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With the RV industry growing at an exponential rate, there is a need for skilled technicians to service and maintain these vehicles. This article will introduce you to the process of becoming a certified RV technician.

The rv service technician salary is a question that is frequently asked. RVBlogger has the answer to this question, and they have compiled a list of steps for becoming a certified RV service technician.

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Do you want to work as a Certified RV Service Technician? Are you someone who enjoys doing things with your hands? Do you enjoy disassembling things to see how they function rather than sitting at a desk solving logic-based problems? Is it true that everyone comes to you for help with different home or vehicle problems? 

You may wish to pursue a job as an RV service technician if you have the skill and/or the desire. We’ll teach you how to become a certified RV mechanic in less than 12 weeks after you graduate from high school.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about what a Certified RV Service Technician performs, career options, income potentials, and how to avoid getting trapped in a job by choosing your own career path. We’ll also go through how our RV Blogger RV Service Technician Scholarship may assist high school grads pay for college, as well as how to apply.

What is the Role of an RV Service Technician?

If you like being a jack-of-all-trades than doing the same thing every day, this may be the profession for you. When you work on RVs, you’ll get experience in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Repairing Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Carpentry
  • Infrastructure for Computer Networks
  • Electrical
  • Repairing a Generator
  • Glasswork
  • HVAC
  • Paint/Decal
  • Plumbing
  • Metalworking
  • Infrastructure for Solar Systems

When you arrive at work each day, the job order for the day may be quite different from the day before. The tasks may range from changing an outside clearance light to completely renovating an RV interior. An RV’s typical lifetime is 10-15 years, however you may come across RVs from decades ago that require repair before they can hit the road again.

You’ll be working on RVs of all types. Tiny teardrops, pop-ups, and truck campers are also popular options. You might even be digging into the guts of multi-million dollar luxury Class A motorhomes, fixing or upgrading cutting-edge equipment. 

The majority of the day is spent by RV service technicians addressing interior and exterior concerns on coach-related difficulties. The majority of the labor will be spent repairing or replacing components in the RV. Plumbing, tires, roof leaks, seam openings, and house battery failures are the most frequent RV issues. 

As you acquire expertise, you’ll be able to broaden your knowledge by earning certifications in different areas. You’ll be qualified to operate on diesel and/or gas automotive components in RVs if you combine your RV Industry Association (RVIA) certified RV service technician endorsement with an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic training program. 

The RV industry will introduce Class E RVs in the next years. To work on these all-electric RVs, RV service professionals with the necessary training and expertise will be required. The motors will be located behind each wheel or at each axle. Solar panel systems will be an important component of RV’s new category, therefore qualified RV repair professionals will need to understand how they operate.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified RV Service Technician?

Because RV sales have been at record levels for over a year, there is a great need for RV Service Technicians. There are more RVs and RVers on the road than ever before, necessitating the hiring of Certified RV Technicians. As a result, finding a well-paying work in this area should be simple.

The RV business sold approximately 500,000 new units in 2017. That was a year to remember. Despite worldwide problems in 2020, the sector witnessed a 30% rise in sales, and 2021 is expected to break the record once again, with almost 550,000 new purchases by the conclusion of the camping season. 

You’ll be kept busy as a qualified RV service technician. Many first-time RVers have joined the RV lifestyle in recent years. There are YouTube videos and articles on how to fix a variety of common problems. However, owing to significant repair issues and a lack of qualified RV service professionals, repair work is still severely backlogged.

RV owners must wait weeks or months for their motorhome or travel trailer to be repaired, regardless of whether it is a big brand like Camping World or a tiny local business. Parts are on backorder, and there aren’t enough trained RV repair professionals to manage the demand.

A simple check of the different internet job boards will reveal the following typical talents required for success in this field:

  1. Self-discipline to complete a task
  2. The capacity to communicate with customers in common language about the repair procedure
  3. a desire to acquire new skills and techniques on a regular basis
  4. Maintain the shop’s regulations and spirit.

Job Openings for RV Service Technicians 

For suitable individuals, there are many RV service technician positions available. Most graduates of their training program go on to work as Camping World RV technicians or for other large chain dealers. The pay and benefits packages enable the technicians to focus on their personal life. More importantly, large businesses like these provide students exposure to all aspects of the RV repair industry. 

The majority of these large retailers offer incentive programs that cover the expenses of training and exams for further certifications. If you wish to concentrate in a field that needs certification, you may want to stay for a few years to take advantage of the training opportunities.

Here are some additional job options to consider as a master-certified RV repair technician after you’ve built a strong CV.

RV Service Technician on the Go


It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to run a company. Setting up a physical site to work on RVs is difficult since the ideal location may be difficult to come across. Many times, your prospective clients may be unable to contact you because their motorhome or travel trailer has become immobile. 

Starting a mobile RV repair business out of your van or pickup truck may be a lucrative business. You can serve a county with numerous campsites and public property in the appropriate general region. A tax expert can show you how this work-from-home company may be cost-effective if you speak with them. Your service may be effective if you advertise it in nearby campsites, shops, and internet media.

Mobile RV technicians may wear a variety of hats. You may also become a certified RV inspector via the National RV Inspectors Association to add a service element to your company (NRVIA). You’ll be able to conduct objective inspections for your clients who are seeking to purchase, sell, or require an assessment on an RV if you have an inspector certification. 

Restorations of RVs


If you have a passion for vintage RVs, several businesses that repair classic Airstreams and vintage travel trailers are constantly searching for experienced RV service specialists. RVers who desire these kinds of travel trailers often want them to appear and feel as they did when they were built. However, the customer will also want to take use of certain contemporary conveniences that are well hidden. 

For example, a customer may desire a 1965 Shasta AirFlyte that seems to have just left the factory, but they also want an LED TV and a tankless water heater installed. Your duty as an RV repair specialist is to understand how Shasta constructed the original RV, how to make contemporary building materials seem like they’re from 1965, and how to conceal the TV while the owner isn’t watching it.

Mobile homes and the personal watercraft industry are two more sectors where RV service technicians may work. RV servicing technicians are often hired by indoor RV storage facilities. Preventive maintenance is one of the services offered by full-service storage businesses. The majority of them even provide an inspection service. If an issue is discovered, some companies have service technicians on hand to fix it. The majority of RVs with interior storage are premium Class A and Super C motorhomes.

Salary for RV Service Technician

The easiest way to demonstrate how much RV technicians earn is to provide the following job description from for an RV repair technician at a large chain RV dealership:

“Technicians may earn anything from $40,000 to $90,000 depending on their expertise… We provide opportunities to further your career, make a difference, and be a part of a dynamic industry. We provide a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dentistry, vision, and life insurance choices, as well as paid vacations and a 401(k) with company match.”

The above-mentioned business is a large RV dealership with numerous sites throughout the United States. When it comes to the benefits package, smaller RV shops may provide something comparable or less. 

You will be expected to have a full set of tools, as with most technical jobs. You’ll discover what tools you’ll need throughout your schooling program. If a prospective employer doesn’t present you with a list of tools you’ll need during your interview, a good question to ask the interviewer is, “What tools will I need other the ones I currently have?” Even if you think you’re prepared, companies love to ask questions. It demonstrates that you’re paying attention in the interview and that you’re really interested in the job.

Employers used to provide a tool allowance scheme to assist you pay for the equipment you required to do your work in the past. Those schemes, like the retirement pension, are now mostly obsolete. Another topic to bring up during your second interview is if your prospective employers have a discount program with a tool manufacturer that enables its workers to purchase equipment at a reduced price.  

How to Become an RV Service Technician Certification


The RV business is governed by two main organizations. The RV Industry Association (RVIA) establishes industry standards and regulations. The National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) advocates for retail dealers’ interests, education, and other concerns. Both organizations are in charge of accrediting certificate programs for RV repair technicians. 

The institutions have satisfied the Department of Education and VA requirements, respectively, if the training program utilizes government financial assistance or military veteran benefits. If you have any questions, the school must give you with information on their accreditation.

Certification programs are not equivalent to a college diploma. If you decide to seek a college degree later, the credits you earn may not transfer as college credits. Visit the Department of Education’s website for additional information on how accreditation works. 

Some RV Service Technician Training Programs That Are Accredited

Employers are searching for RV service technicians that are members of the RVIA and RVDA. There are four levels of certification in the RVIA. Each level requires passing a test that is proctored by an authorized agency. The RVIA and RVDA must authorize the school where you will get your training.

The exam will be proctored by the school or a local testing organization once you have completed your instruction at each level. Level one is valid for the rest of your life. Levels 2-4 must be renewed every 5 years. You must complete 24 hours of training and take additional measures to renew your certification throughout the active years. 

Employers pay the costs and put everything in place to help your recertification go as smoothly as possible. If you’re self-employed, there are organizations that provide courses to help you renew your certification. 

Here are some excellent options for becoming an RV repair mechanic. There are a variety of different programs available that may be more convenient for you. If you don’t live near these schools, compare their curriculums and characteristics to the ones in your neighborhood.

  • Athens, Texas is home to the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA).
    • Accreditation is almost complete.
    • RV Service Technician with a License
    • RV Service Technician, Advanced
      • Exam after a 5-week course
      • This package includes the first level as well as extra courses.
    • RV Service Technician Master
      • 2-week extension and exam 
      • After completing the Advanced program, you will be eligible.
  • Palmetto, Florida’s Recreational Vehicle Service Academy (RVSA)
    • Since 1986, I’ve been teaching pupils.
    • The program lasts ten weeks, with sessions taking place eight hours a day, five days a week.
    • Students work in the field for a year in a paid externship after completing their coursework.
    • After the externship, students earn Master certification.
  • Elkhart, Indiana RVIA RV Technical Institute (RVTI)
    • In Elkhart, the RVIA maintains its own Technical Institute. 
    • The program is built around four levels of certification, each of which builds on the previous one.
    • Level 1: $1,995 exam on the final day of the week
    • Level 2- $2,995 exam on the final two days of 4 weeks
    • Level 3 & 4 tests only
  • Clearwater, Florida RV Tech Training Center
    • With the entrance charge, the total cost is $6,145.
    • Accepts benefits from the Veterans Administration
    • a ten-week course
    • Requires GED or high school diploma
    • You must have your own laptop and tools.


The RVBlogger Scholarship for RV Service Technicians

Mike and Susan of RV Blogger felt that the best way to give back to the RV community would be to provide a scholarship to a worthy individual who wishes to pursue a career in the RV industry. They contacted RV Blogger’s pals on the RV Camping for Newbies Facebook Page for help since they couldn’t settle on the details.

Mike and Susan listened intently and picked up on your response. A technical school degree may seem to be as financially unattainable as a college education. Worse, these high-quality programs lack the financial assistance resources available to universities.

That’s why Mike and Susan viewed their scholarship as having the most potential to positively impact someone’s life. You must satisfy the following criteria to be eligible for the RV Blogger RV Service Technician Scholarship:

  • Be a high school graduate or a senior who will be able to graduate at the conclusion of the academic year. 
  • The $1,000 reward will be given to individuals who intend to enroll in an RV service technician diploma or certificate program.
  • Candidates must submit a one-page essay explaining why they want to work as an RV repair technician.

The greatest thing is that you don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA, your essay doesn’t have to be 20 pages long (quality over quantity), and, like the RV world, the scholarship is open to any U.S. citizen between the ages of 18 and 24, regardless of where they grew up. The RV Blogger RV Repair Technician Scholarship may help you achieve your objectives if you like RVs and want to work as an RV service technician.

Visit the RV Blogger website for more information about the scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Blogger Scholarships

1. What are my chances of being selected for the scholarship?

You have the same odds as everyone else who applies. To narrow down the finalists, your essay and application go through a multi-step process depending on a variety of criteria. Mike and Susan select the winner based on a set of pre-determined rules.

2. What Happens If You Are Selected for the Scholarship?

Mike and Susan will contact the prize recipient. The money will go to the school of your choosing. The winner will also be featured on the RV Blogger website.

3. Is There Anything I Can Do With My Scholarship Money? 

The aim of the scholarship program is to assist with tuition expenses. 

4. Can I Apply for This Scholarship While Receiving Financial Aid or Using the G.I. Bill?

Yes, the award may be combined with financial assistance or VA benefits. To understand the specifics, you’ll need to talk with the school’s financial department.

5. Will Winning This Scholarship Affect My Chances of Winning Another?

Each scholarship has its own set of guidelines. Unless the application criteria for a scholarship explicitly state otherwise, you are free to apply for and win as many as you like. Some students have received many scholarships to help them pay for their studies.

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The rv technician certification test is a test that will determine whether or not the candidate has the skills needed to become a certified RV service technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a certified RV Tech make?

It is difficult to say what a certified RV Tech makes without knowing their experience, education, and other factors.

How do I get RVIA certified?

The RVIA is a certification that can be obtained by completing a series of tests. You can find more information on the RVIA website

What does an RV service technician do?

An RV service technician is a person who repairs and services recreational vehicles. They may also be called an RV mechanic, RV tech, or RVer.

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