How To Work From Your RV In 2021

Work 9 to 5, go 65

Like millions of other Americans, you plunged into work at home. Instead of a brick office, you want a home office with wheels. In your video conferences, you want to be the one with the picturesque background, or the one whose career doesn’t look like a job. You want to know how to work on your van.

To learn how to operate your RV, consider all possible scenarios. While we all imagine ourselves in our North Face gear on a lake with 100MB of internet, that’s not always the case. You must be able to deal with problems such as weak or broken connections, background noise, poor lighting and temperature fluctuations.

You can also learn about the many accessories available to expand your computer or desktop. We can help you prepare by discussing the most important questions you will ask yourself when learning to operate your RV.

Preparing the conveyor for operation

As you prepare to work from your van, think about the big picture. Which items are necessary, which would be good to have, and which are not at all appropriate for your situation. Use different colors to make the list more readable. So red can be essential, green can be for the things you love, and Burnt Sienna is somewhere in between.


What type of computer do you need?

Graphic designers have different computer needs than editors. But maybe you need a computer powerful enough to cool down and take on hordes of ogres in your favorite video game. Do you usually need something portable or stationary? Do you need extra space to connect your monitor, keyboard, mouse or other devices? To decide how you want to work from your RV, you should first look at the following equipment:

  • 2-in-1 Hybrids for Tablets/Laptops
  • Laptop Computers
  • Minicomputer
  • Offices
  • Guided tours

How do you connect to the Internet?

If you are staying in your RV primarily at campgrounds, most campgrounds have a Wi-Fi network that you can use. The problem is that most campsites have a connection point in the office. If your pitch is at the back of the property, you will find it difficult to access it. If many guests use the network, the speed will also decrease.

The best way to access the internet for a recreational vehicle is via satellite or a data access point on a 4 or 5G mobile phone for your use. In combination with a wireless router and data accelerator, connection problems are rare. The accelerator is a one-time fee that must be paid at the time of purchase. It amplifies weak signals. Satellite and mobile data plans have low monthly rates. Assuming your mobile phone also has hotspots, purchasing a second stand-alone hotspot on an alternative mobile network is a smart idea for those who absolutely cannot live without connectivity.

You can ask your RV Service Centre to install a data network in your coach. Your online needs are different from those of a family vacation. You need a stronger and more reliable network. An internet connection is vital for businesses (check with your tax advisor about the impact of this expense on your income tax at the end of the year).

How will you keep your computer safe?

If you want to know how to work on your recreational vehicle, you also need to know how to protect yourself. You will want to subscribe to security software. There is a lot of conflicting information on how to secure your computer, coming from Nigerian princes and computer scientists who know how to penetrate your computer. Remember, even if you are employed by a company, you are responsible for your own computer.

Choose a software package that is up to date with the latest piracy trends, has numerous protection mechanisms and offers good customer support in case the worst happens. There are free services available, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, let the experts take care of your computer security so you can concentrate on your work. This is why your company has an IT department. Call the company’s IT department for recommendations.

How will you work with your entourage?

If you’re not a lone camper, you might have a partner, kids or even a furry toddler running around while you try to concentrate. The headphones work fine. If you like background music, it can help block out outside noise. Many TV sets can also be connected via Bluetooth headsets.

I’m sure you all agree that this time is spent working and studying. There are training techniques that will prevent your cat from jumping on your table. Your dog will get used to your work schedule, but walking him after an hour or two is a great way to get some rest, stretching and exercise.


How do you balance your work on travel days?

Homeworkers, contractors or people with schedules sometimes find themselves in situations where deadlines change, but they still need to get to their next destination. Managing your time is part of learning how to use your recreational vehicle. We recommend the 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 movement method.

Many experienced RVers use this method of travel to avoid road exhaustion. You’ll drive two hours there and two back, or 200 (or 300) miles in a day, and spend two nights at a campsite at the end of the day. As you drive into the campground, you have a day off to recover from the driving. You can catch up on work or anything else that needs your attention.

If someone will be with you for a while, bring your laptop (if you can) and get some work done. If you are in a mobile home, sit in the dining room. Recreational vehicle manufacturers equip their benches with seat belts so you can buckle them up.

Accessories for adding a workstation

If you and your partner work on the road, it can be difficult to find a job for both of you. Titles and freestanding tables are not ergonomic because the table is not at the right height. After some time, back, shoulder and arm pain may occur. There are accessories you can take to make almost any RV workspace.

Adjustable tables

Using an adjustable work table on a dining table or other surface makes up for the lack of ergonomics. The best adjustable tables allow you to sit or stand and adjust them higher or lower depending on your health condition (or your current caffeine level). Whether you’re using a laptop or all the components of an entire computer, the drawers support your electronic devices as you move the height-adjustable table up or down.

Other versions are independent. Pair it with your favorite office chair or put it next to your RV sofa and it will always be at the ideal height. The luxury models are equipped with an integrated electronic system that can be adjusted at the push of a button. Prices range from $50 to $250.

Convertible furniture

Another way to increase workspace is to add convertible furniture. Folding coffee tables complete the decor of any RV lounge. Whether it’s the inside of your RV: Whether modern, contemporary or classic, there is a coffee table that will fit perfectly into the interior of your RV. In addition to a coffee table, many also have storage inside.

The table top tilts up and forward, giving you more space on the table. The surface can support the weight, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of the computer components and other necessary parts. The tables are square or rectangular in shape. As for space, most motorhomes and travel trailers will accommodate one.

Pendulum hooks

It is even possible to use a motorhome as a home office with a small caravan, camper or pop-up. If you don’t have room for something on the floor, try wall sconces with swivel arms. Whether you use one arm to rest your laptop on or several to rest different objects on, you can adjust the arms to the right height, regardless of your position.

When you’re done with your day, simply swing it against the side panels to move your computer equipment. The prices of the pendulum and wall brackets are about the same as those of the adjustable tables. Once you have chosen your own RV office, you can combine all of these accessories and tailor them to your needs.

Author’s personal workstation for camping vehicles


Once you’ve connected all the devices, tested their functionality, and verified that all devices and formats are connected, it’s time to hit the road. Provide a safe way to store or secure your travel gear. For example, don’t forget to give extra batteries for devices that need them. B. Wireless mice and keyboards, headphones, laser pointers…. anything that isn’t rechargeable.

Go to to find campgrounds with excellent WiFi and other amenities.

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The first part is more than wheels.

How do you make money as a full-time RV driver?

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The total cost of a full-time recreational vehicle is between $2,500 and $2,800 per month, depending on our initial estimate. We are very happy that we have been able to implement this lifestyle at a much lower cost, about $2,000 per month (not counting health care, operating costs and taxes).