Go Under Cover with the Best Concealed Carry Holsters

You’ve probably heard the old adage “The best defense is a good offense”. That’s the idea behind a concealed carry holster. If you have a gun on you at all times, you need a way to conveniently carry it when you can’t carry it openly. And that’s where a concealed carry holster comes in.

In today’s ever-changing world, concealed carry is becoming more and more popular. Before long, more and more people will be carrying concealed weapons. And with that, more and more people are going to need concealed carry holsters. But with so many options for concealed carry holsters, which one should you buy?

The best concealed carry holster is the one that you can conceal with your clothing and is the most comfortable to carry. When choosing a concealed carry holster, you will need to consider the following: 1.) Concealability: To be considered a concealed holster you need to be able to conceal your firearm under a jacket, shirt, sweater or whatever you have on. 2.) Comfort: The best concealed carry holster will have some sort of padding to help you while you are carrying. Padding will help absorb the impact of a weapon hitting the holster or the material your carrying. 3.) Retention: The best concealed carry holster will have the ability to hold your firearm tightly and securely. This will help prevent the firearm from being accidentally pulled out of the holster. Read more about most comfortable concealed carry holster and let us know what you think.Luke Cuenco 05.04.21 If you are going out in public with a firearm, camouflage is essential. As cool as it sounds to walk around with a gun in your hand, ready to be used at any time, personally I think openly carrying only causes problems and increases the risks for the average citizen. On the one hand, you attract unnecessary attention and, on the other hand, you run the risk of becoming an unintended target for theft or burglary because people see that you are carrying something of value. Let’s take a look at the best holsters I’ve seen on the market, and I’ll tell you what I like and dislike about each of them. Table of contents

1. Active Gear Waist Belt Holster – Editor’s Choice

My favorite is the Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster. I’ll be singing the dithyrams and benefits of belt holsters until the cows come home, but what does it all mean to you? First, the concealed carry method on the belt is unlike almost anything else in the gun world. Instead of a hard leather holster or a Kydex holster, it has an elastic belt that fits both a pistol and a spare magazine. The genius of the bellybutton lies in its ability to adapt. The holster allows the weapon to be carried even in a bathing suit and can be adjusted for almost any carrying position. Whether you prefer the strong side, the blind side or the 6 o’clock position, with a lap belt you’re always right. If you haven’t tried it or thought about it yet, I highly recommend taking the gamble and trying one for $30. I’ve been wearing it as a belt for years and I can say it’s my favorite way to wear it, no matter what the situation or item I’m wearing. Pro / Suitable for almost all types of weapons, wear style and clothing while remaining stealthy. Cons/ Uncomfortable and takes some getting used to, you have to change it more often than a regular holster. Bottom Line! Try it!

2. 1791 Gun Leather Ultra Custom Concealment Holster – Premium Pick

word-image-8904 This is your discreet carry holster for all occasions. If you carry a strange weapon or have accessories that won’t fit in other holsters, the 1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom allows you to customize your holster and weapon to fit together perfectly. The Ultra Custom Concealed Carry Holster is unique in that it comes in the form of an empty holster that you first heat and then mold to the shape of the weapon you want to use it with. Once attached to the weapon, the holster stays attached and provides the comfort of a leather holster and the safety of a Kydex holster. The 1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Concealed Carry Holster is available for both right- and left-handers, and there are options for attaching optics, flashlights or lasers. Ultra Custom has an affordable price of $109.99. Pro/customizable to almost any weapon you own. Disadvantages/Lack of some of the specialized features that other specialized case models have. Bottom line/great if you want the comfort of leather with the capabilities of a Kydex holster and don’t want to try a bunch of random holsters.

3. Safari Island Housing 7TS

word-image-8905 Safariland holsters are widely used by military and law enforcement officers across the country. Safariland also makes an excellent range of belt holsters, with the ALS locking system, allowing you to carry your gun safely no matter what you are doing. My favorite thing about the Safariland 7TS Concealment Holster is the positive locking system. This system not only prevents the gun from accidentally coming out of the holster, but also helps potential thieves take the gun out of your hands. Although it takes some practice to master the recovery, the 7TS holster offers safety that is unmatched on the concealed carry market. Safariland Holster 7TS models are available for most concealed carry pistols and cost about $60, depending on the model chosen. Benefits / Active holding provides the greatest safety over any other form of concealed carry. Cons/ Removing the ALS box can take some getting used to. Bottom Line / Great to wear daily if you have an active day job or plan to move around a lot.

4. Raven Concealment Systems VG2 is a minimalistchoice.

word-image-8906 This is the epitome of minimalist options. If you don’t want to carry more than you need, Raven Concealment’s Vanguard series of holsters are something you should check out. These holsters have no details except the most necessary – the trigger guard. For many, this may seem uncomfortable or strange, as the holster has no lining or protection from perspiration, meaning that most of the gun’s carriage and frame is still in contact with your skin. For me, this isn’t as much of an issue as it is in the press, and I find the lack of bulk in the Rabe Concealment Holster to be a great solution when wearing light clothing in the summer. A handy lanyard that attaches to both the holster and belt loop to prevent the holster from falling out along with the gun when you grab it in a hurry. In addition, the tension of the case can be adjusted with a simple Phillips screwdriver. The Raven holster for concealed use costs $34.99. Advantages / Very low profile Cons/ Not as comfortable as a full holster Bottom Line / Great for wearing in the summer or carrying in shallow pockets

5. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 – Most Customizable

word-image-8907 One of my very first cases was the Alien Gear IWB Clock Series case. The series has grown from its inception to 3.5 generations, and each time Alien Gear has continued to improve the design. The Cloak Tuck 3.5 fits nearly 600 different pistol models, has a solid steel holster base and provides all-day comfort. The key feature of the Clock Tuck series, in my opinion, is the hybridization of the Kydex exterior and the leather base, which means you get the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and durability. The Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Concealment Holster costs $50, and best of all, Alien Gear sells you extra leather scabbards that you can replace at home, so you can use the Cloak Tuck system with all your pistols. Pro/ Adaptable to more than one weapon, comfortable and robust Cons/difficult to adjust the first few times you wear it. In short: excellent and comfortable holster that can be used for more than one weapon. word-image-8908

Do you really need a holster?

I know in movies we’ve all seen guys carry guns with no holster in their pocket or on their belt, but this is a 100% bad idea. The main purpose of the holster is not only to keep your weapon safe, but also to protect the trigger from accidental activation. It is not safe and can lead to a serious accident or worse. In addition, carrying a gun without a holster can be detrimental to the gun and its mechanical performance. If you carry the weapon in your pocket for long periods of time, dirt and lint that would normally stay in the pocket can get into important parts of the weapon. This allows the weapon to malfunction at the right time. Not really.

Plus applicable to concealed carry

Is carrying concealed weapons worth it? This is a personal question that you must answer for yourself, but in general, I would recommend carrying a weapon anytime, anywhere, regardless of the threat or perceived danger that may arise. Think of it as a fire extinguisher, but to put out the bad guys. Of course you have to obey the laws no matter where you are, as long as you are carrying a weapon. It’s your responsibility. Note that the Goals argument doesn’t work that way in my state. As with any firearm, you need to practice holstering and concealed carry. When you’re in this situation, your adrenaline is pumping, so make sure your movements are instinctive. This comes with the practice.

To set or not to set…

Is it safe to carry a gun with only one bullet in it? Again, this is a personal question that you should answer for yourself, but my opinion and experience tell me that it is perfectly safe to carry a gun with a bullet in it. Carrying a cartridge in the chamber eliminates the critical point when it is necessary to use the weapon in a defensive situation. Think about it, do you really want to spend those precious seconds loading a pattern into the room? What if something goes wrong and you end up with a block? If you operate the trigger properly and have the right holster, carrying a loaded firearm is no problem.

Is carrying a handgun in a holster considered concealment?

It depends on the type of case and where it is carried. If the weapon is visible, it is usually not considered concealed, which again depends on where you are.

What to look for when choosing a concealed carry case

Look for comfort, fit and ease of use. Does the holster provide a safe and effective storage place for your firearms? And don’t forget to practice with it to see how effective it is. It has to work well or it won’t be good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable concealed carry holster?

Want to carry your handgun concealed? There is no one best way to do that, but a few of our favorite holsters can be found in the list below. Use the search function to find one that suits your needs. You may have heard of the “concealed carry” debate. It’s a heated one, with both sides claiming the moral high ground. It’s even become a standard pre-election talking point. But what is it, exactly? Is it a right or a privilege? And who actually carries guns?

Who makes the best concealed carry holsters?

Although there are thousands of people out there that carry a weapon for self defense, and a lot of them are well known in the firearms world, in my opinion the best way to conceal a weapon is to use a concealed carry holster. I truly believe that there is no better way to keep a gun out of the hands of those who aren’t legally allowed to have one. You can buy the best of the best right here—from concealed carry holsters for the Glock 26 and 19 to the best 1911 holsters on the market, and even weapon accessories to make your concealed carry more comfortable. But, if you want a little help, whether you are a first time concealed carry buyer or an experienced hand gunner, there is no better place to turn than TheOutdoorChannel.com.

What is the most comfortable concealed carry position?

It is important to know the proper concealed carry position for concealed carry, in order to conceal your gun perfectly and comfortably. When carrying a gun, it is important to be able to conceal it properly and comfortably. This is where the best concealed carry holsters come into play. There are a wide variety of holsters being used by gun owners and concealed carry enthusiasts. There is a lot of misinformation about concealed carry holsters out there. For awhile now, it seemed like everything that was designed to carry a handgun in public and keep it from being seen by others was a great failure. There were holsters that exposed the handgun so much that you could see your reflection in it, and others that were too big that you couldn’t conceal the gun well in your pocket.

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