Get On More Fish With The Best Bass Fishing Baits

Derrek Sigler 13.02.21

Is there a perfect lure that always catches fish? No, of course not. And if we did, we would never say it, because then our wives would finally be able to say we didn’t need all those boxes of fishing gear – and why would we? However, there are lures that have stood the test of time and catch fish regularly. These are baits that should be in ANY angler’s toolbox, every time you go fishing. This is what makes them the best lures for bass fishing in our opinion.

There is one important caveat to this list: It’s not quite over yet, because there will be many more bass lures – depending on various factors – in your arsenal. No, fix it. You’ll need this.

Stay tuned for more tips on lures to throw as the season progresses!

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1. Terminator Super Stainless Bait – Editor’s Choice

Fishing at multiple speeds for better results

We have caught countless bass with Terminator spinning baits. We’ve replaced the skirts on our Terminators so many times we don’t even know them anymore. This color seems to fit so many conditions, although there are other colors in our box. We also landed a lot of big pike. And for those tooth-like fish, too. The Terminator’s head cuts through water well and the metal frame is very resistant to bending. This lure vibrates more than many other lures and has super sharp VMC hooks. Our current favorite is the gold plated version of the Colorado knife. This lure catches fish. Period.

Pro/ Extremely versatile, covers a lot of water and produces fish.

H/ Make sure you wear a spare rubber apron.

Bottom Line/ Probably the number one lure for many bass players.

2. Ripstop Rapala

You can touch, fetch or walk on the surface.

Rapals are baits that ALL anglers have in their toolbox. Original Balsa Wood Baits are what most of us think of when it comes to crankbaits, and the company has developed all sorts of options that will help you catch fish. One of our current favorites is ripstop. These ripping crankbaits rip through the water and stop quickly to imitate a wounded baitfish. This is a shallow water bait that we like to use over the grass beds, especially later in the day. The bass can’t resist hitting a wounded fish. The boat tail makes this bait crazy too.

Pro/freak action with lots of flash and splatter.

Consumer/not as versatile as a traditional stick bait.

Crazy Madness by Stickbait.

3. Berkeley Power Worm

Throw it, throw it, or drag it into the weeds.

There is a wide variety of gelatinous worms on the market. The Berkeley Flat Powerbait Power Worm works. Imbued with a strong odor of attraction, they bring the worms to the fish. We have a lot of fun as the little fish come at them while we are in the boat and they hang out in the water. It’s the smell. One of our favorite and very productive techniques is to drift over the weeds and jump slowly, taking a 10-inch worm through the weeds. This tactic brought fish back to the boat when nothing else worked on those hot summer days.

The lake/surprise scent keeps the fish on the bait.

Contraindications / Nothing to see

In short, if you’re looking for a gummy worm, this is what you’re looking for.

4. Buya Bu Jig

Ideal for weeds or stones

There are many waterless jigs for bass fishing. The Buya Bu template is very good. These weedless pliers are designed to penetrate brush and other thick vegetation that are normally difficult to handle. You can work with fish clinging to a blanket and standing in front of it. We love the ⅜-once jig. It is built into the rattles and weighs enough to be thrown and work well without being too heavy to feel every movement. This is the perfect lure for casting and flipping that every bassist needs.

Pros and cons for launching and turning in a heavy grenade.

P/ Although there are no weeds, there may still be foam in the weeds.

Bottom line/perfect tool for pants and wooden lids

5. Arbogast Hula Popper

Amazing effect, especially early in the morning.

When the water is calm and the bass are rising to the surface, you will never have as much fun catching bass as when you fish with a popper or other surface lure. The blows are soft and explosive. There are many different surface plugs, but one that should be in your toolbox is the tried and true Arbogast Hula Popper. These braided crankbaits make a big splash and make the holes scream to open them up. Fred Arbogast’s classic design is widely regarded as one of the best bass lures of all time. It has been an essential bait for bass for 60 years.

Plus/Classic Topwater Bait

Contra/ Preferably to be used in calm water

Bottom bait/temporary top water

6. Rat trap

Ideal for floating fish in deeper water

Sea bass are not always fish in shallow water. If the temperature and circulation in the lake change drastically, bass may move to deeper water. Deep dowels are a good choice, and a classic way to get the job done is a dowel without a bhv. A classic and still one of the best baits for bass is the Rat-L-Trap. This lure is deep and has a strong resonance force, which makes it very noisy. The design of the lure gives it a perfect ripple as it enters the depths, making it look like a heavily wound baitfish. There are many colors, but one that is a hit at bars at the beginning of the season is red. Many professional anglers use red lures early in the season and get good results. Fire Tiger is another beautiful color. It is highly visible and excellent for working in muddy water.

Plus/classic bait for deep sea fishing

Contraindications/no deferred bait, so keep it moving.

Versatile underline/line for deep sea bass, good for large and small sea bass.

7. Storm jetty for Sailing

You’ll be glad to see the action up close.

Combined, bodyshells prove to be one of the most versatile baits for body-busting monsters. These baits can be cast quickly and firmly over the grassy bottom, jerked like a wound lure, jigged from the bottom or trolled. With a basic shape and color similar to that of many bass feeders, this lure is a popular choice for anglers entering new waters. The Storm Kickin’ Shad comes in a variety of sizes, up to 6 inches long, which is a good thing because, as we all know, big fish need bigger baits.

Plus/multiple bait that can be fished in different ways

Contraindications. Not as strong as bait.

Underline/large bait for fishing on different species

Change bait often

One of the pitfalls that bass players can fall into is sticking to a lure that doesn’t work for too long. If you’ve ever seen professional bass players at work, you’ve probably seen them working with different sticks. If the bait doesn’t work after a few cats, they will change it and try something else. Perch are easy to catch and can be the toughest fish on the lake. It all depends on a combination of water temperature, barometric pressure, water clarity, time of year, and, of course, bar hunger. This last point can be tricky because you can get the bass to bite even if it has just fed. After all, they always have sons to feed. These factors can affect when and how they bite, so be prepared to present multiple baits for almost any fish in the lake if necessary.

Bass Biology

We all know the basics of how fish work, but there are a few repetitive elements that you may not know either. Bass relies on three key elements to trigger the attack. If a fish sees something that looks like food, it can and will try to eat it. Your bait should look like something a bass would eat. But you’re lucky, because they’ll eat anything.

The bass also hears and feels the vibrations, which also draw the punch. Vibrating lures create sound waves that ripple noisily across the water, literally sounding like dinner in a bar. They also rely on scent, although they are generally slower and harder to bite. Perches are not as sensitive to smell as, say. B. Catfish, but they also use their sense of smell.

A little-known trick in bass, and most other fish, is that the two sides of the fish’s brain are not connected in the conventional sense. The right eye of the fish is connected to the right side and vice versa. When a fish sees the bait with its right eye and strikes, the memory of the fight is stored only in the right hemisphere, and only for a few seconds. I have seen people fishing in shallow water and throwing at a fish to hit it and lose it, then throwing to the other side of the fish and catching it.

What is the best bait for sea bass?

There are several options, but most agree that the spinnerbait is the most versatile bait for bass.

How to catch the bass guitar?

As long as you can place the bait in front of the bar, you have a good chance of catching it. There are always factors that change, but Bass likes to eat. Keep fishing and you’ll catch one.

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