Mansory Just Ruined a Perfectly Good Ford GT40 – Again

Modifying cars, trucks and motorcycles is one of the best parts of being a gearhead. Hot rods, shredders and cars with sunroofs have such a long and rich history that it really sucks when it’s done poorly or just tacky. Making the Buick LeSabre uglier with ugly modifications is one thing, but mutilating a Ford GT40, which is almost perfect anyway, is really a shame.

What has Mansory done to the Ford GT40?

Mansory is a German tuning house specializing in very high-end models. Unfortunately, he decided to look at three Ford GT40s. According to Car and Driver, Mansory will unveil the Mansory, a supercar based on the Ford GT40, in June 2020.

The motoring world was anything but satisfied with what had become of the beautiful GT40. It’s warm blue, studded with carbon fiber, a massive fender, and cartoon wheels that fold up to something a nine-year-old would do in Forza. Mansory lacks taste and discretion in every way. Well, the Germans have done it again.

The Mansory #1 | Mansory

Mansory opened the second of three cartoonists last Friday. This new model is essentially the same as the first. Like the Walmart blue of the first Le Mansory, the second continues the Walmart theme with a black/grey/red combination that looks more like a Fire Scorpion BMX than a modified supercar.

The second Le Mansory seems dubious at best.

The GT40 was once encased in a carbon fiber body with many new angles and exaggerated features that made it look more like a sci-fi toy than a real car. The new bumper gives the face a Groucho Marks look with a raised eyebrow above the headlights.

The Mansory #2 ? Mansory

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The only two interesting design elements on the Le Mansory #2 are the two roof vents (I love roof vents) and the three-way exhaust on the rear. Even the exhaust, as cool as it is, is not very original. If you compare the rear of the Le Mansory to the rear of the Pagani Huire, you’ll see some similarities.

How did the facility get there?

About the same… Car and Driver mentions that all interior panels have been restored and repainted, along with the seats, to match the original BMX bike paint. The seats and door panels are wrapped in a wicked red that resembles the glowing eyes of Autozone’s Cobra gear knob. Behind the sticky seats is a modified version of the Ford GT40’s 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6. Mansory says it will make 700 hp the second time around and reach a top speed of 220 mph, 4 mph faster than the Ford version.

Le Mansory #2 ? Mansory

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If for some reason you want one of these cars instead of a real Ford GT40….

Fortunately, they are quite limited. According to Mansory, there will only be three cars from these video games. If for some reason you want it, it’s not clear if this second copy is said, but the first is currently available for purchase.

Yes, you can have your own Le Mansory for the low price of $2.1 million. I don’t even know how to answer that question, so I’ll leave it here for you to ponder. In case you, dear reader, need any more food for thought, here are the prices of four current Ford GT40s. You can have this thing or literally a Ford GT40 for every day of the weekend, with two left over.

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