Maverick Owners Can 3D Print Their Own Accessories

Do you own a Maverick for your hunting rifle? If so, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Mausersys is now providing 3D printing services for Maverick owners. The company is the first to provide 3D printing services for hunting accessories, and it’s doing so by using a unique platform that allows for the rapid prototyping of nylon accessories.

Ever wished you could print your own earbuds or other electronics, but didn’t want to pay for an expensive 3D printer? If that’s the case, you’re in luck! A talented YouTuber has designed a 3D printer that costs around $250 to print your headphones, and you can customize the parts to your liking. (via 101 How To’s)

While 3D printing is currently used by hobbyists and businesses to make prototypes and production parts, there are hope for the future. While there are limitations to the technology, 3D printing in the next five years will be a household name. Companies will begin producing accessories, such as iPhone cases, that are easily manufactured using 3D printers.

Maverick owners will be able to design and 3D print bespoke accessories, according to a Ford official. Ford will also offer in-house-designed plans that are compatible. There were a few interesting details revealed, and there will be more in the future. The ramifications are fascinating, and the possibilities are limitless.

The Ford Maverick’s unique accessory system is modular.

Ford 3D printed cup holder

The Ford Maverick features the Ford Integrated Tether System, or FITS, which is a dynamic storage solution. An inconspicuous slot lies on the rear of the Maverick’s center consul. The slot is intended to hold a variety of storage and organizing items.

The FITS technology has already piqued the interest of Maverick fans. Other models that might use the storage method have sparked speculation. This small feature is generating a lot of interest among prospective Maverick owners who want to personalize their vehicle’s interior.

Ford has some ideas in mind, but custom designs are welcome.

A red-orange 2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat hybrid pickup truck on a paved road

Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat 2022 | Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat 2022 | Ford Maverick 2L-Eco

Ford offers a number of FITS system accessories for purchase straight from the company. Buyers of the Maverick should choose the optional package to get a range of interchangeable FITS products. Those with access to a 3D printer may build their own set of accessories. New designs are on the way, according to a Ford official.

“With the #FordMaverick FITS (Ford Integrated Tether System) slot, you can 3D print DIY things, like cupholders, a storage bin, a cable organizer, and under-seat storage dividers,” Ford Director of Communications Mike Levine said on Twitter. More is in the works! ”

3D printers have been used to make vehicle accessories since the technology was first introduced. Table holders, flower pots, and other items may be found with a simple online search. With the support of the automaker, the process of developing suitable accessories is sped up and simplified.

The future ramifications are fascinating.

Blue oval Ford logo

SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images | Ford Logo

The at-home DIY industry has been transformed by 3D printing. Using this technology, designers may now manufacture plastic components at home more easily than ever before. Then, using some careful geometry, customers may rebuild damaged or missing components on their own, saving time and money on obtaining them from suppliers.

A new perk of the post-3D printing era is a carmaker encouraging customers to build their own accessories. The possibility of releasing copyrighted designs to the public in order to enable bespoke developments suggests a bright future. Global businesses are gradually adopting more open-source ideas. Some interesting changes may occur if these concepts continue to impact consumer goods.

At the moment, at-home 3D printing is best suited to smaller, light-duty items. Every substance has been utilized in industrial and laboratory applications, from carbon fiber to edible proteins. Home units will continue to become more cost-effective and adaptable. It’s quite probable that vehicle owners will be able to download and print component specs at home.

The unique accessories created by Maverick owners are likely to be a hit. Vehicle owners with comparable modular systems have already created useful and creative 3D printed additions. From the handmade cup holders to the tiny hybrid truck’s design, everything about it is innovative. The automobile industry’s partnership with at-home 3D printing is on a promising path.

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