Hyundai Tiger: Is It A Car Or A Cyborg?

What is it? It has wheels and legs, or at least something that looks like legs. Is it inhabited? No. Is it programmed? Let’s see if the Hyundai Tiger is a car, a robot or a cyborg?

All-terrain robot with four legs and walking

Hyundai TIGER Concept of autonomous robot driving on very rough terrain | Hyundai

He is described as an all-terrain robot with four legs and a walker. It is designed to carry a payload over difficult terrain or in weather conditions dangerous to people. Hyundai says disaster relief or scientific research will be other activities.

With its system of legs and motorized wheels, it can handle almost any surface. And this, with a capacity of 360 degrees. It has no front or back. Tiger can extend his legs to go into four-wheel drive. But when the terrain gets too difficult, the legs stretch out to guide Tigers across impossible surfaces. There is an electric motor behind each wheel. Hyundai received support from Autodesk for the development of the Tiger.

Robotics and artificial intelligence as a means of business diversification

Hyundai TIGER autonomous robotic platform | Hyundai

Last year, Hyundai said it wanted to explore other forms of transportation. He is currently working on a van that can act as an urban taxi, similar to an unmanned aircraft. Robotics and artificial intelligence are a way to diversify the business. It wants to specialize in the mobility of the future.


Last year, it opened New Horizons Studios in Mountain View, California. It then acquired an 80% majority stake in Boston Dynamics, a company that has specialized in robotics for many years. Hyundai has established technical centres in several countries. These centers, called Robotic Augmented Design Centers in Live Experience or CRADLE. They are based in Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Israel, Berlin and Beijing.

Hyundai’s specially designed vehicles are called TIGER X-1.

Hyundai TIGER autonomous robot concept | Hyundai

APPROPRIATE: Hyundai truly believes that flying taxis will take off.

This is Hyundai’s second purpose-built vehicle, the TIGER X-1. It is developing the Elevate concept, which was first unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Elevate is a similar means of transportation, but for people. It looks like a race car and has four legs and wheels attached to a capsule that can hold passengers.

Elevate is developed in collaboration with the Sundberg-Ferar design studio. It is designed to help transport people in the event of a disaster. TIGER, on the other hand, is not inhabited. Although in this configuration, it’s hard to say it would be too small for people. Hyundai sees this small size as an advantage, as it facilitates movement in the event of a disaster. He can provide supplies, medicine, or perhaps food.

This can easily be extended if required

Hyundai TIGER Autonomous Robot Concept | Hyundai

The obvious use would be somewhere like the moon or Mars, and it seems it was really meant for that. Its small size allows it to be transported by rocket or drone to a limited area or planet. Depending on whether they are terrestrial or extraterrestrial, of course. And it can easily be expanded to meet the needs of specific applications.

One of the main ideas in its development was that it could be done with the 3D printing technology available today. That is, they are cheap, strong and yet light. One can imagine a kit with parts and a 3D printer that can be installed anywhere. Once he gets there, he can flip the Tigers until his parts hold. Hyundai is also considering a variant of the Tiger that can be used as a wheelchair aid. The possibilities seem endless.

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