Mercury Marine’s New 600-HP Outboard Motor Is a Gentle Giant

Mercury has just released an epic new outboard with some of the most advanced innovations we’ve seen in the field to date. While it is a powerful beast, this V12 Verado is quieter and lighter than previous outboards. In fact, Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp outboard is a gentle giant.

V12 Verado outboard Mercury Marine

“It’s smoother and quieter than any other big outboard we’ve used.”


In a report published on the Boating Magazine website, Mr. Falvey recounts a test the Boating Mag team conducted with Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp V12 outboard. This new take on luxury boat performance reveals an entirely new technology that will undoubtedly have an everlasting impact on the marine industry. Here’s what we know about the V12 Verado outboard.

According to Boating magazine, Mercury Marine’s new 600-horsepower outboard is very powerful. The team has used the V12 Verado engine in six boats. These include boats such as a 46-foot center console, a 50-foot cruiser and a 40-foot bowrider.

The new V12 Verado outboard will change everything.

“Based on this experience on the water, I believe this new Mercury engine will change the landscape of large outboards.”


Mercury Marine’s 600-horsepower V12 outboard engine is the first of its kind to be equipped with a two-speed transmission. The V12 Verado engine is a 12-cylinder system with a displacement of 7.6 liters. Despite its large displacement, it has a sleek, modern design.

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With revolutionary boat engine technology and intelligent design, it’s no surprise that the V12 Verado engine is classified as a luxury at its best. It’s so smooth and quiet, testers were amazed by its performance. Plus, it doesn’t have to run at full speed. Only the submerged elements of Mercury Marine’s new V12 outboard engine move through the turns.

Thanks to this innovation, the Verado’s V12 engine delivers high performance even in tight spaces. Sure, it’s great to make it open in the open sea. But it’s now much easier to navigate in and out of port.

Mercury Marine’s new V12 outboard is a gentle giant.

While the appeal of the 600 horsepower of a luxury V12 outboard is obvious due to its sheer power, this beast has another trick up its sleeve. But it’s not just that power that’s exciting. Mercury Marine’s new V12 outboard is a gentle giant.

“From the helm, both on the dock and at sea, the V12-600 exudes a sense of authority unmatched by any other boat we have tested.”


a closer view of the dual prop bottom turning half of the new Verado outboard motor Verado 600hp V12 outboard Mercury Marine

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Not only is it fast and powerful, it is also very well thought out. With such attention to detail, the V12 Verado is a sleek and graceful outboard. It is easy to maneuver and offers a smooth ride that is second to none.

What is the speed of the new Verado outboard?

Although the specific boat configuration for the engine you use will affect top speed, we see speeds in excess of 70-75 mph. But speed is not the only thing appealing here. The new Verado outboard has a two-speed transmission for more thrust and excitement on the water.

Whether you enjoy boating, cruising or sightseeing, this engine is a game changer. And Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp V12 outboard is going to make all the difference. We can’t wait for the high season to start again.

an elevated view of a boat at speed running four verado outboard motors Four Verado | Mercury Marine engines

Frequently asked questions

What is the largest outboard engine made by Mercury?

Mercury’s 600-hp V-12 Verado. The world’s largest outboard has prompted yacht builders to design new models around it.

What is the life span of mercury motors?

Mercury engines claim to last thousands of miles, but as with all engines, it comes down to care, maintenance and use. With proper care and cleaning, Mercury outboard engines can last over 2,000 or even 3,000 hours of operation.

What is the lightest 10 hp outboard?

Mercury News Mercury Marine introduces the new 9.9hp TwoStroke outboard, the lightest in its class – an ultra-lightweight, compact and portable engine that delivers exceptional performance.