Is Ford Active-ly Planning To Bring the Fusion Back To the US?

By the mid-2020s, there was only one sedan left in the American Ford lineup, the Fusion. But now that it’s gone, the Mustang is the only remaining passenger car in the blue oval. But even before Fusion was cancelled, there were rumors that he would return. But if it is, it won’t be a sedan.

Ford may resurrect the Fusion as astation wagon/crossover.

Even before the Fusion was officially dead, we were hearing rumors that Ford might bring it back. Not as a sedan, but as a crossover/station wagon, reports Autoblog. In fact, it’s the Ford version of the Subaru Outback and Crosstrek. And the name of this hypothetical car would be the Ford Fusion Active.

The Ford Fusion Active was originally planned for the 2022 model year, reports Autoweek. However, given the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry as a whole, this estimate seems unlikely, according to the Car and Driver report.

But that was before spy photos of a heavily camouflaged Ford hatchback/station wagon were posted online. And from a new set of leaked photos, it looks like the Ford Fusion Active is making progress, reports Autoblog. Of course, Ford has not officially commented on these photos. However, if they show a future Fusion wagon/crossover, a 2021 release date is still possible, according to Car and Driver.

Will there really be a Ford Fusion Active?

2019 Ford Focus Active | Ford

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Ford’s idea of turning one of its sedans into a forklift/crossover is not far fetched. This isn’t even new. Outside the U.S., Ford sells an improved Focus van, the Focus Active. And according to Top Gear, it’s even better than a crossover.

However, Ford Authority suspects that the camouflaged car in the photos is not necessarily the upcoming Ford Fusion Active. The website reports that the specific camouflage pattern will not be used for North American prototypes, but for those marketed internationally. According to engine officials, it could also be a stretched version of the Focus platform. This could explain the shape of the tailgate, which is not exactly the same as the prototype driverless car that broke in early 2020.

2019 Ford Focus Active 3/4 rear view | Ford

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Even if Ford brings the Fusion back to the US in some form, it may not be called the Fusion Active. Ford registered the Stormtrak brand in early 2020, reports Roadshow, which has yet to appear on any Ford cars. At the time, a company spokesman said Ford often filed trademarks to protect new (or existing) phrases, designs or symbols, not necessarily to indicate new business or production plans.

What we don’t know yet.

As of yet, Ford has not officially confirmed whether the Fusion Active will come to the United States. Or if he even has plans to build such a car.

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When the Fusion Lift station wagon/crossover comes to market, it will likely be offered with a range of gasoline and hybrid engines, reports MotorTrend. All-wheel drive is practically standard or optional. The price of the car and driver is between $30,000 and $40,000.

Let’s hope Ford releases credible information soon, if only to end the speculation.

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frequently asked questions

Will Ford build a 2021 Fusion?

Although Ford has announced that it will stop using the Fusion in 2021, the company has also said that it plans to continue using the name in the future. With the addition of Fusion StormTrak, the Fusion name continues seamlessly.

Is the Ford Fusion on the decline?

Ford announced back in 2018 that it would be retiring all of its sedans, which was accomplished with the retirement of the Fusion. The Focus, Fiesta and Taurus have also disappeared from the scene, leaving the compact crossover Ecosport as Ford’s entry-level model.

Will Ford kill the Fusion?

Ford Motor Co plans to kill off its slow-selling Fusion sedan but keep the name to pair with the sports car it is developing to take on Subaru’s popular Outback, according to people familiar with the automaker’s plans. The Fusion name will likely be retained when the sedan is launched early next decade, a spokesman said.

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