Man Gets a Speed Camera Ticket For Gloating About Not Speeding

With speed cameras becoming increasingly common in the United States, let’s take a closer look at the driving conditions of many Europeans. Speed camera fines are becoming nonsense for many drivers, here and abroad. But our friends on the other side of the Atlantic have been dealing with this problem for much longer, which makes their disdain for these menacing cameras even more understandable. Recently, one of these cameras issued a fine for actions when the speed limit was not exceeded.

Speed cameras always keep an eye on you, even when you’re not speeding.

According to LadBible, Ben Baron threw two rabbits at a speed camera in Lancashire, England, to celebrate being slow enough not to get a fine and to raise money to pay his fine.

Ben Baron celebrates not speeding by disabling speed camera | LadBible

Last December, on his way to work, Baron approached a known speed trap in an area where he had already received a ticket. Instead of a speeding ticket, he received a ticket for taking both hands off the wheel to make a gesture and for not being in control of the vehicle.

Not celebrating speeding is just as bad as speeding, I think…..

The total fine for not driving is three points on your licence and £100. However, the maximum possible fine is £1,000. Although the situation is a bit ridiculous, Baron is in high spirits and has a good joke up his sleeve.

Tweet from Baron.

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It’s a known hotspot where the cameras are. I knew I was under the limit because I had been there before, he continued. It’s at the top of the hill and if you turn the corner, you can see the van. I saw it and was glad I wasn’t speeding. He continued to give the man the finger, laughing and smiling. I’m sure he took it personally and rewound his tape to see what was going on.

Boys will be boys

LadBible mentions that Baron took his job as a software developer and had nothing on his mind but some well-deserved holiday bird shit when he showed up for work. After receiving a letter in the mail notifying him of the infraction and resulting punishment, Baron said he was moved to tears when he saw the photo of his expressive vacation.

Baron then decided to compound the absurdity of it all by starting a GoFundMe campaign to pay the fine and, more importantly, get other people involved in the prank. This is a clear case of I give them the finger with both hands. That is somewhat commendable. It’s so funny. I’m happy to pay the fine. Clearly unfazed, he continued: I think if you look on the internet, the maximum fine for this offence is £1000. I decided to start a GoFundMe. I hope people with a sense of humor [will donate]. I’ll pay the fine and give the rest to charity if there’s any left. What a legend.

According to LadBible, Baron has received many positive and humorous reviews, ranging from jokes to advice against the charge. Baron says in the interview that he doesn’t really want to fight, and even if he did, he’s aware that he just did what he was accused of and is content with that.

Baron said: I’ve had [funny reactions] online and people telling me how to handle it, but I don’t think they knew the whole story. I can’t argue with that. In reality, I don’t think I’ll get away with it because I did it.

frequently asked questions

Are speed cameras allowed to flash if you are not driving too fast?

Yes, if this radar uses the flash to register and capture a fast moving vehicle. All radars are not equipped with a flash. So to answer your question, we need to know what kind of radar we’re talking about.

Can you get a ticket from a speed camera?

The average speed is obtained by measuring the time it takes a heavy vehicle to travel between two points and then calculating the average speed of the vehicle. If the average speed of the vehicle exceeds the permitted length of the road, the driver will receive a speeding ticket.

How to avoid a speeding ticket with a photo?

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