Here’s How To Get Your New $1280 Alibaba Mini Jeep

If you are a gear head like me, you’ve probably seen the Alibaba Mini Jeep on your Facebook or Youtube feed for a few months now. Although the Mini Jeep is a toy, it’s actually a pretty cool toy. It’s a mini jeep that can fit in your glove box or under your seat, but it’s not some Chinese toy-battering machine, either. There’s a reason it’s called the Alibaba Mini Jeep.

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A few days ago, we posted an article about a certain type of mini Jeep that’s been created by Alibaba Group. This mini Jeep is called the “Alibaba Mini Jeep”, and it came with a suggested retail price of US $1280. We all know that this is a little bit expensive compared to the value of the car, but is it worth it? Read on to find out.

These low-cost Chinese mini-cars are just too tempting to pass up. In the United States, there isn’t much you can do with them. What can you do with baseball cards or a VHS tape player, on the other hand? Not a lot! However, you may drive about in your Alibaba Mini Jeep at a maximum speed of 25 mph. 

And the guys at Electrek were able to track down someone who had purchased one. Don’t worry if you’re hesitant to spend over a thousand dollars with nothing to show for it. This is all true, and just to prove it, here’s how one individual accomplished it. 

The Mini Jeep may need some assembly, but you’ve got that covered.

Electrek – Alibabl electric Mini Jeep

Kyle Day, who was searching for a customs broker to assist him, was discovered by Electrek. First and foremost, bear in mind that some assembly is needed. You’ll have to perform some twisting, much as with Ikea furniture and your baby’s playpen. It’s simple bolt-on gear, however, and nothing MotorBiscuit readers can’t manage.

Communication is aided by downloading the Alibaba app. It translates everything in Chinese to English for you, as well as vice versa for Chinese connections. Once you have it, you may choose from a selection of choices for your Mini Jeep or other Alibaba-sold cars. In most cases, the choices are inexpensive in comparison to the total cost. 

In the instance of this Mini Jeep transaction, the total cost of the car was $1,590. There is a $200 “sample charge” that is waived if you purchase in bulk. So if you want a fleet of Mini Jeeps, you’ll save money. It cost $180 to ship. The amount came to little about $2,000 in total. 

The Mini Jeep was transported by ocean carrier to the closest port for $2,030.

rear 3/4 view of Alibaba Mini Jeep

Electrek Electrek Electrek Electrek Electrek Electrek

Using Apple Pay adds $60 to your account and protects you from fraud and chargebacks. So the Mini Jeep is delivered by ocean carrier to your closest port for $2,030. You’ll be informed at every step of the shipment process, which typically takes 15 days. The specifics of your order, as well as when and where to pick it up at the port, are all listed on a bill of lading. 

You may track your order after it arrives in the United States by checking updates on numerous websites. When it arrives at the port, customs, taxes, and other costs get involved. The 25% tariff is the major bite—thanks to Trump!

You’ll need a customs broker to manage the paperwork and other aspects of the shipping procedure.

Alibaba Mini Jeep front 3/4 view

Electrek | Alibaba Mini Jeep

The majority of paperwork and general procedures are handled by a customs broker. You’ll have to fill out some papers, pay your costs, and then wait. When your car arrives to the deconsolidation warehouse, you will be informed. You put the broken-down car into your truck or van and go off.

But first, you must put it together. It wasn’t exactly a bolt-together transaction in Kyle’s situation. A few tweaks were required. A few of mounts had to be taken out and rewelded in better places using a cut-off wheel. And one of the wheels was bent, so he had it replaced. He ground the wheel where it made contact with the brake in the near term. 


If you have difficulties like these and are unable to weld, there are local welders that can help you at a reasonable cost. Traveling welders are available that will come to your house or business. It isn’t the end of the world, therefore it’s not the end of the world. It will also not be prohibitively expensive to resolve any welding issues. 

The Alibaba Mini Jeep comes with a number of “extras” as standard.

Electric Alibaba Mini Jeep

Electrek | Alibaba Mini Jeep

A horn, speedometer, battery charge indicator, blinker and brake lights, headlights, a D/N/R switch, and a fast/slow speed selection were all included with the Mini Jeep. He estimates that he can travel approximately 10 miles between charges with the optional lithium-ion battery. The range is meant to be close to 50 miles, thus something is wrong with the range. His children mainly utilize the Mini Jeep when they go camping.

Yes, it took more than $1,280 to bring the “$1,280 Mini Jeep” here, and it took some wrangling to get it all together. However, based on his remarks, he seems to be pleased with his purchase. Plus, he and his family had a good time doing it. If it’s just you and not your kids, two people can fit in. 

Other fascinating cars are offered for a low price in China. While they may not be the most practical, they seem to be a lot of fun. 

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