Nutmobile Could Be The Best Car Job for A Non-Car Person

We all know and love the Wienermobile Oscar Mayer, but there aren’t that many of them. But there is another themed vehicle currently seeking drivers. It’s called Planters Nutmobile Truck (or whatever you want to call it), and it might be the best car ever built for a non-auto driver. This is a great opportunity to test your driving skills in one place.

Did you know there was a Nutmobile Planters?

A Planters Peanut Mobile | Heinz

Did you know there was a Nutmobile Planters? Neither do we, but it’s almost as cool as the Wienermobile, in a crazy way. It was designed in 1935 and is 26 feet long. We’d love to say it runs on peanut oil, but unfortunately it hasn’t been converted to this biofuel.

So what else can you do but drive a 26-foot peanut? Of course, you’re representing the company, so don’t do things by halves. You will be part of the three nut team. You’ll be the designated driver and also, sir. Peanut himself. They perform in public and volunteer at food banks. This way you have fun, learn PR first hand and can say you’ve ridden in a Nutmeg. Think of what an icebreaker would be at the bar? Hey, I like your hair. Did you know that my name is Peanut and I drive a Nutmeg?

Sowers takes young graduates and gives them a taste of direct public relations.

Planter Peanuts | Heinz

APPROPRIATE: Forget the Ferrari. Two Winermobiles for sale!

Becoming a peanut, as they are called, is a one-year position. Sowers take young colleges and give them a taste of direct public relations. You don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA or anything for this position. Oscar Mayer demands a score of 3.0 as one of the qualifications to ride in the Wienermobile.

Did you know that Oscar Mayer and Planters are both owned by the same company? Heinz, in 57 flavors, has both. So you’re not competing with the hot dogs, because you’re all together in a food-themed parade.

If you sign up for this portal before mid-February, you already have your foot in the door. Why not like this? From the pictures we’ve seen, it looks like there are a few nutmegs, so Planters is probably looking for a bunch of peanuts now that the COVID vaccination is happening. Maybe we’ll meet in 2021. You and Nutmeg will add much to these celebrations.