Looking for a Used Car? Here’s Another Reason to Hate Dealers

Dealers are notorious for being shady, but they’re also notoriously difficult to find. Here’s how you can find a good dealer in your area without the hassle of trying to track them down.

The the truth about used car dealers is a blog post that highlights the many reasons why people should hate dealing with dealerships.

There are many reasons to hate auto dealerships, but this was never one of them. You’re aware that secondhand automobiles are in high demand, right? Because they can’t obtain new vehicles, even rental car companies are purchasing them. Because new vehicles are in high demand and come at a high price, this is the case. However, auto dealers are now so desperate for used cars that they’ve converted their salespeople into purchasers. 

Dealership salespeople are turning becoming used vehicle purchasers.

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Some dealerships reward their salesmen for locating used vehicles. According to Automotive News, some dealers compensate their salespeople between $200 and $400 each vehicle. As a result, you’ll have to compete with dealerships for that coveted secondhand Prius. Or the Ford F-150. 

This is another more reason to despise auto dealerships. Automotive News spoke with one dealer who boasted about a salesman who found ten cars in May and profited $40,000 selling them. Hey, we’re fine for everyone earning money, but the nice stuff is probably already gone, so you won’t be able to get it. 

Buying old vehicles from the street, according to one vendor, is “the wisest thing I’ve done in 20 years.” As a result of the scarcity, secondhand vehicle retailers are in a frenzy. Forget about private customers searching for a personal vehicle. There’s more, however.

Some dealers refuse to sell to out-of-town customers unless they have a trade-in vehicle.

A group of people at a car dealership shopping for a new car

| Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images potential vehicle buyers

Some dealerships make it more difficult for out-of-town customers to visit them. Some dealers demand out-of-towners to have a good trade-in before they may buy anything from their lot, in order to favor their local clients. Locals are prioritized in the aim of gaining their repair business afterwards. 

And there is a scarcity. Some dealerships have just 15-20% of what they would usually have on their properties. Some dealership groups have gone from supplying 1,000 vehicles to their different lots to just a few hundred. 

Some dealerships are pressuring leasees to return their vehicles early. They have a built-in source, with the majority of them offering service. When a client comes in for an oil change, they start working on them in order to sell them something. 

Dealerships are even easing up on their low-mileage standards, accepting cars with 100,000 miles.

Potential car shoppers walk around Charles Hurst Usedirect used car dealership on Boucher Road

Car buyers at a showroom | PA Images/Liam McBurney via Getty Images

In other instances, for the first time, dealerships have more cars on their lots with over 100,000 kilometers. And the vehicles that dealers do have are being held for a shorter period of time. “Even with that modest increase in inventory levels, used average days on market continue to decrease, demonstrating the ongoing strength in demand for used vehicles,” said Kevin Roberts, CarGurus’ director of industry insights and analytics. 

We are now in the middle of June, and we are starting to witness a gradual decline in vehicle sales. Perhaps we’ve finally reached the pinnacle of the wholesale pricing market. However, this does not imply that prices will begin to plummet. 

Many believe that when it does arrive, it will be more of a trickle. Meanwhile, dealers are speculating on a variety of methods to get additional vehicles. There may now be greater built-in equity than when the lease was drafted, according to the seller. As a result, there may be market-driven reactions that benefit the car owner. So, at least for the time being, it is a seller’s market.

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What should you not say to a used car dealer?

You should not say anything to a used car dealer.

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Car dealerships are the worst because they take advantage of peoples desires to own a car. They make it seem like owning a car is easy and simple, but in reality there are many things that come with buying a car that most people dont think about.

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