Jaguar Trouble? Killing 5 Models Before 2025

We don’t know if this will help or hurt Jaguar, but the company announced today that it will phase out all cars with gasoline engines by 2025. For starters, this means the new XJ, which was supposed to come out this year and go into production in 2022, is dead. There are also plans to develop a small electric Jaguar. Doesn’t this look like a Jaguar? A struggling jaguar?

Lesser jaguars

2021 Jaguar F-Type R | Jaguar

I would love to build smaller Jaguars, Jaguar designer Julian Thompson told Auto Express. When I think about what’s happening in the world, I’d like to build smaller, more fuel-efficient cars that have all the values that Jaguar has. It’s beautiful to look at, has a fantastic interior and is just a great car. I wish I could build cars like that.

There had to be some kind of common platform under the auspices of Jaguar/Land Rover. The SUVs will be equipped with both the company’s MLA hybrid platform and Jag and Land Rover’s EMA electric platforms. With the Jaguar, all electricity went out the window. Jaguar will have different platforms. That’s why the XJ was an axe.

TheXJ does not match our newpositioning.

Jaguar C-X75 | Getty

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The XJ does not fit with our new positioning, said Thierry Bolloré, head of Jaguar and Land Rover. It was a difficult decision, but an important one. The new plan for this is called Reimagine.

The XJ is supposed to be an all-electric luxury sedan – exactly where Reimagine’s plan seems to be heading. If the XJ is part of the new plan, why isn’t it part of it? Especially when the design and development is complete and the prototypes are actually tested? The XJ program is far from changing the game.

The Jaguarremains a passenger car, while the Land Rover becomes aSUV.

Jaguar Land Rover | Jaguar Land Rover

It also means that Jaguar will stick to cars, while Land Rover will become an SUV brand. It seems that all automakers have moved to SUVs, leaving Jaguar in a precarious position. Even Ferrari drives an SUV. Tesla seems to be the target of Jaguar, as it plans to build its own 3 and Y models.

Jaguar is already completing construction of a massive battery manufacturing plant at Hams Hall in North Warwickshire. It is expected to be commissioned this year and has a capacity of 150,000 batteries per year. So this part of his current plans coincides with Reimagine.

Land Rover has suffered setbacks in recent years

2021 Land Rover | Land Rover

As Land Rover has failed in recent years, Jaguar is under pressure. Jaguar Land Rover was forced to reduce the number of employees and abandon investment opportunities in order to still make a profit. Part of the problem with the Land Rover is its diesel engine, which is less popular with customers. Quality problems have also affected the brand.

The situation in the automotive industry has changed rapidly in recent times. These are just the latest developments as manufacturers adapt to stricter emissions regulations and consumer demands. In less than five years, the automotive landscape will look remarkably different.

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