How To Stay Cool In Your RV At Any Campground, Even Boondocking

You may be thinking: “Why would I want to stay cool in my RV at a campsite?” Well, why not? It’s quite possible to do so, even at a campsite – even if you’re open to the idea of boondocking. You just have to go about it a bit differently.

High temperatures are a major problem for RVs. The RVs have no air conditioning, and they are parked outside in parking lots and other open spaces. So, what is the best way to stay cool in your RV while you’re parked at a camp ground? The answer will depend on the layout of the camp ground. What you can do is to keep your RV windows closed to keep the air from flowing from inside the RV to the outside. You can also use air conditioning. But, if you don’t have one, then you can use a fan. If you have an air conditioning unit, you can leave the windows open. But, if you don’t, then open the windows as wide as possible and then use a fan.

When you go camping, you want to be comfortable. This means you want to be cool while you camp, even in areas where the temperatures are often warm. A few tips will help you cool off in any camping situation.

Summer’s almost here. In fact, as the late Jim Steinman wrote, it’s only two hours and the temperature is already rising. Travelers in cars want to stay cool. If you spend most of your time in the car or just want a cool, comfortable base camp to return to at the end of the day, it’s important to have the power to run one or more air conditioners when you go off-roading in the summer. Everyone wants your van to stay cool. There are all sorts of tips and tricks to keeping your motorhome cool, and we’ve talked about them here in the past. However, nothing can replace a real air conditioner. What most car travelers don’t know is that it’s not that hard to set up your air conditioner (or air conditioners) to keep your RV cool. Just turning on the air conditioning can be a real problem, especially in an energy efficient environment.

Why is it difficult to start the air conditioner

As a rule, vans are equipped with 1 to 4 air conditioning units. A small mobile home may have one air conditioner, while a 45-foot mobile home may have four. RVs have a good electrical connection for these air conditioners, usually a 30 or 50 amp input. While there is enough power to run these appliances, there is not always enough power to run all the air conditioners in your building, especially if you are using a microwave or induction cooktop at the same time. The current required to start these devices is too high. This means that in an installation with a 30 amp supply, only one air conditioner can be turned on. Travelers who use their small travel trailers with a portable generator, such as. B. a Honda 2000, may not even be able to operate a device.

Is solar energy the solution to keep your RV cool?

Solar energy is very popular. Solar cell technology and battery improvements have made solar power a viable alternative, especially for camping in the wilderness. However, these improvements do not help to solve the pervasive problem of starting an air conditioner. You can have all the solar and battery options for an installation of this size, but you won’t be able to keep your RV cool if you can’t run your air conditioners.

SoftStartRV helps keep your van cool

Soft starters for air conditioning have appeared on the market in recent years. One company, SoftStartRV, recently launched a new 6-stage no-break/break device. The SoftStartRV, which attaches to each air conditioner in your van, reduces the required starting voltage by 70%, allowing multiple air conditioners to start with less power. You can also use a small Honda generator to run a small unit on a pop-up or drop-top trailer. SoftStart RV is a proven technology. With the new 6-step, no-cut installation, anyone can add a SoftStartRV unit to one or more air conditioners in your RV.

No more knocking or rattling

Not only can you keep your van cool, but you can do so with less energy and without the heavy rattling that occurs every time the A/C compressor is turned on. Sleepers will appreciate it! As travelers on the road, we often try to cook outside. However, not all meals can be prepared outside on the grill or on a campfire. Sometimes you need to use a microwave or induction cooktop in your outfit. The last thing you want while you’re preparing a delicious meal is for your air conditioner not to turn on due to a lack of power, or for the oven or microwave to turn off so the air conditioner can turn on. SoftStartRV prevents this.

Buy now, save now

Currently, SoftStart RV offers special pricing and a 90-day risk-free money back guarantee. Save $30 on one RV SoftStart unit, $60 on two, and if you need 3 units for a large RV, you can save $150. You will also find a lot of technical information and testimonials. Visit our dedicated store page and keep your RV cool today.The average camper can decrease their cooling costs by 25 percent or more by installing awnings and roller shades. If you need a refresher on how to install awning and shade systems in your RV, you can check out our Cooling Your RV Series .. Read more about how to power an rv air conditioner and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stay cool while Boondocking?

After a cold night sleeping under the stars, waking up to a dark morning sky, and waking up to the sound of the air conditioner, can feel like an old friend. But the air conditioner is there for a reason, and it can serve to cool you off faster than ever. While out camping, how do you stay cool while Boondocking? Camping is a great way to spend time with your family, friends, or to get away from the stress of everyday life. However, a big problem that many campers face is staying cool in their RV or camper while camping.

How do you run the AC when Boondocking?

Boondocking is one of my favorite ways to camp, especially when we have plenty of power and hook-ups at our site.   I always have a portable air conditioner with me to keep my RV cool in the summer months.   The biggest problem I run into at the campsites I go to is keeping the AC cool for long periods of time.  How do you do this when you have no hook-ups?  The answer is to run the AC constantly.  I’ve found that this only works for 30-45 minutes at a time outside.  What I do is run the AC for at least an hour, and then stop for 15 minutes.  After the 30 minutes “When you’re boondocking for days at a time, you want to do everything you can to keep your RV as comfortable as possible while you’re on the road.” The Truth: If your RV is too cold, you can cool it with ice, or add a fan to your inverter. If your RV is too hot, you can cool it with ice, or add a fan to your inverter. It’s easy to think that having an inverter and a fan will keep your RV comfortable, but it may not. Depending on how well you insulate your RV and how well the fan is working, you could still be very uncomfortable.

How do you keep an RV cool without air conditioning?

If you’re a camper, you have probably been to a campsite where you need to plan for the possibility that you may not have air conditioning. If you’re like most campers, you’ll likely just put a fan in your tent, but that’s not always a fun solution. When you don’t have AC, or a fairly good ventilation system, maintaining a comfortable temperature isn’t as easy as it seems. One of the most important things you can do to stay cool in an RV is to keep the air in the camper and motorhome cool. This can be accomplished by using the electric and propane air conditioners, but sometimes the weather in the campground will get so hot that you can’t use them. The RVs air conditioner system can’t make up for the lack of a cool breeze coming in through a door or window. You can use fans to blow air across the floor of your camper or motorhome, but these can get pretty noisy. Another way to keep your RV cool is by using fans inside and outside the RV.

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