Kia’s $50,000 Donation to One High School is Just The Beginning

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In an effort to boost interest in the outdoors, Kia recently donated $50,000 to One High School, a nonprofit that works with students and teachers to create small sustainability projects at their school. The money was given to provide grants for students and teachers to make plans to build and install eco-friendly projects in and around the school. One of the projects involves students planting vegetation in the school’s garden to create a living classroom.

Kia chose a high school in a Chicago suburb from which to give $50,000 to do virtually anything it wanted. (The school selected a number of projects, like a vegetable garden and an athletic field.) Kia plans to give away a total of $1 million to high schools across the country. Stance is a tool for writing. It helps you create an outline, draft, revise, and polish your college application essay. Stance has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and many other publications. PopTent is a community of writers who wish to build better habits of writing.

Last year, Kia Motors did its best too. They announced amazing sales figures and not only broke their own sales records, but gradually began to dominate many areas of the market. The automaker isn’t limiting itself to sales, however, as its latest Accelerate Good initiative is just the beginning of its relief efforts. This is a great start for Kia, and not their first initiative to give something back to the community.

Accelerator material

Kia’s latest campaign is all about helping the community. The emphasis is not necessarily on the car salesmen, which makes the gesture even more sincere. Whether it’s the Sunday commercials or the well-crafted Super Bowl ads (well, not this year), Kia has always shown an interest in football, or at least the culture of sports. Maybe that’s why they decided to give something back to the next generation of football players by supporting American high school football programs.

Kia Seltos 2021 in action | Kia

Kia returns

Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, New Jersey, will receive a generous $50,000 donation from Kia this year. The money will be used to support the school’s football program, which was discontinued last season due to budget cuts. With Accelerate the Good, Kia hopes to help as many high school football programs as possible get back on their feet after being hit hard by COVID-19.

We admire the determination and dedication of the Woodrow Wilson Tigers team and look forward to honoring other outstanding young people across the country who simply want to play the game they love.

Russell Wager, Vice President of Marketing, Kia Motors America

Woodrow Wilson High School is the first of many schools to receive a gift for generational support from Kia, money the company recently reallocated. Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising during the Super Bowl, that money is used to fund these programs. Instead of supporting a big industry, Kia wants to support the next generation of athletes by putting the money where it is really needed.

Green Kia Sorento Yosemite Edition 2021 | Kia

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There’s more where that came from

In the coming weeks, Kia will announce other high schools that will receive an equally large donation, but that’s not the only way the company is helping. The Accelerate the Good campaign actually launched in 2019 and has already helped millions of Americans. These include programs such as the Great Unsung Scholarship, which aims to give disadvantaged youth access to higher education.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kia made not one, but two individual donations totaling $1 million to programs to help American homeless youth. It’s not just a financial donation: The company’s volunteers worked tirelessly to assemble the PPE and deliver 550,000 face shields to medical facilities and hospitals across the country.

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For a major automaker like Kia, it’s a real initiative to develop programs that not only focus on the target audience, but also on the next generation of drivers and their future.

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