Night of the Thermal Hunt Part 4: Choosing the right thermal hunting location

This series is presented by ATN Corp, a leading provider of thermal imaging and night vision optics for the civilian market.

In this episode of Hot Spring Hunting, we look at the best ways to find a good place to hunt hot springs.

Real estate and hunting have one thing in common: The location is crucial. I know it’s a trite saying in the real estate market, but it will always be true in the hunting business. Just like finding the perfect spot for your trees during deer season, finding the perfect spot for hunting predators is incredibly important. When we went looking for hot springs, we didn’t take much time to scout our places in advance and paid the price on the spot.

You can think of many methods to scout from home first, such as. B. Google Maps or Google Earth are excellent starting points, but nothing beats a day with your boots on the ground. More often than not, we find that a place that at first glance has all the positive attributes is not suitable for night hunting. Some bugs that can ruin your living room, like. For example, a large shrub may not be visible in a satellite photo because of the age of the photo or the time of year it was taken.

Therefore, before we even set foot on the ground, we do extensive online work to find a number of potential locations using online mapping tools like OnX. Once we find potential candidates, we head out to map out our overnight itinerary, often choosing 5 or more locations for a trip.

In this video, we explain everything and more so you’re ready for a night of thermal hunting.

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