How Many Miles Will a Range Rover Last?

For some, driving a Range Rover is the epitome of success and a symbol of wealth; for others, driving a Range Rover means you can go almost anywhere, anytime, thanks to the car’s tireless road and off-road capabilities. However, the brand is stigmatized because most of its vehicles are considered unreliable and very expensive to repair. But if you ever buy a Range Rover, how many miles will you drive?

Is the Range Rover stereotype true?

Technically, any car can last forever if properly maintained. But with Range Rovers you never know what you’re going to get. For example, the 2018 Range Rover Velar had an extended stay, and during the year they had the vehicle, it went into the shop multiple times for electrical issues and a recall for a fuel line leak. And that’s with a car that only had 40,000 miles on the clock!

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Fortunately, the warranty covered the cost of the repair. However, most people would probably agree that these problems are unacceptable for a brand new car, and especially unacceptable when you consider that the price (as tested) was over $67,000. Similarly, automotive journalist Doug Demuro was quite famous for his series of videos about the used Range Rover he bought at Carmax, with the full $3,900 warranty.

Within 18 months, his warranty had been settled by a series of repairs, including a leaking radiator, a faulty air suspension and even a faulty power steering column. In less than six years, the total cost of the warranty for the Range Rover, which has about 125,000 miles on it, was nearly $17,000. He was lucky enough to buy a warranty, and we advise anyone looking to buy a used Range Rover to do the same.

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It is not yet known how many kilometres the Range Roverwill be able to cover.

It’s safe to say that any Range Rover, new or used, can last for many years and many miles. However, you may be faced with high repair costs in the future. According to some consumer reviews, many Range Rovers have claimed that their car has driven over 100,000 miles, and you can even find many of these cars for sale with the same number of miles, but the price they paid to get it is probably a different story.

Repair Pal estimates that repairs cost an average of $1,258 per year, and they gave the Range Rover a two out of five for reliability. According to Consumer Reports, the 2021 Range Rover is in the top five of the predicted reliability index, and the fun doesn’t stop there. For every positive review, there are also negative ones, and we found numerous owner complaints about electrical, suspension and even transmission problems in the 100,000-mile range.

2021 Range Rover Fifty Edition | Range Rover

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Be careful when buying a Range Rover.

If you are considering buying a used Range Rover, it is advisable to proceed with caution. Be sure to conduct a pre-sale inspection and consider any repairs that can be made while you own the home. And if you’re considering buying a new car, we recommend leasing rather than buying. This means you can enjoy the car for a few years while it’s under warranty, and then get out when the lease expires.

frequently asked questions

How many miles is a Range Rover too much?

Anything under 100,000 miles is considered good mileage for a used car, but unless you are considering a certified pre-owned Land Rover, there is no shortcut to finding the perfect used car.

The Range Rover has many problems?

Magazine and stated that Land Rover and Range Rover were the least reliable makes and models on the road. … Range Rover problems are related to the air conditioning, transmission, engine and braking system. The cooling and heating system works reasonably well, with only 14% of owners reporting problems with their car.

Are long distance vehicles expensive to maintain?

Cost. The average annual repair cost for all Land Rover models is $1,174 per year, compared to $652 for all models. … A problem is considered serious when the repair cost is three times the average annual cost for all models, an amount that is considered exorbitant given the unscheduled nature of the repair.

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