Land Rover Is Crazy For Not Making These

The Land Rover has it all wrong. The SUV is from a pickup truck. Like a Chevy Suburban. It’s just a Silverado van. It has always been derived from a pickup truck. But Land Rover doesn’t make pickup trucks. Well, why not? Land Rover is crazy not to make them.

When you install an SUV, you have most of the expensive tools at your disposal.

Land Rover Custom Pickup | VA-K

If you customize an SUV, you have the most expensive tools to pick up and create another revenue segment. It’s always good to have more money when you’re in business. And it probably made sense that day, having made a few in the last few decades. The 110 and the Defender had pickup options.

And they build beautiful pickups, as you can see in this unique piece. It comes in via Mexico. VA-K Innovation assembled this LR4 in five months. In the age of pickup truck craziness, doing something seems like a no-brainer.

VA-K mixed existing leaves to make this type of plant fresh.

Land Rover custom pickup front 3/4 view Land Rover Custom Pickup | VA-K

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Based in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, it looks like the guys at VA-K did a fantastic job. The LR4 is an integrated body-on-frame platform, so VA-K used as many original parts as possible to stretch it out a bit. Then they blended in the existing sheet metal to make it look like a factory production.

The rear doors have been modified to remove the relief from the wheel openings. The filler hole above the rear liftgate is standard on the rear of the LR4. The tailgate is largely the same as that of the SUV. Numerous body modifications have been made to achieve maximum effect without thinking too much about the wheels. Or in this case, the LR4.

The inside of the bed had to be made ….

Land Rover custom pickup bed Land Rover Custom Pickup | VA-K

The interior of the bed had to be completely personalized. So the VA-K was designed the old-fashioned way and complemented with a wooden floor and chromed metal rails, matching the Land Rover Vibe. Gray/green paint is an excellent choice.

This Land Rover Flavour is equipped with a 370-hp 5.0-liter V8, so it’s not exactly fashionable. But that’s not the point. And you can always switch to a turbo or compressor to get more power out of the V8. VA-K wouldn’t say how much it cost, but they told Drive that they would do one more if the customer comes.

Now the first one realized that the next one would probably take less time. It’s kind of a “pioneer dies with arrows in his back” thing. Let the first guy pay all the money, and everything that follows, and everything that follows, is based on the value and experience of the first guy. Better yet, why doesn’t Land Rover start producing a pickup that puts the company at the forefront of pickup excellence?

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