The 2018 Honda TALON A-Arm is a new model of motorcycle that has been on the market for about two years. It has an aluminum frame, and it is powered by a liquid-cooled V4 engine. The bike comes with a single-sided swingarm, which makes it easy to change the oil without having to remove the rear wheel.

The side by side action is a problem that has been present for a while. Honda has released the fix to the issue in the form of an update.


Dear Sir or Madam,

Have you heard of any problems with the Honda Talon A-Arm? On my 2020 Honda Talon 1000X-4, the factory-applied frame paint is flaking at the lower control arms. I’ve always assumed factory-applied paint was baked on and thus tougher. Except for the 33-inch tires on my four-seater, the Talon is completely stock. Despite the fact that I ride aggressively, I have never collided with anything. Could you suggest a more flexible paint that will remain on the Talon’s frame, Sarge?

Duncan, Jeremy

Shamokin is a town in Pennsylvania.

“Flexible frame paint,” you say. You have more issues than just a need for flexible paint, Yoyo! The paint flaking off shows that the metal is deforming, and when it snaps back into shape, the paint loses adherence to the metal and flakes off.

A-Arm problems with the Honda Talon are not prevalent. When you put larger tires on your Zooter, it’s known for having a weak front end. Your riding region is known for its quantity of rocks, and I’m confident you only hit one out of every four when going fast! Boot, have a good laugh! Your frame will eventually cease bouncing back and become distorted. Boot, you need to acquire a frame-stiffener kit for your Zooter before that occurs. The SuperATV version of these kits may be found here: You may quickly inspect the frame by measuring the wheel centers from front to rear and criss-crossing them. If everything else is equal, get a frame-stiffener kit and install it yourself, or have it done by the local motor pool if you’re scared to do it yourself. Boot! It’s not the time to think about strengthening the frame after you’ve tweaked it. A good five-mile run should give you plenty of time to mull about my wise remarks. Boot, get it moving! Dismissed! Here’s the link to UTV Action’s Long-Term Honda Talon Test:


Dear Sir or Madam,

I just bought a Honda Talon 1000R for the year 2021. I had driven it less than 19 miles when the transmission began to make a screaming noise. The oil level was not even visible on the dipstick when I examined it! I borrowed some oil from another rider (I was in the middle of nowhere), and the transmission noise finally went away. I double-checked everything when I arrived home! Front and rear diffs are low on fluid, and the reservoir is empty. Then I looked at the radiator level, which was also low! First, did Honda build it that way, and second, for what did I pay my dealer $700 for so-called setup?

Morou, Steve

Arizona’s Goodyear

You’re not alone, to boot! There are hundreds of postings and tales of Honda not properly constructing Zooters and dealers pocketing the “setup” money without inspecting anything. Here are some of my suggestions: 1. Send a registered letter to Honda and your dealer describing the difficulties you’ve had, so they’ll be aware of any future transmission issues. 2. Replace the oil in your sub-transmission with the appropriate amount and quality, unless you are certain the oil you were given in the field was right. 3. Rehydrate all other bodily fluids to the required amounts. 4. Inspect each fastening on your Zooter for excessively loose or tight fasteners. 5. Never again put your faith in the dealer’s motor pool. 6. Order a service manual (available at 7. Order the tools you’ll need to conduct basic maintenance and troubleshooting. 8. If you’re not sure how to accomplish anything or what to look for, don’t be hesitant to ask Sarge or other Zooter owners. Dismissed!


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have a Pursuit Camo 2019 Polaris General 1000 Hunter Edition with low miles. I know I should have bought the Ride Command Edition, but it was all I could afford at the time. I’d want the Ride Command to be implemented now. I still have it in the box, and I was hoping you could provide me some installation advice for this Boot.

Blevins, Sam

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It would have been much simpler if you had paid the additional money for the factory-installed Ride Command, Private Blemish. For starters, Polaris offers two wire harnesses for the Ride Command. The first is for a factory installation, and the second is for an accessory installation, which you already have. The add-on harness does not appeal to me. You’ll probably find, Boot, that the rear camera mount isn’t in the best position for viewing, and that correcting that angle necessitates moving the camera, which you can’t do since the video cord is too short. You’ll need to get the G4 rear-camera video cable, which will be much too long, Boot! But a zip-tie will take care of it! The front camera bracket isn’t much better, although the video cord is at least long enough. You didn’t say whether you used the MTX radio as an accessory. The majority of individuals need an amplifier to increase output. I don’t listen to the radio because I like to hear the engine “sing”! Finally, after Ride Command is installed, your mileage on your display will go. The total hours of operation will still be available, but not the distance. Would Sarge install a Ride Command that wasn’t manufactured by the company? No! And I’ll explain why. With a GoPro camera, the UI is poor. Internal memory for riding data is limited. The GPS function is great, but it’s unlikely to be worth $2000. For about $150, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Android Tablet 8-inch SM-T380 with 16GB RAM will accomplish almost everything the Ride Command will. You may even carry it with you as a tablet, grab local Wi-Fi and browse with it, or watch movies from the United States Marine Corps! But now that you’ve pulled the trigger on the RC, Boot, install it and get to know it! Count 50 points off for not completing enough research on the newest high-tech gadgets! Dismissed!

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