approaching, it might be a good time to head to your local dealership and buy that new car you’ve been wanting for a few weeks.

An American flag flies above a car dealership. | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

President’s Day is one of the best days to buy a new car.

If you want to get the best deal on your next car, you need time to make your purchase. Fortunately, President’s Day is one of the best days to buy a new car. Real Car Tips reports that since President’s Day falls in February, when sales are low and inventory is high, you have a good chance of getting a good deal on the car of your choice.

According to U.S. News & World Report, several automakers are already offering excellent lease and finance discounts on popular premium vehicles. Some of these offers are already available now and will be valid at least until January 1. March. Right now, for example, you can lease a Honda CR-V with $0 and a monthly payment of $330. It’s a great deal.

APPROPRIATE: Take advantage of the offer now: Lots of surplus 2020 new cars at dealers.

Best deals on new cars in 2021President’s Day

The Honda CR-V isn’t the only new car on offer this President’s Day. According to CarFax, several brands are offering new car deals for Presidents Day. General Motors is offering significant discounts on many Buick, Chevrolet and GMC models. Ford also offers cashback on its full product range. And Kia? It offers 0% financing for 60 to 66 months on many new models.

What if you’re not ready to finance a new car yet? Car manufacturers also offer deals for President’s Day. Hyundai currently offers a lease on the Elantra for $139 per month. You can also lease certain Kia models, including the Niro, Seltos, Soul and Sportage, for less than $200 a month with just a $2,500 down payment. Subaru also offers three-year leases on its entire model lineup, with monthly payments ranging from $199 to $309.

APPROPRIATE: The most controversial aspects of leasing

Is President’s Day a good time to buy a used car?

President’s Day isn’t just a good time to buy a new car. This is also a good time to buy a used car. According to iSee Cars, President’s Day offers significant opportunities to save money on a used car. According to iSee Cars, you’ll get 32.5 percent more deals than average if you buy a used car on President’s Day.

Used car offers that can save you money

Several car manufacturers also offer used cars on President’s Day. According to CarFax, Acura is offering 0.99 percent financing for 36 months on select certified pre-owned Acura MDX and TLX models. At the same time, Nissan is offering 1.9% financing for 36 months on all certified pre-owned Nissan Altima, Rogue, Rogue Sport and Sentra models. Subaru also offers limited time 0.99% financing on all certified pre-owned Subaru models.

APPROPRIATE: Get a good deal on a new car this season by choosing the right make and model.

Is it time for you to go to the dealer?

If you’re considering buying a new or used car in the near future, stop by your local dealership. With so many deals on new and used cars on President’s Day, chances are you can get a good deal on the car of your choice.

frequently asked questions

Is President’s Day a good time to buy a car?

President’s Day is one of the best holidays to buy a new car. This happens during the 3. Mondays in February, when sales are slow and stocks should be plentiful. Other good holidays are on the 4th. July, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving weekend.

Are there any offers for cars on President’s Day?

The best car deals for President’s Day The 2020 Civic has never been cheaper to finance on President’s Day. Since last month, Honda has been offering 0% APR for 60 months or 0.9% APR for 72 months in the state of California. … Both offers can be combined with low interest financing, making this the best offer yet.

What is the best month to buy a new car?

October, November and December are the best times of year to buy a car. Car dealers have sales quotas which are usually divided into annual, quarterly and monthly quotas. And these three goals are starting to come together at the end of the year.

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The 8 Pickups You Want But You Can’t Have

There are some great pickups that we can’t get in the United States. There are many reasons for the chicken tax, which adds 25% to the price of every van imported into the United States. For this reason, and more importantly for the same reason, a pickup can only be competitive if it is made here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t show you our top eight lifts that we wanted, but can’t have.

Mazda BT-50

2020 Mazda BT-50 Midsize Pickup | Mazda

Mazda shares its vans with the platform everywhere. An earlier version used the Ford Ranger platform. It now shares bones with the Isuzu D-Max pickup. The sheetmetal follows Mazda’s Kodo design language, so you’ll see similarities to the CX-5 and CX-9. If it were sold in this country, it would have to have some sort of gasoline or hybrid powertrain, but it offers a 1.9-liter or 3.0-liter diesel engine. The largest market for the BT-50 is Australia, but it is sold all over the world except North America and Japan.

Nissan Navara

2020 Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 | Nissan

Nissan believes that American tastes call for a more refined pickup than in the rest of the world. That’s why we got the Border while everyone else got the Navara. Since the Frontier will be built here, it is designed for American buyers, while the Navara is a more robust truck with a very different chassis. We understand that our new Frontier shares a chassis with the Navara, but that’s about the closest they get to each other.

Peugeot Landtrek

2021 Peugeot Landtrek | Stellantis

APPROPRIATE: Why can’t we buy exotic pickups like this?

The merger with Stellantis makes everything from Peugeot even more interesting. There is speculation that many Peugeots will be renamed Ram, Chrysler or Dodge for the United States. But don’t forget the chicken tax. If it’s a mid-size pickup, it should be built here too. So we won’t be seeing Landtrack. Except in the United States, this truck is not available in Europe. The main markets are Latin America and Africa. It’s the same truck in Chile, but it’s called Changan Hunter. Power is provided by four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines.

Mitsubishi Triton

2020 Mitsubishi Triton | Mitsubishi

Given how Mitsubishi cars are sold in the US, you’d think they could find an assembly plant here to build the Triton. So that Mitsu can have a competitive truck. In its current form, it is available in other parts of the world, but not in North America. It is available in a variety of finishes that increase the luxurious features with each finish. A more aggressive version of the Triton, similar to the smaller TRX or Raptor. We’re looking forward to seeing it.

Fiat Toro

Fiat Toro, the basis for the Columbia Ram 1000 | Stellantis.

Based on the bones of the Jeep Renegade and Compass, the Fiat Toro is a unique lifestyle truck unlike any other discussed here. One of the many differences from our eight models shown here is front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is an option. The electricity comes from a gas or diesel power station. The Toro is called Ram 700 in Mexico, and there are rumors that it will be marketed in the US to compete with the front-wheel-drive Ford Maverick. It is a beautiful truck, despite its limited payload.

Volkswagen Amarok

2018 Volkswagen Amarok Mid-size Pickup | VW

We think the Amarok will do well in the US. It is currently only available in Europe, South America and Africa. It is equipped with superior materials and features that make it a top-of-the-line truck. And his body on the frame. Besides the V6, four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines are also available. Since Ford and VW are collaborating on a new Ranger pickup, we’ll probably see the Amarok in the US at some point. We may have to wait until 2023, but we think it can happen.

Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible | Toyota

The Toyota Hilux is a work class truck. You’ll see it in newspapers around the world. It’s a very different truck than the Tacoma, but it has different engines. Besides the cockpit that is most often seen in news clips, there is also a version with one cockpit. The capacity of the tow truck is about 1000 pounds, and above that you will probably have to get a bigger and more expensive truck. Like Nissan, we believe the reason we have the Tacoma instead of the Hilux is due to the perception of Toyota’s marketers in the United States. And they can’t be wrong, because the Tacoma is selling very well in the United States.

Circle Hooks for Striped Bass

Stripper Fisher: From 1. In January 2021, hooks without offsets (current circle) must be used when fishing for striped bass with natural baits such as mussels, squid, mackerel, shad, sea worms and eel. The use of circle hooks significantly increases the survival rate of released striped bass by reducing the number of empty hooks.

Why do I need round hooks to catch striped bass on natural bait?

The use of non-displaced (set) round hooks significantly increases the survival rate of released striped bass. In particular, round hooks are designed to reduce the number of gut hooks described when a fish swallows a bait and the hook gets stuck in its stomach or esophagus. Studies have shown that hooks are the main cause of mortality in released fish.

What is a round hook?

A perimeter hook is defined as a non-impressed (enclosed) hook where the point is bent perpendicular to the shaft. This is different from a J-hook, where the point is parallel to the shaft. The term without skip or in-line means that the point and burr are in the same plane as the shank – in other words, the entire hook and burr must be flat.

How do circle hooks work?

When a striped bass swallows your bait, the round hook slips out of its throat and gets stuck in the corner of its jaw. The hook is set when the fish tries to escape.

How to use a round hook for a striped bass?

When the striped bass takes the hook, don’t move the rod to set the hook. Instead, let the line come up hard and fight the fish. The ring hook is designed to be set while the fish is trying to swim away.

What if I have gutted a fish?

If you use round hooks, you can occasionally gill a fish. In this case, cut the hook line as close as possible to the hook and leave it in the fish…..

How to catch and cast a bunker (menhaden, pogli) for a striped bass?

If you can hook a live bait, don’t let the bait float on the hook. Instead, bring it to the boat as quickly as possible and transfer it to a round hook.

What is the best size of round hook for striped bass?

The size of the circle hook you use for striped bass depends on the size of the bait. For larger baits, such as live menhaden (hoppers or pogos), an 8/0 round hook is ideal. For bait and live eels or spots a smaller 6/0 circle hook is suitable. Smaller baits such as sea worms can be attached to 2/0 round hooks. Use a bridle for larger baits when fishing for striped bass.

What else can I do to help the striped bass survive, catch and release?

  • Use hooks without a mushroom or tighten the mushroom.
  • Replace trebles on lures with single hooks.
  • Use equipment appropriate for the size of the fish and do not fight the fish until it is exhausted.
  • Keep the fish in the water when you take it out of the well.
  • If you must remove the fish from the water, use a rubber or soft scoop net.
  • Do not handle the fish with dry hands or a dry cloth.
  • Do not drag the fish over dry sand or rocks.
  • Hold the fish horizontally and support it.
  • Do not touch the gills or eyes of the fish.

frequently asked questions

What size hook for striped bass?

What size round hook is best for striped bass? The size of the circle hook you use for striped bass depends on the size of the bait. For larger baits, such as live menhaden (hoppers or pogos), an 8/0 round hook is ideal. For bait and live eels or spots a smaller 6/0 circle hook is suitable.

What is the size of the strip hooks?

The best hook size for catching small bottom fish is size 2/0, while the best hook size for catching large bottom fish is size 7/0.

What is the best position for striped bass?

Bait for striped bass based on bunker and herring (also known as dogfish or shad and feint shad respectively) is probably the most commonly used lure for striped bass, with herring not far behind. We combine these two types of fish because they are very similar and generally equally effective.

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What Does It Mean When an Engine Is a ‘Stressed Member’?

The design of a car or motorcycle goes far beyond its appearance. The suspension, the transmission, the engine – all this and more is part of the vehicle design. And when it comes to the engine, it’s not just about the number of cylinders or their relative position. It is also possible to use the bike as a load carrier. But what exactly does that mean, and why is it often considered an advantage?

You will often see motorcycles with reinforced frame parts

2021 Monster Ducati | Ducati

The result: Modern frames are considerably lighter and stiffer than conventional frames. Especially as aluminum and carbon fiber begin to replace heavier steel. But while the Ducati Monster will no longer have a trellis frame as of 2021, the new Panigal-built frame is still essentially a series of interlocking tubes, BikeDekho says. And from a purely physical point of view, the engine is essentially a metal tube, explains Revzilla.

That’s what it means when a bike is described as a stressed-out competitor, Cycle World explains. Instead of being attached to the motorcycle frame with engine mounts, the engine is part of the frame. It literally withstands some of the stresses of the frame, according to CarBikeTech. This makes the frame stiffer, making it sharper, Cycle World explains. And as a bonus, these benefits are achieved without sacrificing weight.

But an engine can be loaded into more than just a motorcycle frame.

Power source for the 1967 Lotus 49 R3 DFV | National Automobile Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

APPROPRIATE: What is the difference between car and engine maintenance?

The idea of the bike as a load carrier is not limited to bikes. Although less frequent, car engines can also be stressful. It is often found on race cars, such as the Lotus 49, or race car inspired vehicles.

For example, the Ferrari F50’s 4.7-liter V12 is bolted directly to the carbon fiber tube via metal subframes, Automobile reports. And in the case of the F50, it’s not the engine, it’s the transmission. The Bugatti Thoroughbred, like the originals, also uses the engine as a load carrier, reports Autoweek. So too is the Aston Martin Valkyrie, according to Autoweek.

2013 Tesla Model S map | Tesla

APPROPRIATE: There’s a very good reason why you don’t see three-wheeled ATVs anymore.

And it’s not just internal combustion engine cars that benefit from this idea. The Tesla Model S’s battery acts as a stress reliever, according to MotorTrend. This not only improves rigidity, but also lowers the center of gravity of the electric vehicle, further improving handling.

It has some drawbacks.

A motor as a tension component has many advantages, but also some disadvantages.

For motorcycles, this often complicates certain maintenance tasks, users of the subreddit r/motorcycles report. And if you apply too much pressure, you can damage the engine sump. In addition, these bikes are also more expensive to build.

APPROPRIATE: The Norton Commandos are a missed triumph for Bonneville’s rival.

These problems also apply to internal combustion engine vehicles operating under load, even with limited access, according to the Road & Track report. Cars also face a more intense version of another problem: Vibrations. The lack of rubber engine mounts means there is nothing to absorb engine vibration. Therefore, according to Petrolicius, the F50 is not the best choice for people with sciatica. Excessive vibration can be a problem on some bikes, but designers often take countermeasures to eliminate it.

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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Is the Perfect Used Truck for When You Don’t Really Need a Truck

Trucks are fun, cool and very capable, and while there are many trucks on the market that are true workhorses, the Honda Ridgeline is not. Sure, it has a decent trailer and is good at hauling stuff, but compared to most other trucks in its class, the Ridgeline seems like a bit of a show-off in a noisy crowd. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless. In fact, if you’re looking for a used truck and you really don’t need one, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is perfect.

The Honda Ridgelinedrives like a driver and looks like atruck.

The first-generation Honda Ridgeline, produced from 2006 to 2014, was already the underdog among trucks. It had one seat, double rear doors, a trunk with a cargo bed and a fold-down rear cab, which made it look a little less like a truck. But for the 2017 model year, Honda took the Ridgeline more seriously and made it look like a truck, with the chassis and interior of the Honda Pilot.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition | Honda

Sure, the platform seemed almost blasphemous to serious truck fans, and needless to say, the Ridgeline wasn’t really a competitor to heavier rivals like the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier, but we think it filled a void that the others didn’t. In contrast to the rough and bumpy ride of its competitors, the Ridgeline rides and handles really smoothly – thanks to the Pilot’s bearings and engine tuning – and offers plenty of pull for everyday use.

APPROPRIATE: The 2021 Honda Ridgeline has 3 underrated features.

The Honda Ridgelineis more than enough truck for mostbuyers.

If you’re currently in the market for a used truck and are tired of looking at the insane prices of older Tacomas, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline could be a great alternative. Under the hood is a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque that can pull up to 3,500 pounds in the front-wheel-drive version, and up to 5,000 pounds if you opt for the all-wheel-drive model. And we recommend you find one, because Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management System offers different driving modes for different terrains thanks to the system’s torque vectoring capability.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition | Honda

APPROPRIATE: Is the Honda Ridgeline unibody a better pickup truck?

Technical features aside, the interior of the Honda Ridgeline is a pleasant place to spend time. Those who find one of the higher trim levels of the RTL or Black Edition will enjoy features like leather seats, an acoustic windshield, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and a package of Honda Sensing features for driver assistance.

The RTL-E and Black Edition trim levels add a heated steering wheel, truck-based audio system and 400-watt inverter. And in case you were wondering, the Black Edition comes with black trim, black paint, black wheels and black headliner.

Interior shot of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition | Honda

APPROPRIATE: Is the 2021 Honda Ridgeline a reliable truck?

If you need a truck, but not really, the Honda Ridgeline may be the perfect.

As we can see, the Honda Ridgeline is not exactly a manufacturer’s dream in terms of complete equipment, nor is it an off-road queen. But the Ridgeline is a great pickup for the average person who needs the extra space for weekend transportation and the occasional trip to the hardware store plus light towing duties.

If you look at the used car market, you can currently find a 2017 Honda Ridgeline for $25,000 to $35,000 depending on the condition, location, and equipment level of the vehicle. A concrete example: If you’re looking for a reliable pickup truck that can be driven like a regular SUV on days you don’t need a truck, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline may be the perfect choice for you.

frequently asked questions

What is the best year for a Honda Ridgeline?

Consumer surveys of owners have shown the Honda Ridgeline of the 2010-2014 model years to be consistently reliable, scoring five out of five stars from 2011 to 2014. The 2009 Ridgeline received five stars and four out of five stars for the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 models.

2017 Honda Ridgeline – good truck?

2017 Honda Ridgeline Review The 2017 Honda Ridgeline scores well in our small but competitive compact pickup category. It has the most powerful base engine in its class, as well as a comfortable ride and a spacious interior.

How many miles would a Honda Ridgeline do?

Here’s the short answer to how long the Honda Ridgeline has lasted: As long as you don’t drive it too fast and maintain it properly, the Honda Ridgeline should last up to 300,000 miles.

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