Kia UVO Link Shutdown Plagues Owners for Days

Nowadays it seems like everyone always has a mobile phone at hand. It’s no surprise then that car manufacturers are trying to find ways to integrate your car’s technology with your mobile phone, and for Kia that means UVO Link. While the UVO Link app has come in handy for many Kia owners, several models have experienced glitches over the past few days, and we don’t know when everything will return to normal, or if data will be deleted in the meantime.

What is the relationship with WVU?

If you don’t own a Kia, you’ve probably never heard of UVO ink. The application is used to control your technical devices, such as. B. a mobile phone or tablet, connect it to your car, and you can do a number of things. From a safety perspective, you can use UVO Link to locate your vehicle in a parking lot, lock and unlock it remotely, or receive notifications about drivers and passengers in the back seat once the vehicle is parked.

In addition to security, the UVO-Link can connect to your Amazon Alexa account, so you can use other Amazon Alexa devices to manage all these smart security features. Your child forgot his schoolbook in the car, but you are busy with dinner? This feature means you only need an Alexa device in your kitchen to hear the command to unlock the car, and you’re ready to go, hands-free. With all the convenience that UVO-Link offers, it’s not hard to see why homeowners are upset that the system doesn’t work – and hasn’t for days.

Preview interior of the 2021 Kia Forte GT | Kia

System errors

Kia’s UVO Link system is a very interesting feature, and while it’s a luxury that may seem a bit excessive, it’s easy to imagine how something so simple can prove to be a significant improvement to our daily lives. A few days ago, Kia owners on the Telluride forum started reporting problems with a faulty access, and apparently this isn’t the first time this problem has occurred. We have contacted Kia to ask when the system will come back online and if they should be concerned about losing data if the UVO link does not work.

Kia logo on a 2020 K900 | Photo via Kia

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Multiple failures in new technology

Although we have become accustomed to all the advanced features and high-tech elements of our modern cars, the technology is still relatively new. Many drivers, some of whom even grew up without cell phones or technology, easily feel the discomfort of losing the ability to use UVO connectivity with their Kia vehicles, it will likely be brought back online as soon as possible.

The Kia Sedona | Gene Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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So far, owners have expressed concern about data loss during the UVO connection interruption. Without a response from Kia on the matter, owners aren’t too happy to wait and see if and when the system will be back in operation.

frequently asked questions

How long is the uvo free?

The intelligence of Kia WVU and what you need to know WVU Lite a new Kia vehicle eligible for free for 5 years.

Can uvo track my car?

Find my car while your family fights, WVU saves the day. Call up the location tracker in the Kia Access app to find out exactly where you can find your Kia.

How do I reset the UVO on my Kia?

Where is the reset button on the UVO? –

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